The Road to Real-Time: The Internet of Things


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Today’s businesses are embracing Hybrid Data Ecosystems to meet the evolving needs of Big Data projects. But how big is Big data? What types of data make Big Data? And what does it mean to the operations of your business and the technical drivers behind your organization’s need for a Big Data strategy?

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The Road to Real-Time: The Internet of Things

  1. 1. Which of the following data sources are being used, or planned for use, in your Big Data project? What Types of Process mediated data Machine generated data Human- sourced information 31% 24% 45% Limitationsin currentplatform Fasterspeed DataVariety Ahybrid ecosystem is a flexible, data management environment that can meet the evolving needs of business users and Big Data projects. Find out how SAP can help you implement a real-time data platform to address your Big Data needs. Visit for more information. Require access to internal and external multistructured data sets Require faster processing of structured or multi structured data sets Require faster reaction to complex event processing (CEP) platforms Current platform scaling limits Need access to deep transaction data from point of sale and website clickstream platforms 17% 17% 15% 39% 12% Whatpartofyour infrastructure are youfocusedonfirstto What is a hybrid data ecosystem? 42% 38% 36% Theultimategoalofreal-timedrivenBigDataanalytics istoenable organizationstotakeactionatthespeedof theirbusiness. Real-time Actionable Insight On a daily basis, how much data (operational or analytical) does your organization load, process, analyze, persist? Less than 1 Terabytes 1 up to 10 Terabytes 10 up to 50 Terabytes 50 up to 100 Terabytes 100 up to 250 Terabytes 250 up to 500 Terabytes 500 up to 750 Terabytes 750 Terabytes up to 1 Petabyte 1 up to 5 Petabytes 5 up to 10 Petabytes 10 Petabytes or more 2% 2% 4% 5% 7% 10% 19% 18% 15% 8% 1% How is Big Data? Data make Big Data? What are the technical drivers behind a Big Data Strategy? Whatare theprimarytechnicaldriversbehindyour organization’sneedfora Big Data strategy? Primary Operational Platform Primary Analytic Platform Complementary Analytic Platform Exploratory Environment Complementary Operational Platform 36% 37% Today, many businesses are embracing a Hybrid Data Ecosystem to meet the evolving needs of Big Data projects. The Road to Real-Time: Internetof Things The accommodate Big Data? Operational Platforms Data Warehouse DataMart Discovery Platform NoSQL Platforms Cloudbased platforms Analytical Platforms Hadoop Economics Load Structure Complex workload Response Requirements Structured data generated from business processes. Machine-generated data (e.g. click-stream, sensor) Human-sourced data (e.g. social media, image, audio, unstructured documents) Operational efficiencies Better business decisions Improved total cost of ownership In-Memory/Realtime SAPHANA Open EDWHigh Performance OLTP Stream Analytics Mobile & Embedded HadoopHadoop Big DataBig Data Information and Real-time Data Movement CommonProgrammingAPIs IntegratedSystems ManagementandLandscape IntegratedModelingand Metadata SAP Real-Time Data Platform Benefitsderivedfrom SAP Real-Time Data Platform