Why Connect Unstructured Content to Structured Processes?


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SAP ALM forum
24 may 2012, 's-Hertogenbosch

Richard Verbeek, principle solutions consultant, OpenText Benelux

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Why Connect Unstructured Content to Structured Processes?

  1. 1. Why Connect Unstructured Content to Structured Processes? Richard Verbeek Principal Solution Consultant June 4, 12Rev 2.0 01102010 Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Navigating the road of SAP content can be more straight forward then you think
  3. 3. Beyond just Archiving Although archiving is a and part of every SAP implementation. Its now important for organizations to look at SAP businesses processes with existing content from across their organization.
  4. 4. How easily do your employees find content that supports the transaction? 4
  5. 5. Are you drowning with theamount of content being stored on an annual basis? 5
  6. 6. * Companies surveyed by AIIM 6
  7. 7. Are you improving efficiency and optimizing business processes by providing employees with collaboration tools that are tied to the business process?* Companies surveyed by AIIM 8
  8. 8. 9
  9. 9. ECM Solutions Becoming an IntegralPart of Core Business Processes
  10. 10. How many ECM solutions does your organization have?Source: Forrester October 2009 Global ECM Online Survey
  11. 11. The Challenges faced with Unmanaged Content Reduced business process efficiency Content locked in siloed,Inability to find needed fragmented content managementinformation amongst applications Inefficient paper-growing volume of content based processes Content not retained for legally Increased regulation requiring required duration, or kept too long auditable content lifecycle records Increased legal and compliance risk
  12. 12. Weaving Content into Business Processes The value of organizational content is greatly when its not managed in the context of the transaction it supports. The benefit of Enterprise Content Management is delivering the to the in the
  13. 13. Best Practices for ECM in SAP within your organization can no longer be left as an . It is critical part of running a successful business.
  14. 14. enables your SAP applications theability to integrate content to the transaction in consumable business views.
  15. 15. SAP Extended ECM by Open Text Unique Capability to Complete Content Deep Integration with ‘Content Enrich’ SAPLifecycle Management SAP Business Processes ECM + Business Suite =  Document Management   Deep connection with SAP Data   Project Management  Collaboration structures   Quality Management  Capture   Seamless integration with   Investigative Case Management various SAP UIs  Workflow   Enterprise Asset Management   Workspaces developed to  Content Access   Store Lifecycle Management natively extend SAP processes  Records Management with ECM   Fraud Prevention Management  Archiving   And Many Others!Key Benefits:•  Improve Business Process Efficiency by Connecting Content to Process•  Improve Regulatory Compliance by Managing Content Through Its Lifecycle
  16. 16. Providing Accessibility to Beyond SAP SAP User Non-SAP User SAP Non-SAP Related Content Related Content
  17. 17. Building ECM Solutions on the SAP Business Model Material Supplier, PO Workspace Workspace Materials Supplier SAP MM SAP FI, SRM SAP PM ProjectsAssets & Plants Project SAP PS WorkspaceEQUI, FLOC SAP SD, CRMWorkspace SAP PLM, QM Customers Products Customer Workspace Product Workspace 18
  18. 18. Extended ECM for ProcurementContent Management for key process areas Procurement Develop Sourcing Select Suppliers and Order Materials Appraise and Strategies manage Contracts and Services develop Suppliers Extended ECM provides Content Workspaces for key SAP Business Objects: Purchasing Contract Shopping Cart Vendor (SRM) Purchase Order Request for Sales Order Quotations Purchase Material Project Requisition (Tender, Sourcing, RFP) 19
  19. 19. Purchasing Contract Workspace in SAP 20
  20. 20. Purchasing Contract Workspace (Web UI) Contract Phases Roles and Responsibilities forCheck List for Contract Contract Type Contract Data this Contract Management from SAP Contract Partner (Vendor) Contract Matter (Material) Contract File based on a centrally managed Template 21
  21. 21. Purchase Order Workspace in SAP SRM Workspace in SAP SRM User Interface 22
  22. 22. Demonstration: Extended ECM für Einkauf
  23. 23. Where do customers see value?" Integrated management of procurement data and documents" Effective collaboration and process transparency for SAP and non-SAP user" Content lifecycle control for documents and contracts" Central management of vendor correspondence Extended ECM for Procurement
  24. 24. Building ECM Solutions on the SAP Business Model Material Supplier, PO Workspace Workspace Materials Supplier SAP MM SAP FI, SRM SAP PM ProjectsAssets & Plants Project SAP PS WorkspaceEQUI, FLOC SAP SD, CRMWorkspace SAP PLM, QM Customers Products Customer Workspace Product Workspace 25
  25. 25. Extended ECM for Customer ManagementContent Management for key process areas Customer Relationship Management Customer Revenue Marketing Sales Service Accounting Extended ECM provides Content Workspaces for key SAP Business Objects: Customer Contract Customer Sales Order Sales Inquiry Campaign Project Sales Quotation (CRM) Purchase Order Business Partner Supplier Opportunity (CRM)
  26. 26. Customer Workspace in Extended ECM UI Customer data from Roles and SAP SD oder CRM Responsibilities Content Filter for quickly finding the relevant information Related Project, Contract, Order Workspaces Standardized folder structure Transparency of new or changed content 27
  27. 27. Customer Workspace in SAP CRM Business Workspace Tab in CRM interface Fulltext + metadata search Powerful means to filter for relevant documents 28
  28. 28. Business Partner Workspace in SAP IC Extended ECM Workspace for Account Jane Butterfield in IC interface Can contain documents from CRM, ERP or from outside SAP 29
  29. 29. Demonstration: Extended ECM fürKundenmanagement
  30. 30. Extended ECM Success Story – ViegaIndustry: Manufacturing “Business processes are nothing without informationBusiness Challenges and documents. These are created and managed not  Disconnect between ERP, CRM and DMS only within SAP, … , but  Manual changes / updates also with other systems such as E-mail or Microsoft  Barriers between core process and Office for example,” says collaboration scenarios Michael Nippel, Director of IT strategy at ViegaBusiness Benefits  360°access to customer information  Integration of content with business processes, increases productivity, creates transparency and innovation  Automated data synchronization between SAP CRM, ERP and OpenText enables process improvement and data consistency 31
  31. 31. Where do customers see value?" 360 degree view on customer information for sales, marketing and customer service" Integrated access to ERP and CRM data and high-speed document lookups" Central content repository with lifecycle management" Guided creation of standardized documents based on templates Extended ECM for CRM
  32. 32. OpenText Suite for SAP® SolutionsPortal Content Portal Site Extended ECM Employee Travel Invoice Digital Asset Document Management Management File Receipts Management Management Presentment Management Management and OCR Unique integration into Manage Create and Automate HR Automate Minimize data Optimized Automate thousands of SAP business documents manage SAP File handling receipt capture effort management document objects and NetWeaver and enable handling and and human of rich media generation collaborate in Portal sites Collaborate on SAP and non- self-service streamline intervention assets andSAP Portal and and Enterprise SAP content in scenarios expense personalizati Enterprise Workspaces Business Workspaces management Streamline Integrate on (e.g. Workspaces process accounts media into billing Include SAP and non-SAP Empower end users via multiple User payable marketing statements)Empower end users Interfaces processes communi- users cations Enterprise Records Management Document Access 360 degree information accessArchiving (Enterprise Library)Secure, compliant, cost-efficient storage of information 33
  33. 33. Why OpenText Extended ECM?"   OpenText is the market leader in ECM and is SAP’s strategic partner"   Extended ECM offers a productized embedding of ECM in SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, PLM,…"   Access to all business-relevant information via preferred user interface"   Low implementation risk, lower upgrade efforts and TCO by native integration between SAP and Open Text"   Only ECM solution in the market premium-qualified, supported, maintained, and sold by SAP itself 34
  34. 34. Questions?Richard Verbeekrverbeek@opentext.comLinkedIn Group Extended ECM:http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=3874677