Optimizing campaign effectiveness for a telco company - Deloitte


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SAP Innovation Forum
28 feb 2012, 's-Hertogenbosch

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Jorg Schalekamp - Senior Manager

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Optimizing campaign effectiveness for a telco company - Deloitte

  1. 1. T-Mobile & HANA Optimizing campaign effectivenessDen Bosch, February 28th 2012
  2. 2. Introduction Contact Information Background  Jorg is a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting and is part of the Business Intelligence & Analytics Service Line of the Technology group in the Netherlands. He has been working since 2000 as business consultant, project manager and practice manager with a focus on Business Intelligence and Performance Management from an organizational, process and technological perspective.  Jorg has over 12 years of experience in advising, leading and delivering projects related to Performance Management and Business Intelligence for clients in the Products,Jorg Schalekamp Consumer and Utilities industry.Senior Manager  His goal is to make clients more focused in reaching their business goals byDeloitte implementing valuable performance management models with innovative andConsulting B.V. sustainable solutions.  Selection of clients:Laan van Kronenburg 2 • Schiphol1183 AS Amstelveen • PhilipsThe Netherlands • Akzo Nobel • FrieslandCampina • StorkAsisstant: +31 88 288 7224 • EnecoFax: +31 88 288 9709Mobile: +31 6 1312 7559  Jorg has a Masters degree in Business Economics.E-mail: jschalekamp@deloitte.nlWeb: www.deloitte.com1 SAP Innovation Forum February 2012 © 2012 Deloitte The Netherlands
  3. 3. The Road to HANA project delivered a significant expansion of ChannelManagement reporting and analytics capabilitiesThe goal of the Road to HANA project was to implement SAP’s High Availability Analytical Appliance (HANA) to addressthe reporting needs of T-Mobile’s Channel Management organization. On the original platform, T-Mobile faced consistentchallenges with the accuracy and timely delivery of Marketing reporting. The Road to HANA solution was envisaged toaddress these challenges in an efficient manner. Original Reporting Environment Road to HANA Reporting Environment• Channel Management team lacked timely information • On-time availability of quality information to support to devise effective Campaigns analyzing campaign effectiveness• Users had very limited querying capabilities on • Extensive ad-hoc querying and analysis capabilities Campaign Effectiveness data through SAP Business Intelligence suite of products• Reports were produced in offline tools • Automated data loads into enterprise data repository on HANA• Metrics were calculated with non-standardized, hard coded scripts • Standardized calculation of metrics• Report generation required significant manual • Scheduled refresh of enterprise standard reports intervention • On-demand refresh of reports within 30 seconds• Specific report queries run for hours on the current Enterprise Data Warehouse; ‒ Query to obtain details on the number of Subscribers accepting Campaign offers in a week ran for more than 2 hours2 SAP Innovation Forum February 2012 © 2012 Deloitte The Netherlands
  4. 4. High speed reporting and analytics capabilities were enabled by utilizationof advanced in-memory database technology  Installed and configured SAP HANA as the data repository  Consolidated data from Best Practices Campaign Management (BPCM) and Enterprise Data Road to HANA Warehouse (EDW) into HANASolution Overview  Created analytic models to enable Campaign Effectiveness and Takes Conversion reporting  Provided a platform for ad-hoc querying and analysis  Created enterprise standard reports for campaign effectiveness  In-memory computing software optimized on hardware provided and delivered by SAP’s leading hardware partners HANA Technical  Enables querying multiple types of data sources in real-time at high speeds Capabilities  Incorporates technology to embed complex business logic in memory  Enables analytic models through flexible views that expose analytic information at high speeds HANA provides a scalable analytical platform and in-memory technology which enables reporting and analysis at high speeds3 SAP Innovation Forum February 2012 © 2012 Deloitte The Netherlands
  5. 5. Sound architecture provides a scalable and flexible analytic platformPresentation Layer - Reporting and analysisthrough SAP Business Objects Web Analytical Dashboards / Operational Reports / Ad-hocIntelligence, SAP Business Objects Explorer, Analysis Scorecards Reportsaccessing HANA Information ModelSemantic Layer - SAP Business ObjectsUniverses acts as the semantic layer BI Universesbetween HANA and end-use reportingAggregation and Storage - SAP HANA is in-memory data repository, and has InformationModel with analytical and calculated views, to Calculated Viewsenable efficient analysis and reporting Data Marts SAP HANA Analytical Views Raw Data TablesData Integration - SAP Business ObjectsData Services integrates, cleanses, and SAP Landscapeconfirms data from multiple data sources; SAP Data Services TransformationSAP Landscape Transformation replicatesdata from SAP sources into HANAApplications and Data Sources - Differentdata sources, different applications, as wellas different source types (Offer and Takes SAP / ERP DBs Applications Flat Filestransactions from BPCM, hierarchies fromEDW, and Campaign master data from offlinespreadsheets)4 4 SAP Innovation Forum February 2012 © 2012 Deloitte The Netherlands
  6. 6. The project team consisted of three streams headed by a project manager  Design and development end-to-end ETL solution  Implementation of an efficient and scalable metadata driven solution for Data Services complex Takes calculation Workstream  Implementation of error handling and reporting mechanism  Identification of source system data quality issues and communicate and follow- up with client team  Design and development of SAP Business Objects universes, and standard reports BusinessProject  Development of control queries to assist with QA test activities Intelligencemanager  Development of data errors reporting universe and report Workstream  Analyze and optimization of report performance using various design options  Assist T-Mobile team with performance test activities HANA  Assist with HANA performance analysis Modeling  Gather performance and sizing statistics on HANA Workstream  Research issues with the product, and the model design5 SAP Innovation Forum February 2012 © 2012 Deloitte The Netherlands
  7. 7. Road to HANA solution provided significant performance gains on hugedata volumes SAP HANA Size Summary Record Count Table Size (in GB) Inbound Offers and Takes tables 546.000.000 8.48 Outbound raw data tables 43.46 Report performance summary (in seconds) Query Time on Legacy Report # Rows Returned Total Refresh Time HANA Refresh Time Daily Customer Care Offer Disposition 20K+ 2.8 9.1 600 Weekly Customer Care Offer Disposition 102K+ 13.4 24.2 900 Daily Retail Offer Disposition 22K+ 3.0 8.9 300 Weekly Retail Offer Disposition 55K+ 11.3 20.2 600 Customer Care analysis – BO Explorer 757K+ 6.9 11.1 NA Retail analysis – BO Explorer 119K+ 6.6 11.3 NA6 SAP Innovation Forum February 2012 © 2012 Deloitte The Netherlands
  8. 8. Road to HANA delivered great value to T-Mobile Value delivered “Remarkable” reporting performance expectations met Reproduced four (4) operational reports on the new platform Delivered ad-hoc analytical reporting environment for Marketing Proved SAP Data Services, SAP HANA, and SAP Business Intelligence integration in a production setting within T- Mobile Made Outbound offers and Takes data available in HANA repository for interactive analysis Project objectives met  Integrated Data Sources to support Marketing Analysis  Data Quality Analysis helped identify areas for improvement  Knowledge Transfer to T-Mobile for operating this solution  Delivered in an environment of very constrained timeline/budget  Delivered solution without a dual system landscape  Delivered the solution where T-Mobile project team had other priorities7 SAP Innovation Forum February 2012 © 2012 Deloitte The Netherlands
  9. 9. Deloitte team has learned valuable lessons on Road to HANA projectThe following are some of the key lessons learned by the team on Road to HANA project.• Complex business logic is best implemented in ETL ‒ Complex business logic, when implemented in HANA analytical / calculation views, has slowed down the report and query performance. The logic has been moved into Data Services to improve the overall performance• Data discovery during the initial stages helps manage project scope effectively ‒ Time taken to deliver the Data Services solution was vastly affected by data discrepancies found during the design and development phases ‒ Re-engineering the existing Take calculation scripts during the design phase has opened-up quite a few data issues and workarounds for them, and has increased the scope of the solution• Effective database sizing needs to be carried out during the design phase ‒ We have encountered issues with data volumes for processing, as well as database sizing, during the build, as well as production rollout activities• Addressing report design options in the early stages of design helps set report functionality expectations ‒ We have addressed hierarchy drill-down requirements for the reports through a demo of the available options, which has helped make an early decision and set proper expectations• Discussion on report performance expectations in the early stages helps set proper expectations ‒ We have spent significant efforts in analyzing and tuning the report and query performance. An upfront discussion with the business on their performance expectations would have helped in spending these efforts more efficiently8 SAP Innovation Forum February 2012 © 2012 Deloitte The Netherlands
  10. 10. Point of View
  11. 11. The SAP HANA technology opens up new possibilities Enhanced Performance Realtime Compression business processing Flexibility In memory Realtime Big data & Replication analytics Simplification Leads to Enables10 SAP Innovation Forum February 2012 © 2012 Deloitte The Netherlands
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