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What´s New? SAP HANA SPS 07 - Architecture & Landscape

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  • Over the years unplanned growth in transactional databases and associated systems have complicated data infrastructure. As variety of data sources with growing volume are increasing, it is causing severe latency issues. Data once generated from transactions gets replicated to several locations for reporting. It gets processed for various end systems for analytics. This proliferations of data through various stages and processes has significantly increased latency resulting in slow response. As data from different sources is simultaneously pushed to the users, it results in usability issues.The overall architecture is extremely complex to manage given limited resources. This not only increases the risk of data management, such as security, privacy & availability. More data get dispersed, higher the complexity and risk.
  • With existing technologies, optimizing across all five dimensions in the spider diagram is not possible. Trade offs need to be made: Do you want a report that provides broad and deep data analysis at a bearable speed? That is normally only doable after a lot of data manipulation like aggregation and normally has run times in the minutes, hours or days.Alternatively, you could decide for a report design that is simple and fast, but it will normally not provide for any deep and broad insights.Lastly, in both scenarios, real time updates are not possible per design; in a data warehouse environment they occur overnight via nightly batch jobs.In summary, this shows todays typical tradeoffs between Broad and Deep analysis vx Speedy and Simple reports.
  • 3 copies of dataIn different data modelsInherent data latencyAccelerate through cacheIn recent years, computer systems have increased number of processing cores with large integrated caches. Main memory space has become practically unlimited with the ability to hold all the business data of enterprises of every size. Falling prices have moved processing from Disk/SSD to In-Memory.Memory access is 1M – 10M times faster than disk. Disk-centric computing was also one of the major factors that forced separation of transactional and analytical workloads. Moving data to various locations was necessary for reporting to circumvent network issues. Pre-processing of data then became the necessity to optimize linear data transfers. We do not have to live with those limitations any more. Feasibility is given.Through advances in data sciences combined with relevant hardware trends, SAP is leading the real-time computing revolution… leveraging the power of in-memory computing to bringing OLAP and OLTP back together in one database.This transforms how we construct business applications and our expectations in consuming them. Adopting this new technology will sharpen your competitive edge by dramatically accelerating not only data querying speed but also business processing speed.
  • SAP HANA permits OLTP and OLAP workloads on the same platform by storing data in high-speed memory, organizing it in columns, and partitioning and distributing it among multiple servers. This delivers faster queries that aggregate data more efficiently yet avoid costly full-table scans and single column indexes.The SAP HANA Studio delivers an all-in-one support environment for system monitoring, backup and recovery, and user provisioning.
  • SAP launched a next generation platform with SAP HANA 18 months ago. It represents the fastest growing product in the + 40 years of SAP’s history.The SAP HANA platform leverages the power of in-memory computing technology. The platform analyses massive quantities of data in local memory so that the results of complex analyses and transactions are available at your fingertips – and business decisions can be executed without delay. This means that complex analyses, plans and simulations can be done based on real-time data and made available immediately. SAP HANA is able to remove existing constraints (slow, processes, restricted business users, limitations to innovate) and deliver information for making strategic as well as operational business decisions in real-time, with little to no data preparation. Only SAP HANA can deliver on these 5 dimensions today. And, SAP HANA now also makes it possible to bring together transactional and analytics into one platform.
  • Real-Time Replication: replicate real-time data from multiple sources into SAP HANA over wide-area network or within Hybrid On-Premise Cloud Deployments Batch Data Load: high-performance and highly-scalable engine for extremely fast loads of large data volumes into SAP HANA. Support native data and metadata connectivity to all major enterprise data sources, databases, files, text batch loading Provide rich transformations for data manipulations, data quality, trust and confidence. Support unstructured text data processing. Analyze and process streaming or machine data from integrated ESP in combination with data in SAP HANA. Synchronize Mobile/Machine data using available MobiLink capabilities for SAP HANA synchronization with SQL Anywhere Data virtualization leverages remote database’s unique processing capabilities by pushing processing to remote database. Remote data access like “local” data.Leverage remote database’s unique processing capabilities by pushing processing to remote database; Compensate missing functionality in remote database with SAP HANA capabilities.
  • A very common question related to migrating an existing landscape to SAP HANA is “How will this affect my landscape? Will everything change? Will nothing be anymore like it used to be?”. Be assured, this will not be the case. Technically a migration to SAP HANA is really only a change of the database. Most other things in your landscape will stay as they are.A SAP Business Suite system running on SAP HANA can still connect to and be integrated with other systems and hubs the same way as a Business Suite system running on any other database.You can still use the same frontends and clients to connect to your system. And even the application servers can be reused as they are, given they are running on separate servers and not on the database host.What will change is the kind of database you are running – SAP HANA - which has a few operational specifics. Like for example that it runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise. Though even this is nothing you need to be concerned about, as due to the appliance model you can leave most of these specifics to your hardware and technology partners if your choose to.
  • Reference: http://www.bluefinsolutions.com/insights/blog/the_sap_hana_hardware_faq/HANA allows changes to the data schema's on the fly (new attributes). Try this with db2/blu. These are only a few out of my head.
  • HANA SPS07 Architecture & Landscape

    1. 1. What´s New? SAP HANA SPS 07 Architecture & Landscape SAP HANA Product Management December, 2013
    2. 2. Agenda SAP HANA Introduction Get architectural overview SAP HANA Packaging Know the individual components SAP HANA is built of SAP HANA Scenarios Understand SAP HANA scenarios SAP HANA Deployment Options How can you integrate SAP HANA into your landscape © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 2
    3. 3. SAP HANA Introduction
    4. 4. Data and Information Processing is at a critical inflection point Point optimization is no longer enough for real-time business IMPACT ON BUSINESS Sales Slow Response Times Customer Service ETL Staging Clean-Data Quality Collect Transact Order Processing Operational Reporting Usability Challenges Lack Of Adaptability Manufacturing Iterative period end closing with new posting into accounts constantly New ATP strategies; MRP run for individual ATP check/instant re-planning Trend Analysis RT Risk & Fraud | Finance and Operations Real-time Business Real-time bonus Customer overdue credit Requirements calculations for consumers calculation by product areas Planning Predict Monitor Communicate Analyze Summarize Aggregate | Predictive Analytics Sentiment Analytics Pattern Recognition Location Intelligence 1 0 Transactional Data store IMPACT ON IT © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Data Warehouse Sensors Data High Latency Mobile Data Archives | | Complexity Social & Text Geo-Spatial High Cost of Solutions Public 4
    5. 5. Technology today requires tradeoff A breakthrough in today’s information processing architecture is needed DEEP DEEP Complex & interactive questions on granular data Complex & interactive questions on granular data HIGH SPEED Fast response-time, interactivity HIGH SPEED BROAD Fast response-time, interactivity Big data, many data types OR SIMPLE No data preparation, no pre-aggregates, no tuning © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. REAL -TIME Recent data, preferably real-time SIMPLE No data preparation, no pre-aggregates, no tuning Public 5
    6. 6. Modern Hardware and Software Architecture Provided Opportunities to Re-Design DBMS to Reduce Latency Multi-Core Architecture 8 CPU x 10 Cores per blade L3 Cache 1 TB in current servers Massive parallel scaling with many blades CPU 64bit address space Dramatic decline in price/performance L3 Cache L3 Cache L3 Cache L3 Cache L3 Cache L3 Cache L3 Cache MEMORY OLTP+OLAP in column Store Partitioning Inset Only on Delta No Aggregate tables (Dynamic Aggregation) Compression Logging and Backup STORAGE Solid State © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Flash HDD Public 6
    7. 7. Re-think Data Management for Real-time Business Need to eliminate redundant data copies, materialization and models A Common Database Approach for OLTP and OLAP Using an In-Memory Columnar Database Hasso Plattner Separated Transactions + Analysis + Acceleration processes One atomic copy of data for Transactions + Analysis, All in Memory SAP HANA ETL Transact ETL Analyze Cache VS (DRAM) Accelerate  3 copies of data in different data models  Eliminate unnecessary complexity and latency  Inherent data latency  Less hardware to manage  Poor innovation leading to wastage  Accelerate through innovation and simplification © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 7
    8. 8. Simplify Data & Application Processing Enabling real-time computing design patterns across entire software architecture SIMPLIFIED CONVERGED OLTP + OLAP in Columnar database End-to-end Data Processing Predictive OPTIMIZED Application Processing Prescriptive Application Layer Machine Learning Operational Analytics Sentiment Intelligence SAP HANA In-Memory Database layer (Main Memory) SAP HANA (Main Memory) Libraries SAP HANA (Main Memory) Transactions Sensors Spatial/GIS • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Application Server Planning, Calculation engine • Text • • Planning Database & data processing engines Libraries of statistical, predictive and business functions Public 8
    9. 9. SAP HANA Platform More than just a database Any Apps SAP Business Suite Any App Server Supports any Device and BW ABAP App Server SQL MDX R JSON Open Connectivity SAP HANA Platform SQL, SQLScript, JavaScript Search Data Virtualization Text Mining Stored Procedure & Data Models Application & UI Services Business Function Library Predictive Analysis Library Database Services Planning Engine Rules Engine Replication, Streaming and ETL Integration Services Transaction Unstructured Machine HADOOP Real-time Locations Other Apps SAP HANA Platform Converges Database, Data Processing and Application Platform Capabilities & Provides Libraries for Predictive, Planning, Text, Spatial, and Business Analytics to enable business to operate in real-time. © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 9
    10. 10. SAP HANA Software Packaging
    11. 11. SAP HANA Packaging The Product View SAP HANA Platform • The SAP HANA platform is a flexible data source agnostic in-memory data platform that allows customers to analyze large volumes of data in real-time • It is a combination of hardware and software that integrates a number of SAP components, including the SAP HANA database, SAP HANA studio, and SAP HANA clients and is delivered in conjunction with leading SAP hardware partners to deliver optimal performance • The SAP HANA Platform is the foundation of various SAP HANA editions, like the SAP HANA Enterprise Edition, bundling additional components e.g. for data replication if required by customer  HANA database  HANA client  HANA studio  HANA Lifecycle Manager  Host Agent  HANA AFL / LCApps  HANA RDL content package  HANA INA Toolkit for HTML  HANA EPM content package  HANA SHINE content pkg.  HANA smart data access  HANA studio SAPUI5 Plug-in  HANA HW config check  HANA client for Excel  HANA information composer © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 11
    12. 12. SAP HANA Packaging The Solution Packages SAP HANA Platform Edition • The SAP HANA Platform is the foundation of all SAP HANA editions • These SAP HANA Editions are license bundles, bundling together the SAP HANA Platform with other products tailored for certain purposes • To mention a few  SAP HANA Platform 1.0 SAP HANA Enterprise Edition  SAP HANA Platform 1.0  SLT, DS, DXC  SLT, DS, DXC,  IQ, RS, SQLA, ESP, PD © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. SAP HANA platform edition, providing core database technology • SAP HANA enterprise edition, including components for data replication and acquisition • SAP HANA Database edition for BW, tailored license for use with SAP NetWeaver 7.3 BW SAP HANA Limited edition for Apps / Accelerators, focused on XS application development and side-car deployments •  SAP HANA Platform 1.0 • • SAP HANA Real-Time Data Ed. SAP HANA EDGE edition, targeting the needs of the SME segment Public 12
    13. 13. SAP HANA Packaging The Deployment Options On-demand / cloud  SAP HANA One  SAP HANA Developer Edition  SAP HANA infrastructure subscription  SAP HANA platform as a Service  SAP HANA managed service • • SAP HANA is available in several deployment options, which individual benefits depend on the particular scenarios and needs of the customer Offerings reach from on-premise / bare metal installations to on-premise / virtualized environments productive Bare metal Cloud •Single server •Scale-out / HA cluster •HANA Enterprise Cloud •HANA ONE Virtualized Cloud •VMware vSphere •HANA developer edition virtual private/public  Pre-configured appliance  HANA tailored data center integration  Virtualized with VMware vSphere On-premise/private On-premise non-productive http://www.saphana.com/community/about-hana/deployment-options © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 13
    14. 14. SAP HANA Packaging HANA Software Provisioning SAP HANA Platform SAP HANA mandatory server components  HANA database • The SAP HANA core components, like the SAP HANA database  HANA client • These components are installed and configured by certified SAP HANA hardware partners on an well configured, dedicated system • The SAP HANA studio and client component may also be installed on any other system to allow access to and administration of the SAP HANA database  HANA studio  HANA Lifecycle Manager  Host Agent  HANA AFL / LCApps  HANA RDL content package SAP HANA optional server components  HANA INA Toolkit for HTML • Several extensions can be optionally installed /added to the SAP HANA server  HANA EPM content package • They are installed by customer through HANA Lifecycle Manager, from within SAP HANA studio  HANA SHINE content pkg.  HANA smart data access  HANA studio SAPUI5 Plug-in SAP HANA front-end tools  HANA HW config check • The SAP HANA front-end and client components to work and connect to your SAP HANA system • These components are also part of SAP HANA product and available for download from SAP Service Marketplace, so they can be installed if needed  HANA client for Excel  HANA information composer © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 14
    15. 15. SAP HANA Packaging HANA Content Provisioning SAP HANA Platform DUs SAP HANA default content  SAPUI5 Client Runtime • These so called Delivery Units (DUs) are integral part of any SAP HANA database installation, as they are required for SAP HANA to operate as desired • They will be maintained within / as part of the lifecycle management of the SAP HANA database component with each revision automatically  HANA XS Administration  HANA XS LM  HANA TA Config  HANA XS Base  HANA UI Integration Svc. SAP HANA non-active / optional content  HANA UI Integration Cont. • These additional content packages are delivered together with the SAP HANA database, but will not automatically become available / active in the system • The customer may chose to enable certain capabilities by activating those content packages inside HANA. Once activated, they will be automatically maintained as part of the SAP HANA lifecycle management / revision update  SAP HANA Admin  SAP HANA IDE | IDE core  INA Service  SAP HANA DXC  HANA EPM Svc.  HANA INA Toolkit for HTML SAP HANA Add-ons © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. • These DUs are also part of SAP HANA product and available for download from SAP Service Marketplace •  HANA RDL Cont. They can be installed similar to any other SAP HANA Add-on product (e.g. HANA live products) through HANA Lifecycle Manager from within SAP HANA studio Public 15
    16. 16. SAP HANA Scenarios
    17. 17. SAP HANA Scenarios Next Generation Platform for Real-Time Business Simple No preparation High Speed Fast response-times Broad Big data Deep Real-time Recent data © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Complex and interactive questions Public 17
    18. 18. SAP HANA Scenarios Platform for Real-Time Applications and Analytics Predictive Analysis Text Search Business Function Libraries R & Hadoop Integration © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. In-Memory Database Planning and Calculation Engine Public 18
    19. 19. SAP HANA Scenarios Use Case Illustrations / SAP HANA offerings from SAP HANA apps for Suite (Datamart) Business Suite on HANA (incl. Reporting & Analytics) HANA accelerators Cloud on HANA Business One on HANA BW on HANA SAP BOBJ BI, VI Client Any DB Side-by-side scenarios HANA DB Any DB HANA DB Any DB ( MS SQL HANA DB Apps Any DB HANA DB BW HANA DB BW VDL HANA DB SAP Business Suite PLM Any DB OD/SF solutions SRM & any app Apps SAP Business One SAP Business Suite SCM Datamart SAP Business Suite ERP SAP Business Suite New apps SAP Business Suite Client CRM Architectural illustrations HANA platform HANA DB Integrated scenarios ) Apps HANA DB New frontiers HANA offerings HANA RDS ● SAP HANA DB ● Custom datamart/any app ● BOBJ BI ● Visual Intelligence ● Text & predictive analysis ● Sales analysis for retail ● Liquidity risk management ● ERP operational reporting ● Social sentiment intelligence ● Sales pipeline analysis ● CRM customer segmentation ● COPA ● Finance & controlling ● Business Intelligence on demand ● Sales & operations planning ● Supplier InfoNet ● Developer Access via Amazon Web Services (AWS) ● BW powered by HANA ● Business planning & consolidation on HANA ● Business One on HANA ● SAP Business One Analytics on HANA ● HANA new analytics ● Business Suite on HANA ● HANA new analytics ● Smart Meter Analytics ● Precision retailing ● Cash forecasting ● Standalone app from partners And much more from SAP, ISVs and start-ups © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 19
    20. 20. SAP HANA Scenarios Side-by-Side (Agile Data Marts) SAP Business Suite SAP HANA Database Based on analytic data models (dimensional) Data has been transformed, in favor of the business problem at hand • DS/DXC • • DS/DXC Database SAP Business Warehouse (BW) Agile Data Marts Typically contains no time critical data and therefore utilize traditional ETL Core Value Proposition SAP HANA • More flexibility compared to EDW environment DS: Data Services; DXC: Direct Extractor Connector © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 20
    21. 21. SAP HANA Scenarios Side-by-Side (Operational Data Marts) Operational Data Marts SAP Business Suite SAP HANA • Views calculate results for reports in real time on the actual operational data • No transformation during load step (only selection of relevant data if applicable) Database SLT • Real-time replication of time critical data (SLT) Core Value Proposition SAP HANA • Real time reporting on operational data SLT: SAP Landscape Transformation © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 21
    22. 22. SAP HANA Scenarios Real-time high volume data integration from any source Data Movement Over Networks Any Source Trigger-Based SAP Business Suite Log-Based Non-SAP Data Sources SAP LT Replication Server SAP Sybase Replication Server ETL, Batch SAP Data Services Cloud Deployments Complex Event Data Source Event Streams Data Synchronization Data Virtualization SAP HANA Virtual Tables SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Data Sources (HANA, IQ, ASE, Hadoop, Teradata) ODBC SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor Network Devices – Wired / Wireless Transform and Persist Data SAP HANA Smart Data Access © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 22
    23. 23. SAP HANA Scenarios Side-by-Side (Accelerators) SAP HANA Accelerators • Flexible reporting using Business Objects BI Clients Examples: CO/PA, FIN, Material Ledger SAP HANA DBSL Database • • SAP Business Suite Turnkey solution to accelerate • Standard ABAP reports • Business processes in ERP SLT Core Value Proposition SAP HANA • Turnkey accelerator for ERP customers SLT: SAP Landscape Transformation; DBSL: Database Shared Library © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 23
    24. 24. SAP HANA Scenarios Side-by-Side (MCOD example for BW + Accelerators)  Accelerate OLTP – Suite Accelerators and native HANA Applications o CO-PA Accelerators o Operational Reporting RDS  SAP HANA Live Native HANA App – Near-Real-Time operational reporting – SAP HANA Analytical Applications  Native SAP HANA Applications – Smart Business Applications – New Business Applications – BW on HANA hosting the Side Car scenarios © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Analytical HANA App Suite Any DB Suite Accelerators SAP HANA Live Side Car BPC, IP BCS BW Addons BW on HANA HANA DB Public 24
    25. 25. SAP HANA Scenarios SAP HANA as Primary Persistence SAP NetWeaver BW, powered by SAP HANA SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA SAP Netweaver AS ABAP • SAP HANA Database becomes primary persistence of ABAP application server • All Objects and BW loading procedures are accelerated by in memory technology • High modeling flexibility SAP HANA Core Value Proposition SAP HANA • Speed and simplification for SAP BW / Business Suite BW: Business Warehouse © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 25
    26. 26. SAP HANA Scenarios SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA  Switching to SAP HANA does not break connectivity to other systems (e.g. 3rd party systems, central hubs like Portal or PI, cross application connections like CIF, ALE…)  Independent from SAP HANA but related to Suite 7i2013  No more Dual Stack and adjusted Version Interoperability  SAP HANA appliance runs on SUSE Linux (SLES) Application SID Frontends Frontends Application Servers Application Servers Any OS No Change  No change of frontends  Re-use of available application servers  Sizing of current application servers remains valid Any DB/ HANA migration Any OS © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. SAP HANA / SUSE Linux Change  Migration of database to SAP HANA appliance required  App server on the same server as SAP HANA is NOT supported No change  Data model  Custom extensions Suite Application e.g. ERP ABAP VM or JAVA VM Database Interface (DBI) Database Specific Library (DBSL) AS ABAP or AS JAVA SAP HANA / SUSE Linux Public 26
    27. 27. SAP HANA Scenarios SAP HANA as Application Platform Next Generation HANA Apps • NetWeaver AS ABAP leveraging HANA New Apps (ODBC, JDBC, …) New Apps (HTML5/JavaScript) • iOS apps running against HANA • Java applications running against HANA SAP HANA XS Core Value Proposition SAP HANA • Simplification: lean code – mean apps XS: Extended Application Services © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 27
    28. 28. SAP HANA Scenarios Extended Scripting Services (XS) Front-end Technologies  http/s  HTML5 / SAPUI5  Client-side JavaScript Client: Browser or Mobile Control Flow Technologies  OData  Server-Side JavaScript  XMLA SAP HANA Data Processing Technologies  SQL / SqlScript  Calculation Engine Functions  Application Function Library (AFL) © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. What: Small footprint application / web server for application development inside SAP HANA Presentation logic XS Data Rationale: Enable application development and deployment while minimizing architectural “layers” Control flow logic Scope: From Lightweight small webbased applications to Complex enterprise business applications Calculation logic Public 28
    29. 29. SAP HANA Scenarios Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Hadoop/ Sybase IQ, Sybase ASE, Teradata SAP HANA KNN classification Regression Main Memory K-means Virtual Tables SQL Script Optimized Query Plan Spatial, Machine, Text Analysis PAL R-scripts Real-time data Spatial Data ABC classification Weighted score tables C4.5 decision tree Associate analysis: market basket R-Engine Unstructured HANA Studio/AFM, Apps & Tools Accelerate predictive analysis and scoring with in-database algorithms delivered out-ofthe-box. Adapt the models frequently © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Execute R commands as part of overall query plan by transferring intermediate DB tables directly to R as vector-oriented data structures Predictive analytics across multiple data types and sources. (e.g.: Unstructured Text, Geospatial, Hadoop) Public 29
    30. 30. SAP HANA Scenarios Summary SAP ERP, SAP Business One, SAP BusinessbyDesign, SAP Success Factors… Enterprise Suites Packaged Apps Database Data Warehousing SAP HANA SAP Smart Meter Analytics, Cash and Liquidity Mgmt, etc, … SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, Real-time Data Marts, etc Disk DB App Accelerators SAP CO-PA Accelerator, Customer Segmentation SAP ERP Operational reporting Acc… © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. General Purpose Database, SAP BI on Demand, 2 & 2.5 tier applications, … OEM ISV Apps Medidata, MKI, Tuailia, Opera etc Public 30
    31. 31. SAP HANA Deployment Options
    32. 32. SAP HANA Deployment Options A Truly Open Ecosystem for SAP HANA • • • • Intel partnerships for CPU optimization and Hadoop distribution 11 Hardware partners and growing number of Cloud Service Providers with more than 70 available hardware validated configurations, incl. virtualization Open APIs for BI (MDX, SQL), WebDevelopment (HTTP/S), Dev Platforms (ODBC/JDBC) 3rd party Software certification for backup infrastructures, integrate SAP HANA within bigger management environments, or provide Single-Sign-On (SSO) capabilities http://www.saphana.com/community/blogs/blog/2013/09/24/engineering-open-appliances-for-high-performance-without-lock-in © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 32
    33. 33. SAP HANA Deployment Options Choose and change your deployment options anytime BA Bus. Suite 3rd Party Apps BW Ariba On Premise Run All SAP Solutions on SAP HANA SuccessFactors Hybrid Leverage SAP Cloud Migrate some solutions to the cloud Cloud Build, Run, Deploy all Applications in the Cloud Build or deploy your own solutions on SAP HANA Create or deploy new SaaS apps in the cloud Consider Virtual Private Cloud option Maintain all within your firewall Use cloud hosting and managed services Enable faster innovations Upgrade or leverage existing infrastructure Deploy via SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud or public cloud Migrate or build new applications in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Simplify landscape Public 33
    34. 34. SAP HANA Deployment Options Delivered as Appliance or as Tailored Data Center Integration Options • SAP HANA runs on “commodity” components, leveraging standard Intel x86 based commodity hardware assembled by our SAP HANA hardware and technology partners to the minimum specifications given to them by SAP Single Server Scale Out Cluster • SAP HANA is available from the world’s best hardware companies (for example, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, or IBM) and cloud infrastructure companies to give customers a range of choice and options in deciding which system to select. At a high-level, SAP HANA is made up of the following: Each node Intel Westmere-EX E7 system(s) with 2, 4 or 8 Sockets of CPUs (20, 40, 80 cores) 128GB up to 4TB per node © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Scale out by clustering multiple nodes together (with option for stand-by nodes for HA). Log storage - usually Fusion-IO or similar in single node solutions. Local/shared storage for scale out. Log volume is same size as RAM. Data storage - either local or SAS storage or network storage depending on the configuration. Public 34
    35. 35. SAP HANA Deployment Options Tailored Data Center Integration Option Appliance delivery approach Tailored data center integration Fast Implementation More Flexibility Support fully provided by SAP Save IT budget and existing investment • Solution validation done by SAP and partner • Preinstalled software Installation needs to be done by customer • SAP HANA Guidelines & VMware best practices available for virtualization • Customer aligns with the partners on individual support model Preconfigured hardware set-up • • http://www.saphana.com/docs/DOC-4192 © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 35
    36. 36. SAP HANA Deployment Options Technical System Overview (example based on Suite on HANA) Virtualization MCOD “Multiple Components on one Database” Technical Co-Deployment Business Suite on HANA Scenarios MCOS “Multiple Components on one System” Business Suite on HANA Business Suite on HANA Business Suite on HANA Virtual App. SID App. SID App. SID App. SID App. SID Suite Component (e.g. SCM) Suite Component (e.g. ERP Dev) Suite Component (e.g. ERP QA) Suite Component (e.g. ERP) e.g. HPA: SAP Fraud Management Virtual HANA Instance Virtual HANA Instance HANA DB Schema Deployment Scenario Virtual App. SID Suite Component (e.g. ERP) HANA DB Schema HANA System HANA DB Schema HANA DB Schema HANA Instance HANA DB Schema Schema App. SID AddOn Component (SRM. SCM) Suite Component (e.g. ERP) HANA Instance HANA DB Schema HANA DBs Multiple Multiple One One DB Schema Multiple Multiple Multiple One Availability (as of Q3 2013) Supported for DEV and QA systems Supported for DEV and QA systems Defined by… White List 1661202 for BW White List 1826100 for Suite Business Suite components SCM and/or SRM co-deployed with ERP Capabilities Share hardware resources for multiple Suite systems and HANA instances with virtualization techniques. Share hardware for HANA System among multiple Suite systems to reduce TCO. Real-time cross schema reporting with SAP HANA Live on Suite on HANA. No additional system required. Reduction of operations effort. Cross application reporting. © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 36
    37. 37. SAP HANA Deployment Options Virtualization Business Suite on HANA Virtual Application SID1 Virtual Application SID1 Suite Component (e.g. ERP) Suite Component (e.g. SCM2) Virtual HANA Instance Virtual HANA Instance HANA DB HANA DB Schema Schema Virtualization • One database schema per database • Separate SAP HANA databases per SAP system • Separate virtual machine and OS • Shared hardware and storage • Currently supported: ‒ VMware vSphere 5.1 • Current restrictions: ‒ Non-production systems ‒ Single-node SAP HANA databases up to 1 TB • See SAP note 1788665 1) © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. SID = System ID 2) SCM still needs Live Cache Public 37
    38. 38. SAP HANA Deployment Options Multiple Components on One System (MCOS) Business Suite on HANA Application SID Application SID Suite Component (e.g. ERP Dev) Suite Component (e.g. ERP QA) MCOS • One database schema per database • Separate SAP HANA databases per SAP system • Shared hardware, OS and Storage • Restriction: ‒ Non-production systems • See SAP note 1681092 HANA System HANA DB HANA DB Schema Schema © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 38
    39. 39. SAP HANA Deployment Options Multiple Components on One Database (MCOD) Business Suite on HANA Application SID Application SID Suite Component (e.g. ERP) e.g. HPA: SAP Fraud Management HANA System HANA DB Schema Schema MCOD • Multiple database schema per database • Shared SAP HANA database • Dedicated Application Servers per Application • Shared hardware, OS and storage pool • Restriction: ‒ Non-production systems ‒ Production systems for applications on “whitelists” ( SAP notes) and custom data marts. Not: Multiple BW production systems ‒ Single-Node/Multi-Node see MCOS • See SAP notes • 1661202 HANA MCOD scenario whitelist • 1826100 SoH MCOD scenario whitelist • 1666670 BW specific considerations © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 39
    40. 40. SAP HANA Deployment Options Technical Co-Deployment Business Suite on HANA Technical Co-Deployment • One SAP HANA database, one database schema Application SID AddOn Suite Component (e.g. SCM) Suite Component (e.g. ERP) • One AS ABAP Application Server / SID • Available for SRM and SCM as ERP AddOn • Usage scenarios: ‒ Production and non-production systems ‒ Single-Node/Multi-Node see MCOS ‒ Can be combined with Virtualization or MCOS HANA System HANA DB Schema © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 40
    41. 41. Scope of Service SAP HANA Deployment Options SAP HANA cloud offerings MCaaS SaaS PaaS DBaaS IaaS SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud LoB aplications on SAP HANA (Successfactors, ARIBA, …) SAP HANA Cloud Platform SAP HANA One SAP HANA Cloud Infrastructure Scope of Offering Original by Swen Conrad, SAP © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 41
    42. 42. SAP HANA Deployment Options Deploy at your own speed Optimize your Current Landscape Consolidate and Accelerate Unleash the Power of Imagination to Rethink your Business Experience 2-3x faster data analysis even using your current environment • Consolidate your applications and analytical legacy systems into a modern landscape • Take advantage of preconfigured software and implementation services - Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) to accelerate your implementation • Leverage SAP Predictive Analytics and HADOOP integration to extract value from Big Data scenarios © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. • • Engage SAP Design Thinking to identify opportunities to re-think your business • Validate opportunities by assessing desirability, viability, and feasibility • Develop a proof of concept to start executing on your vision immediately • • Expand your reach, re-define your Industry Create real-time visibility into your business Public 42
    43. 43. Further Reading      SAP Note 1666670 – Multiple SAP HANA DBs on one appliance SAP Note 1661202 – Support for multiple applications on SAP HANA SAP Note 1826100 – Multiple applications SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA SAP Note 1681092 – BW on SAP HANA - landscape deployment planning SAP Note 1788665 – SAP HANA running on VMware vSphere VMs More info is available through http://www.saphana.com/ © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 43
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