Outsourcing Application Management Provided Predictability and Tangible Cost Savings


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Application Management Services (AMS) have become increasingly important for international companies to comply with country-specific markets and regulations. The client selected YASH Technologies to provide SAP AMS. YASH had been a primary partner for the enterprise and had a strong history of providing customer-centric solutions and flexibility, a key component the client was seeking in a partner.

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Outsourcing Application Management Provided Predictability and Tangible Cost Savings

  1. 1. SAP® Application Management Services (AMS) Success Story @ YASHIndustry The ClientManufacturing The client is a world leader in providing advanced products and services for agriculture, forestry, construction, lawn and turf care, landscaping and irrigation. The client also provides financial services worldwide and manufactures and markets engines used inGeography heavy equipment. Since it was founded in 1837, the company has extended its heritage of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation around the globe.US Outsourcing Application Management Provided Predictability and Tangible Cost Savings In todays competitive global marketplace, Application Management Services (AMS) have become increasingly important for international companies to comply with country-specific markets and regulations, and ensure high-quality operations of SAP solutions in a sustainable, cost-effective manner. As a leading global manufacturer, the client sought to extend their current SAP footprint to locations in India and South America. In an effort to standardize and rationalize IT systems, the client also wanted to assimilate most of the peripheral legacy systems, as well as non-standard SAP environments, into a centralized SAP environment. As the clients SAP ECC 6.00 landscape was customized to its business environment at different locations worldwide, maintaining this infrastructure was a challenging task. Ensuring high availability and performance of these systems was a critical necessity, due to the high dependency on these applications for running day-to-day operations. While the client had an internal SAP support team in place, it realized that the sheer complexity and critical nature of the existing and future SAP infrastructure made it difficult for the company to cost-effectively maintain it. Outsourcing the management of its applications would enable the client to provide predictable and sustainable high-quality support services to the growing user base through this expansion phase. By realigning critical internal resources to strategic initiatives, they would realize tangible cost savings.
  2. 2. Establishing a Robust AMS Model Allowed for Future InnovationIn order to cater to added bandwidth needs spurred by organic knowledge about the multiple system landscapes and setgrowth, the client selected YASH Technologies to provide SAP up a centralized support center that could provideAMS. YASH had been a primary partner for the enterprise and support across different units. Beyond trouble-shootinghad a strong history of providing customer-centric solutions problem tickets, the client wanted YASH to assumeand flexibility, a key component the client was seeking in a responsibility for SAP Functional and Technicalpartner. Known for their ability to quickly understand client Administration and deliver enhancements for SAP. Mostenvironments and become a true extension of the clients IT importantly, the client selected YASH for their ability todepartment, YASH required little or minimal intervention from take a proactive leadership role in establishing a robustthe client to resolve issues. This allowed the client to focus operational model for SAP support by providing a set ofmore on strategic activities and allocate more IT spend on infrastructure, processes, methodology, resourceinnovation necessary for growth. planning, and team management without any adverseAs an SAP-certified global provider of application management impact on the quality of delivery.services, YASH was able to understand and assimilate theRapid Integration into the Clients Environment Increased Return-on-Investmentfrom Initial StagesYASH conducted an intensive five-week Assessment and stages. YASH leveraged SAP Best Practices for operationalKnowledge Acquisition of the clients current support and execution and the Solution Manager tool set to delivermaintenance processes that included system configuration, best-in-class services and solutions for applicationprocess standards, and various customizations done to the management.standard SAP environment. The initial objective of the project The biggest challenge of this initiative was the extremelyfocused only on supporting the recent Go-Live environment at tight deadline of five weeks for the transition to providethe clients business centers in India. support. YASH delivered a clear and defined methodologyYASH consulted with the users to understand the details of what and process structure to acquire, document, andneeded to be implemented and how the Indian tax system assimilate the knowledge acquired during this period.would interact with specific financial transaction categories. Although understanding the clients system wasYASH provided holistic solutions that required SAP knowledge in paramount, the other critical success factor was thethe context of Indias business regulations, while adhering to acceptance and approval from the clients differentthe core principles and framework held constant in the central stakeholders. YASH focused on gaining trust andSAP environment. This approach reduced the overall scope of acceptance through the playback sessions and proactivewhat needed to be implemented. More importantly, this solution provisioning with minimal or no involvementcritical project was executed two months ahead of the project from the clients internal IT team. By meeting on a dailydeadline, which allowed the client to optimize their portfolio basis to review the project status, YASH kept the visionby balancing the business impact and cost of their applications. and goals top of mind for all parties involved toAdditional operating efficiencies resulted from YASHs accomplish the objectives within the short timeframe.collaboration with the clients internal SAP support team. With The SAP Functional and Technical support that YASHminimal disruption to the regular work schedule of the core provided in a flexible resource engagement included:team members, YASH provided playback sessions (literallyshowing part of the new working system) to the internal team • 24x7 support to India, South America and USthat included information on what was discovered by the YASH • ABAP and Java Technical Supportteam during the intensive three-week knowledge transfer • Enhancement and Bug Fixesperiod. These playback sessions were used successfully byYASH to demonstrate the results and project plan for the • Level 1, 2, and 3 User Supportaggressive timeframe. The ability of the YASH team to compile • Application Neighborhood Supportand process enormous amounts of complex information about • End and Power User Trainingthe clients central environment was crucial to the overall • Security and User Managementproject success. YASH utilized the standardized components inRun SAP methodology to quickly align internal processes, and • System Performance Tuningenhanced the clients return-on-investment from the initial
  3. 3. “The value that YASH provides extends beyond cost savings. As our relationship has grown over the years, we have continued to experience the high level of commitment and resourcefulness that they provide in their client relationships. Their ability to ramp up on our environment and have effective methodologies for seamless knowledge transfer is really indicative of the flexible nature and their high level of capabilities.” -Global IT DirectorCollaborative Partnership Allowed Client to Achieve Greater Value from Current IT InvestmentsAs YASH’s flexible delivery model supported each unique Other operational benefits that were derived from YASH’ssituation that arose during the knowledge transition period, SAP Application Management Services included:the client benefitted from the ability to adjust service andpricing levels to better align performance with their Total • Improved performance and business valueCost of Ownership. throughout the enterpriseYASH established a centralized Center of Excellence (CoE) • Industry-leading solutions designed to providemodel for the client that enabled YASH to leverage the predictable costs, control, application visibility,knowledge gained across multiple support and project and rapid integration into their environmentengagements without any additional cost or resources for the • Flexible, scalable, and transparent services-basedclient. This model will be used to execute various projects using model with measurable service performancededicated knowledge personnel, who will then seamlessly linked to key business performance indicatorstransfer into support with no loss of knowledge. The client will • Low impact and disruption to business processesrealize a tangible cost-savings of 30% in project execution and • 24x7 support reduced issue resolution time andsupport transition through this CoE model. achieved faster realization of strategic objectivesBecause YASH was able to ramp-up on the client’s business and The client hopes to utilize SAP AMS to sustain andSAP knowledge in a very short five-week period, they were able evolve their SAP environment in many more globalto rapidly reduce the open ticket volume by 15% in less than 2 locations.months. The client’s business team in India can now rely onYASH as a subject matter expert for ongoing mini-projects andenhancement needs.
  4. 4. About YASH TechnologiesYASH Technologies focuses on customer success. As a leading technology services and outsourcing partner for medium and large global customers,we leverage technology and our flexible delivery models to drive performance and business value throughout a customers enterprise. YASHscomprehensive service approach incorporates a holistic view of our customers that extends beyond delivery. This approach integrates enterprisesolutions and services, proprietary best practice offerings, strategic application and maintenance outsourcing, as well as consulting and integrationservices. YASH is a SEI CMMI (Level 3) and an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with U.S. and India headquarters and regional sales and developmentoffices spread across three continents. YASH is also part of a select group of companies that are SAP -certified global providers of applicationmanagement servicesFor more information, please email info@yash.com or visit www.yash.com SAP-AMS-Mfg92-CS-0610 YASH Technologies www.yash.com/contactus Global Presence - USA | EU | MEA | APAC • California | Illinois | Massachusetts | Missouri | New York Texas | London | Bahrain | Hongkong | Singapore • Hyderabad | Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore | Indore World HQ: 605-17th Avenue East Moline IL 61244 USA | Toll Free: 877-369-YASH | Tel: 309-755-0433 | Fax: 309-796-1242 EU: The Mille-II Floor 1000-Great West Road Brentford London TW89HH UK | Tel: 44-20-8261-4408 | Fax: 44-20-8261-4418 India: 201-205 Bansi Trade Center 581/5 MG Road Indore MP 452001 India | Tel: 91-731-426-1100 | Fax: 91-731-420-6593 © 2010 YASH Technologies. All rights reserved. Referred products/ aservices may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.