SAP HCM For Manufacturing Industires


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YASH implemented a client-specific SAP HCM solution to streamline HR processes by automating and eliminating paperbased ones, optimizing the time management user interface platform to allow HR staff to focus on strategic initiatives, and improving communication with employees throughout the enterprise.

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SAP HCM For Manufacturing Industires

  1. 1. SAP® Human Capital Management (HCM) Success Story @ YASH Leading Chemical Manufacturer Positions for Future Growth with HCM Solution Quick FactsIndustry: Manufacturing Objectives: Why YASH:Geography: India ▪▪ Improve HR reporting and ▪▪ SAP Gold Channel Partner integrate HR data with the ▪▪ Successful change managementThe Client: financial management system processes to relay benefits of the ▪▪ Make employee information new SAP system to employeesGrauer & Weil Ltd. (G&W) is one readily available on the main Benefits:of the fastest growing metal system rather than third partyfinishing manufacturers in India. In vendor systems ▪▪ Faster ROI due to new HR servicesconjunction with many international ▪▪ Automate manual processes and reduced maintenance costspartners, G&W offers an extensive ▪▪ Improved system availability for Solution:array of premium chemical and administration and operationengineering products, lubricants, ▪▪ SAP ERP Human Capital ▪▪ Improved payroll check accuracyand paints at an affordable cost to Management (HCM) and delivery to employeesclients in the steel, engineering, ▪▪ Enhanced HR operatingautomobile, machine tools, and Implementation Highlights: efficiency and data accuracyfastener industries. using customized reporting tools ▪▪ Based on the effective useChallenges and Opportunities: of three main components: created by YASH processes, personnel and IT▪▪ Human Resources (HR) processes support were informal ▪▪ YASH and G&W’s HR department▪▪ Non-integrated third party worked in close collaboration to time recording system proved enhance additional processes and inefficient for the existing system functionality employee base ▪▪ Gained single, centrally controlled source for processing employee information and payroll data
  2. 2. IT Department Over-Burdened with Manual HR ProcessesG&W’s Human Resources (HR) department is responsible for meeting the strategic goals of the enterprise by balancingthe needs of the company with the needs of all the human capital the company has invested in. However, G&W had noexisting HR processes in place to support this. All of the HR activities were processed manually and stored in numerousExcel files by the IT department, which were becoming increasingly over-burdened by requests from the entire enterprise.G&W also had a non-integrated third party time recording system in place that proved to be inefficient for the existingemployee base.In order to remain viable during a rapid growth phase, they needed a solution that would deliver HR services with themost effective technology and processes to the numerous work sites around the country, and provide more efficientservices and capabilities to its employees. Corporate objectives included improving HR reporting, automating manualprocesses, making employee information readily available on the main system rather than third-party vendor systems,and integrating HR data with the financial management system. G&W also sought to improve customer relationshipmanagement, performance management, productivity, training, and staff retention. An SAP® Human Capital Management(HCM) solution would fulfill all of these critical needs and remain flexible and scalable for future growth initiatives.G&W chose YASH Technologies as a strategic partner to transition from hard-copy record keeping and third party systemsto a single, consolidated HR system. YASH has extensive experience as an SAP Gold Channel partner and has implementedenterprise solutions on a global scale.YASH Utilized Change Management Initiatives to Ensure SuccessYASH implemented a client-specific SAP HCM solution to streamline HR processes by automating and eliminating paper-based ones, optimizing the time management user interface platform to allow HR staff to focus on strategic initiatives,and improving communication with employees throughout the enterprise. YASH employed a change management workshopto relay the benefits of the new SAP system and how it would enhance their positions in the company, not eliminate them.This ensured good support from the customer resources in the project and the synergies between YASH project team andG&W team were the key highlights of the project.By involving key members from G&W at all levels of planning and deployment, YASH facilitated a complete knowledgetransfer and ensured high user adoption. The project was based on the effective use of three main components: processes,personnel, and IT support. Improved processes helped facilitate more dynamic and flexible operations, personnelsupported the critical changeover to the new environment, and the right IT support served to simplify implementationof the technical solutions. The client-specific SAP HCM solutions that were implemented included the following: ▪▪ Personal ▪▪ Employee Self-Service ▪▪ Employee Self- ▪▪ Client-specific Administration (ESS) modules: Service (MSS) Best Practices ▪▪ Organizational -- Employee Search modules: Management -- Personal Information -- Work Over View ▪▪ Time Management -- Working Time -- Team ▪▪ Payroll -- Learning and »» General Information Development ▪▪ Recruitment »» Clock-in/out -- Travel and Expenses ▪▪ Personnel details Development -- Payroll and Tax »» Personnel -- Performance Appraisal Development ▪▪ Training and Event Management »» Approve Trips and Expenses ▪▪ Travel Management
  3. 3. Technology During the SAP HCM implementation, G&W’s HR department worked in close collaborationComponent with YASH to enhance additional processes and system functionality. They revamped their organization, department, and job code structures; designed the system to betterSAP ECC 6.0 with track employees and collect dependent/beneficiary data from third party systems; andHCM, FICO, SD, MM, developed a method to better track Leave of Absence employees.PP, and QM modules Automated Processes Brought Wealth of Benefits to Company Completion of the project brought many benefits. The increased HR and financial data integration gave the client access to consistent, accurate and global decision-making information that supports the company’s future growth plans. With SAP HCM, the HR organization now operates with a single, integrated solution that meets the operational requirements for all the various employee groups. The consolidated IT environment assured data integrity. Standardized information and best-practice usage helped avoid data redundancy. System availability for administration and operations also improved, as it provided remote self-service access for disparate employee work sites and a better means of communication for employees without computer or email access at work. Reporting was optimized and simplified and HR processes were automated. Payroll processing, which used to have its own department and database, was fully integrated into the HR organization. Tax calculations—previously performed outside the payroll system—became a part of the integrated HR payroll process. Payroll is much more efficient as a single process and now handles everything. The new SAP HCM landscape has maximized the value of business information for G&W,“YASH provided us by reducing maintenance costs and increasing the transparency of HR activities acrossthe ability to use the enterprise. In addition, the new system provided a global, flexible and scalablereal-time insight personnel administration capability that not only answered G&W’s need for geographicinto our workforce specificity, but also supported the company’s plans for growth.and measure theircontributions to In addition to having a single, centrally controlled source for processing employeethe bottom line; information and payroll data, the company had:this integratedsolution transforms ▪▪ Faster ROI due to new HR services and reduced maintenance costsHR into a strategic ▪▪ Integration of HR operational requirements in a single solution to better supportorganizational mission readinessarm. Mostimportantly, our ▪▪ Consolidation of systems into a single environment to ensure data integrity andROI has increased accurate resource allocationsignificantlybecause we can ▪▪ Standardization of information and reduced redundancymanage ourretention levels ▪▪ Improved system availability for administration and operationmuch more ▪▪ Increased transparency of HR processesefficiently andproactively.” ▪▪ Improved payroll check accuracy and delivery to employees - HR Director, Grauer & Weil ▪▪ Enhanced HR operating efficiency and data accuracy using customized reporting tools created by YASH
  4. 4. About YASH Technologies YASH Technologies focuses on customer success. As a leading technology services and outsourcing partner for medium and large global customers, we leverage technology and our flexible delivery models to drive performance and business value throughout a customer’s enterprise. YASH’s comprehensive service approach incorporates a holistic view of our customers that extends beyond delivery. This approach integrates enterprise solutions and services, proprietary best practice offerings, strategic application and maintenance outsourcing, as well as consulting and integration services. YASH is a SEI CMMI (Level 3) and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with U.S. and India headquarters and regional sales and development offices spread across three continents. YASH is also part of a select group of companies that are SAP - certified global providers of application management services. For more information, please visit or email info@yash.comYASH Technologies SAP-HCM-Mfg77-0911Global Presence - USA | EU | MEA | APAC • California | Illinois | Iowa | Massachusetts | Missouri | New YorkTexas | London | Germany | Bahrain | Hongkong | Singapore • Hyderabad | Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore | IndoreWorld HQ: 605-17th Avenue East Moline IL 61244 USA | Toll Free: 877-766-8934 | Tel: 309-755-0433 | Fax: 309-796-1242EU: The Mille-II Floor 1000-Great West Road Brentford London TW89HH UK | Tel: 44-20-8261-4408 | Fax: 44-20-8261-4418India: 201-205 Bansi Trade Center 581/5 MG Road Indore MP 452001 India | Tel: 91-731-426-1100 | Fax: 91-731-426-1234 © 2011 YASH Technologies. All rights reserved. Referred products/ a services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.