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What are YASH APPLIED BEST PRACTICES?Having worked with a number of customers across various industries, YASH             ...
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SAP Applied Best Practices @ YASH


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YASH has built 'APPLIED BEST PRACTICES' frameworks that impact every aspect of our engagement with a client. YASH has developed processes and systems that optimize your improvement projects and in turn the benefits are passed onto the business.

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SAP Applied Best Practices @ YASH

  1. 1. Applied Best Practices Not Just TheoryVolatile markets, intense competition, and increasing pressures to grow have made best practices essential for companieslong-term growth strategies. YASH Technologies understands that successful implementation of best practices requires alibrary of relevant business processes, comprehensive end user documentation, configuration and installationdocumentation, and clear methodology to implement the business processes.SAP Best PracticesSAP Best Practices are the collection of prepackaged ready-to-use business scenarios, and much more. These businessscenarios address the core business requirements of the most demanding organizations in all types of industries and in allgeographies. Integrated sales, marketing, and service functionality helps companies focus on customer relationships,optimizing everything from managing accounts, contacts, and customer activity to handling leads, campaigns, and servicetickets.Even veteran SAP customers find SAP Best Practices very useful and benefit from SAP Best Practices in the following ways: Save Time Accelerate Knowledge Transfer Improve Project Predictability Identify only delta requirements Ramp up staff with a live Start with proven world-class not total requirements prototype best business practices ‘out of the box’ Complete prototyping in days, Create demo systems and not months scripts to review scenario Use a consistent approach processes focusing on integrated end-to- Avoid reinventing the wheel - end business processes simply activate preconfigured Leverage end user training SAP Best Practices scenarios for materials included in SAP Best Limit hands-on configuration common configuration options Practices Blueprint with ease Quickly create platforms for Communicate effectively partners evaluation, joint among project team members development, and own and executives development As a leading provider of business and IT solutions, YASH understands the benefits of using SAP Best Practices extremely well. As a starting point, we use SAP Best Practices and add our own collective best practices – thus helping our customers to get it right the first time… and every time.
  2. 2. What are YASH APPLIED BEST PRACTICES?Having worked with a number of customers across various industries, YASH Time Adjustmentshas built APPLIED BEST PRACTICES frameworks that impact every aspect of Savings within projectsour engagement with a client. YASH has developed processes and systems Adjustments within projects SAP Bestthat optimize your improvement projects and in turn the benefits are Practicespassed onto the business. Over the years, YASH has built APPLIED BESTPRACTICES in various SAP solutions like implementation, global roll outs,functionality extensions and overall project management including project Standard/ Standard/documentation, user training, knowledge transition, and the on-boarding Add-on System Add-on Systemprocess. With YASH APPLIED BEST PRACTICESHow does this work in a real business scenario?Our APPLIED BEST PRACTICES philosophy is both practical and applicable in real scenarios. Chemtura Corporation, one of ouresteemed customers, where YASH is the strategic IT partner, is one of our many customers which has benefitted from thisphilosophy. In order to standardize business process across their vast business entities, they have chosen to employ APPLIEDBEST PRACTICES as the common denominator of business processes. The result will be repeatable and transparent supplychain processes, which supports better data gathering and thus improved management of business functions.APPLIED BEST PRACTICES in our SAP Business All-in-One solutionsComprehensive industry understanding, has enabled YASH to built SAP Business All-in-One solutions focusing on variousindustry verticals. All the solutions are built on the BEST PRACTICES philosophy and the personalization time required to fitthe solution to customer needs is significantly reduced. YASH has built All-in-One solutions in the following industry solutions: For the Chemicals and For High Tech and software For Wholesale Distribution For Food and Beverage process manufacturing ISV companies – TechOne businesses – WholesaleOne Consumer Products – industry – ChemOne CPGOneGo from theoretical to APPLIED BEST PRACTICES, with YASH.About YASH TechnologiesYASH Technologies focuses on customer success through performance driven enterprise solutions that deliver business results.Supported by our flexible, global delivery models, our SAP practice provides comprehensive full life cycle solutions includingour own industry solutions, best practice offerings, strategic application outsourcing, consulting and integration services,speeding strategy to realization. For More Information: YASH Technologies 841 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline, IL 61244 Tel: 309-755-0433, Fax: 309-755-3742 Toll Free: 877-369-YASH (9274) Email: Web: USA Europe MEA Asia Pacific ©2007-2008 YASH Technologies. All rights reserved. Referred products/ services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.