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Optimizing Application Performance in Complex IT Environments


Your IT environment is a busy place, and network traffic is on the increase across industries. The SAP Extended Diagnostics application by CA Wily provides a single platform to help you monitor …

Your IT environment is a busy place, and network traffic is on the increase across industries. The SAP Extended Diagnostics application by CA Wily provides a single platform to help you monitor complex IT environments with both SAP and non-SAP software. You gain automatic 24x7 oversight to detect and resolve issues before they lower service levels and user productivity. That means you can reduce downtime, mitigate risk, improve productivity, and enhance employee and customer satisfaction.

The SAP Extended Diagnostics application by CA Wily gives you a single platform for monitoring heterogeneous IT environments. It allows executives, line of business managers, operations personnel, system administrators, quality assurance personnel, and software developers to have a shared process for seeing that applications perform as designed. It helps you identify impending issues and find the right person to resolve them and that reduces unscheduled downtime while raising user satisfaction.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. SAP Solution BriefSAP NetWeaverSAP Extended Diagnostics by CA WilyOptimizing Application Performancein Complex IT EnvironmentsQuick FactsSummary Business Challenges Business BenefitsThe SAP® Extended Diagnostics applica- •• Diagnose problems quickly despite the •• Optimize Web-based application per-tion by CA Wily gives you a single plat- growing complexity of systems formance and support strategic goalsform for monitoring heterogeneous IT •• Maintain operational efficiency as busi- through real-time intelligenceenvironments. It allows executives, line- ness accelerates and technologies •• Enhance capacity planning, trendof-business managers, operations per- evolve analysis, and compliance with ser-sonnel, system administrators, quality •• Maintain high standards of support as vice-level agreements through readyassurance personnel, and software devel- the user base diversifies access to historical dataopers to have a shared process for seeing •• Foster collaboration among IT andthat applications perform as designed. It Key Features business staff by providing a commonhelps you identify impending issues and •• Problem resolution – Address issues language for all stakeholdersfind the right person to resolve them – promptly with real-time triage maps, •• Scale smoothly to add applicationsand that reduces unscheduled downtime automatic alerts, and root cause and serviceswhile raising user satisfaction. analytics •• Reporting – Meet your unique require- For More Information ments with custom dashboards and Please contact your SAP representative reports and visit the SAP EcoHub solution mar- •• Portal management – Manage portal ketplace at component interactions from inside /catalog/#!solution:extendeddiagnostics portal applications or our Web site at •• Transaction management – Monitor /solutions/solutionextensions/extended all transactions in SAP and non-SAP -diagnostics/index.epx. software in intuitive views of the full environment
  • 2. Your IT environment is a busy place, and network traffic is on conduct root cause analysis of perfor-the increase across industries. The SAP® Extended Diagnostics mance problems across all business functions, from development throughapplication by CA Wily provides a single platform to help you production. And you empower them withmonitor complex IT environments with both SAP and non- insight into the performance and avail-SAP software. You gain automatic 24x7 oversight to detect ability of the back-end systems thatand resolve issues before they lower service levels and user stand behind your applications. You use the same tools that SAP consulting orga-productivity. That means you can reduce downtime, mitigate nizations use, streamlining your supportrisk, improve productivity, and enhance employee and processes without compromisingcustomer satisfaction. expertise. With minimal impact on system perfor- mance, you can gather data from multi-Keeping Little Issues from Add- In most organizations, however, devel- ple applications to gain insight intoing Up to Big Problems opers must spend time solving produc- overall transaction throughput and end- tion issues. The quality assurance team user experience. You have ready accessYou’re all about preventing lapses in ser- can’t always reproduce performance to historical data for better capacityvice-level agreements (SLAs) and loss of issues to establish the source of error. planning and trend analysis. With pre-staff time to problems that mushroom And operations managers have only lim- configured functionality, you can makeunnecessarily. And growing complexity in ited and delayed visibility, so their teams valuable information available for man-IT environments and burgeoning volumes scramble to keep up. Problems in any aging SLAs, planning for future technol-of transaction and communication traffic one of those areas can make an applica- ogy innovations, analyzing performancekeep you on your toes. Your top goal is to tion unavailable to the whole enterprise. trends, and complying with corporatemaintain the high responsiveness to cus- How do you make sure there is time in and industry governance initiatives.tomer needs that keeps business users preproduction to test applications, so You can create custom dashboardseffective and protects precious annual that functionality is bug-free at launch? and reports to meet your unique analyticrevenues. Ultimately, even your compa- And what if your users have diagnostic requirements, implementing custom codeny’s reputation and brand are at stake. tool sets with functionalities that conflict on any application server. You can moni- You can address these challenges head- with one another? tor Oracle WebLogic Server, IBM Web-on using SAP Extended Diagnostics to In your Web-based, service-oriented Sphere Application Server, and JBossmonitor your IT environment around the architecture, you need the single, inte- Application Server. The application alsoclock. You can detect problems proac- grated monitoring platform offered by provides visibility into systems such as CAtively and resolve issues quickly – what- SAP Extended Diagnostics to help keep SiteMinder (an SAP-endorsed businessever their source. With the support of the little issues from adding up to big solution), IBM CICS Transaction Gateway,real-time intelligence, you can make the problems. With this platform, you can and IBM WebSphere MQ.most of the Web-based applications and monitor the IT landscape throughout the Real-time application visualization andservices that are critical to your business entire application lifecycle – from pre- automatic alerts help IT teams resolvestrategies and performance goals. production through all phases of even many-faceted problems as soon as In a perfect world, your software devel- production. they arise. Your operations or applicationopers would know exactly what they support personnel can rapidly triage anneed to consistently build and hand off Supporting SAP and Non-SAP incident across network infrastructurehigh-quality code. Your quality assurance Software Environments and application components. You candepartment would know what to test apply techniques like real-time triagefor and be able to flag problems before With SAP Extended Diagnostics, you mapping and dynamic instrumentationreleasing programs to production. Opera- benefit from the expertise embodied in to quickly investigate the nature of antions managers would have continuous the CA Wily Introscope application for issue. And then you can locate andvisibility and proactively prevent problems monitoring real-time performance met- assign the right person to fix the underly-– or at least manage them effectively rics for Java and Microsoft .NET applica- ing problem before it escalates. Rootright after they arise. tions. You can help your IT staff quickly cause diagnostics help troubleshooters
  • 3. facilitate timely resolution and minimize troubleshooting and problem solving. risks and pinpoint root causes of inci-resource drain. But in today’s multilevel arrays of mis- dents. Application support teams have a sion-critical applications, you need a consistent, end-to-end view of softwareMonitoring Portal Components consistent view of what’s going on – performance, along with evidence collec-from the Inside from the beginning to the end of a pro- tion based on hard data, to help them cess or transaction. route problems appropriately. And own-As investments in your portal increase, Strong expertise in the full range of ers of business-facing applications getyou are increasingly accountable for Web application dependencies is rare in the support they need to negotiate SLAsmanaging its performance effectively. a single individual, so your IT team mem- with business managers, evaluate cus-SAP Extended Diagnostics helps you bers need tools that help them identify tomer satisfaction, optimize key busi-monitor all portal components and com- where problems start and route that ness processes, and provide reports toponent interactions from inside each information to the appropriate specialist. business and operations management.application. SAP Extended Diagnostics You want to help staff members commu-works in any Web application environ- nicate the needs of the organization and Tallying Multiple Businessment – physical or virtual; Microsoft set proper expectations with lines of Benefits.NET or Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edi- business. With customizable graphic dis-tion (J2EE). It integrates with existing plays, you can individually tailor user- In short, with SAP Extended Diagnostics,solutions for systems management. You friendly dashboards to offer detailed, you can identify and remove applicationcan cluster it for superior scalability in intuitive views of your Web application bottlenecks, eliminate unplanned out-large, diverse environments, discovering infrastructure. For users with minimal ages, optimize your IT resources, andsystems and components automatically technical skills, you can offer automati- lower costs. Visibility into the end-userwithout additional coding. You simply cally generated views of the application experience makes it easier to evaluatemaintain preconfigured, intuitive views of environment that facilitate easy triage of SLAs, prioritize incidents by businessthe environment for immediate monitor- subpar performance. A robust analytics impact, and improve service quality. Youing of all transactions through end-to- engine models application behavior, pro- can promote collaboration between ITend tracing. Your staff always has viding the information each member of teams and business stakeholders to helpcomprehensive, component-level views your team needs to manage perfor- ensure that your crucial applicationsin the context of the transaction path. mance proactively. support the strategic goals of your orga- With SAP Extended Diagnostics, you nization. Your support personnel can rap-Supporting Your Whole give your operations staff 24x7 live views idly evaluate the severity of an incident,Enterprise of application performance to support gather essential data about the nature of their various accountabilities for SLA an issue, and assign the right resourcesIn the days when businesses ran each monitoring and timely risk detection. to fix an underlying problem.application on a client server, your appli- Java and Microsoft .NET specialists can Enhanced scalability helps you bringcation, system, and network logs could access detailed views of your Web infra- new applications and services into theusually provide enough information for structure to establish component-level fold so your company can grow andSAP Extended Diagnostics helps keep the little issuesfrom adding up to big problems. With this platform,you can monitor the IT landscape throughout the entireapplication lifecycle – from preproduction through allphases of production.
  • 4. 50 094 474 (12/02) ©2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. SAP, R/3, SAP NetWeaver, Duet, PartnerEdge, ByDesign, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, StreamWork, SAP HANA, and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and other countries. Business Objects and the Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, Crystal Decisions, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, and other Business Objects products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trade­ arks of Business m Objects Software Ltd. Business Objects is an SAP company. Sybase and Adaptive Server, iAnywhere, Sybase 365, SQL Anywhere, and other Sybase products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sybase Inc. Sybase is an SAP company. Crossgate, m@gic EDDY, B2B 360°, and B2B 360° Services are registered trademarks of Crossgate AG in Germany and other countries. Crossgate is an SAP company. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. National product specifications may vary. These materials are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by SAP AG and its affiliated companies (“SAP Group”) for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and SAP Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP Group products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.diversify – while you reduce total cost of For More Informationownership. And with SAP Extended Diag-nostics you introduce a common lan- To learn how SAP Extended Diagnosticsguage to help executives, line-of-business can help you optimize performance inmanagers, operations personnel, system complex IT environments, please contactadministrators, quality assurance person- your SAP representative and visit thenel, and software developers ensure that SAP EcoHub solution marketplace atapplications perform as expected. The flexibility of SAP software lets /#!solution:extendeddiagnostics,every stakeholder use role-appropriate or visit our Web site at data to monitor application /solutions/solutionextensions/extendedhealth and availability, compliance with -diagnostics/index.epx.quality initiatives, incident triage, trendanalysis, and capacity planning.