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The Route to Real-Time Business


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IT market intelligence experts from IDC present …

IT market intelligence experts from IDC present
a compelling case that a single-platform data strategy is the key to the
real-time enterprise.

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  • 1. The route to real-time business* the distinction between transactional and analytical data will fade. Companies will finally be able to run a real-time enterprise that simultaneously transacts, analyzes, and acts. *IDC InfoDoc, sponsored by SAP, Blueprint for Success: Ingraining Insights into the DNA of People and Process, June 2013 You need three things to become a real-time business: 1 Real-time insights 2 Predictive analytics 3 Information from multiple devices and locations. Uncompetitive organizations make their people wait than industry leaders for quality information on which to base decisions. 3x LONGER Most IT departments aspire to a single-platform data strategy most ITdepartments don’t have a data strategy of any kind. of the most competitive organizations use data- driven decision making (only 58% of uncompetitive organizations do). The days of “gut feel” are over. 80% Within 5 years Gaining the edge Without a single platform strategy, organizations will struggle to integrate and interpret structured and unstructured data. This is what they are saying: The answer lies in new data technologies that are integrated, memory-based, and flexible. Software isn’t flexible enough Interface isn’t intuitive Information is not fit for purpose There’s no support for predictive analytics Data isn’t detailed enough System performance is low 36% 31% 30% Data is not updated often enough30% 27% 26% 20% Companies want and need real-time data. Static processes are no longer acceptable. Operations have to adapt immediately. Decisions must be based on the very latest information. Get it right and you have a powerful competitive edge. Here, IT market intelligence experts from IDC present a compelling case that a single-platform data strategy is the key to the real-time enterprise. Data and business process must come together, so technology drives business innovation. Out with the old supplier model of business users vs. IT. In with the new partnership model where IT supports specific business functions. BUT