Improving Business Processes with Enterprise-Wide SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe


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Read how you can implement SAP Interactive Forms software by Adobe and Arch Forms Lifecycle Manager to automate forms data entry, improve user experiences, and increase compliance. User interaction with enterprise-wide forms is simplified, allowing users to interact anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

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Improving Business Processes with Enterprise-Wide SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

  1. 1. SAP Solution in DetailSAP Solution ExtensionsSAP Interactive Forms by AdobeImproving Business Processes withEnterprise-Wide Interactive E-Forms
  2. 2. Table of Contents4 Quick Facts 9 The Benefits: Learn from Successful Customer5 The Business Challenges: Implementations Productivity, Efficiency, and Saving Time While Creating Conve- Compliance nience and Ease of Use Building an Enterprise-Wide Electronic Forms Strategy 12 Enterprise-Wide Access: Improving Process Efficiency and Anytime, Anywhere Effectiveness Enhancing Enterprise Solutions Optimizing Core Processes with Interactive Forms Find Out More7 The Right Solution: A Holistic, Best-Practices Approach Leveraging the Power of an Integrated Solution SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe Arch Forms Lifecycle Manager The Power of Interactive Forms
  3. 3. Quick FactsSummary Business Challenges Business BenefitsAn e-forms strategy incorporating SAP® •• Reduce reliance on paper forms •• Simplify the deployment andInteractive Forms software by Adobe •• Simplify how employees, customers, management of interactive formsand Arch Forms Lifecycle Manager and partners interact with enterprise through an enterprise-level runtime(Arch FLM) helps you automate forms forms environmentdata entry, improve user experiences, •• Decrease errors due to manual input •• Build forms-driven business processesand increase compliance. This integrated •• Improve ability to meet regulatory and that are connected to back-end appli-solution helps you streamline business corporate requirements cations and workflowsprocesses and automate the complete •• Develop and deploy forms for interactive •• Enable user interaction anytime, any-lifecycle of forms, from design to compli- applications and mobile devices rapidly where, and on any device through PDF,ance. User interaction with enterprise- HTML, and Adobe Flex environmentswide forms is simplified, allowing users Key Features •• Streamline business processes withto interact whenever or wherever they •• Forms-based user interface – Imple- online and offline access to static andwant, from any device they choose. ment interactive forms with a familiar dynamic forms look and feel •• Integrate data from enterprise-wide •• Industry-standard Portable Docu- solutions with standard functions that ment Format (PDF) forms – Access automatically update SAP applications forms easily with Adobe Reader •• Create a defensible audit trail •• Centralization of forms – Enable through mandated processes that meet version control regulatory and corporate requirements •• Prepopulation of form data – Speed business process execution and mini- For More Information mize data entry errors Call your SAP representative, or visit /solutionextensions.
  4. 4. The Business Challenges: Productivity,Efficiency, and ComplianceOrganizations depend on forms to run their business processesand operations. Surprisingly, many still rely heavily on paper forms.Others that use some type of electronic forms are experiencingonly a fraction of the potential benefits. SAP together with ,Adobe Systems Incorporated and Arch Consulting Ltd., can helpyou deliver an enterprise-wide electronic forms solution thatenables business users to access forms anytime, anywhere, andon any device.BUILDING AN ENTERPRISE-WIDE IMPROVING PROCESS EFFICIENCY current information; and when new data isELECTRONIC FORMS STRATEGY AND EFFECTIVENESS submitted in the forms, your enterprise systems are dynamically updated. Re-Organizations continue to look for ways A successful electronic forms strategy search by the Aberdeen Group indicatesto simplify how employees, customers, helps you simultaneously meet the need “Best-in-class companies were twice asand partners interact via forms across for better user productivity, more efficient likely to embed digital forms in their ERPthe extended enterprise. With the rapid processes, and lower costs. Electronic system compared to all other companies.” 1proliferation of smartphones and tablets, forms offer many significant benefitsthe demand to deliver electronic forms over paper and digital imaging solutions, Improved Process Transparency, Auditto many people across multiple devices, including the following. Readiness, and Complianceboth online and offline, is growing. Electronic forms can be embedded in While businesses continue to seek Ease of Use and tracked by business process andincreased user productivity, IT organiza- Electronic forms are simple and intuitive to workflow engines so you always knowtions are mandated to streamline and use. This is especially true for your casual the forms’ processing history, currentautomate business processes and lower business users as well as for customers status, and next steps. Forms can alsototal cost of ownership (TCO). Although and suppliers who need to interact with be secured and locked to prevent unau-electronic forms are becoming more your enterprise systems. Electronic forms thorized access. This helps ensure userprevalent, there are still many important can be used in both online and offline adherence to your processes and pro-documents that are archived as paper. modes, offering flexibility as to where and vides you with a defensible audit trailTherefore, IT has the challenge of when people choose to get work done. that meets regulatory and corporatestreamlining forms-driven business Electronic forms can also be deployed requirements.processes across a continuum of both to any mobile device, giving users optionspaper and digital forms. on how to be more responsive and Increased Efficiency over Paper Forms Consequently, IT must efficiently de- productive. Electronic forms can help overcome thevelop and deploy interactive forms while inherent problems with paper that makeeffectively managing all the structured Direct Connection to Enterprise processes more error prone and less effi-and unstructured data generated by the Applications cient. They are easily prepopulated withforms. To drive increased automation, this A key benefit of electronic forms is that current and accurate information, whichrequires integrating data from a variety of they can be integrated with your organi- reduces user input time. When formssolutions within an organization, includ- zation’s systems for enterprise resource change, people are automatically moveding data from business process manage- planning (ERP), customer relationship to the latest version. Electronic formsment, enterprise content management, management, human capital management can embed business process checksand other enterprise business systems. (HCM), supply chain management, prod- and edits, preventing errors from being uct lifecycle management, and other inserted into the form and eliminating enterprise applications. Electronic forms rekeying errors. Electronic forms also are automatically generated with the most eliminate the need to produce, store,SAP Solution in Detail – Improving Business Processes with Enterprise-Wide Interactive E-Forms 5
  5. 5. search, and archive large amounts of (SAP ERP HCM) solution, offer several Customer Service and Supportpaper, which is expensive, time consum- standard electronic forms. According to Customer service and support organiza-ing, and a poor use of resources. the Aberdeen Group research, the best- tions have many processes that can be in-class organizations that automated optimized with electronic forms. TypicalOPTIMIZING CORE PROCESSES extended business processes and used applications include managing and rout- electronic forms lowered onboarding ing service requests and customer ordersOnce you understand the many advan- and training costs by 10%, whereas other to your employee or third-party supporttages of electronic forms, you can begin organizations saw a 6% increase in these technicians. Support personnel workingto apply them to specific requirements costs.2 remotely can process forms offline andwithin your organization. You will quickly then synchronize with your enterprisefind that there is no shortage of opportu- Finance and Procurement systems when they go back online. Thenities to optimize processes and enable Finance and procurement processes, such intuitive interfaces of electronic formsemployees, customers, partners, and as submission and approval of purchase make it easier for customers and partnerssuppliers to be more productive. Listed requests, new vendor onboarding, goods to do business with your organization,below are just a few examples of where receipt, and expense management, are especially when they can access theseelectronic forms are making business typically forms intensive. When electronic processes via mobile devices. After ser-processes faster, more effective, and less forms are embedded within your business vice is delivered, electronic forms can beexpensive to execute. processes, these activities can be signifi- leveraged to capture time and material cantly more productive, and compliance data and feed it directly into your costing,Human Capital Management improves. This benefits finance and reimbursement, and invoicing systems.Electronic forms improve HCM processes procurement while also freeing up youracross the employee lifecycle in such employees from administrative tasksforms-intensive areas as internal and to work on the more strategic aspectsexternal recruiting, employee onboard- of their jobs. When processes involveing, status and pay change, and termina- third parties, electronic forms offer thetions. Many HCM solutions, including the simplest and lowest-cost method forSAP® ERP Human Capital Management them to interact with your processes and enterprise systems.An integrated e-forms solution helps you streamlinebusiness processes and automate the complete lifecycleof forms, from design to compliance.
  6. 6. The Right Solution:A Holistic, Best-Practices ApproachLEVERAGING THE POWER OF AN SAP INTERACTIVE FORMS BY ADOBE •• Prepopulation of form data – MinimizeINTEGRATED SOLUTION costly data-entry errors and speed SAP Interactive Forms is a powerful cor- business process execution with theYou can take a best-practices approach nerstone for creating electronic forms automatic prepopulating of data whento an electronic forms strategy by holisti- throughout the enterprise. You can auto- forms are accessedcally exploring how your business can be mate paper-based activities and extend •• Regulatory compliance and accesstransformed with the use of interactive the reach of SAP software to company control – Create a defensible audit trailforms. This includes looking at the entire executives, employees, partners, cus- that meets regulatory and corporatelifecycle of forms, from designing the tomers, and suppliers. People can be requirements; this also prevents unau-right ones to creating audit trails and online or offline and still work on a forms- thorized access and helps ensure doc-repositories for compliance. To realize based business process, allowing your ument integrity with digital signaturesthe full benefits of an electronic forms organization to become more efficient •• External collaboration and easierdeployment, you must also integrate the and effective. The key features of SAP access – Deliver interactive formstechnology with your business paradigm. Interactive Forms include: to new users and business partners SAP, together with partners Adobe and •• Simple forms-based user interface – across multiple devices, whether on-Arch, offers an integrated solution that Develop interactive forms with a familiar line or offlineautomates and extends business pro- look and feel that drives business pro-cesses with highly intuitive forms for cess automation through a direct link SAP Interactive Forms also integratesa broad range of users. The solution to back-end applications and work- with other SAP software–based workflowcombines SAP Interactive Forms soft- flows; users can complete forms online technologies and comes with severalware by Adobe with Arch Forms Lifecycle or offline using dynamic or static forms prebuilt forms supporting standardManager (Arch FLM), an SAP-endorsed •• Industry-standard Portable Document scenarios from both SAP and our part-business solution that is powered by the Format (PDF) forms – Access forms ners. The software uses Adobe LiveCycleSAP NetWeaver® technology platform. everywhere using the ubiquitous Adobe Designer and Adobe Document Services, SAP Interactive Forms software is the Reader which are integrated into the design andfoundation for the forms-driven business •• Centralization of forms – Support runtime environments of SAP NetWeaver.processes and user interfaces in SAP version control to help ensure usageNetWeaver. Arch FLM offers standard of the most current formbest practices for optimizing SAP Inter-active Forms with design, deployment,an operational infrastructure, and thefunctionality to extend electronic formsto multiple channels and devices, includ- Figure 1 : Forms Lifecycle in SAP® Software Environmentsing mobile devices. Figure 1 shows the comprehensive life-cycle of interactive forms and how orga-nizations that adopt this approach are Manage Monitor Mobilizeable to fully realize the benefits across Design formsthe extended enterprise. Centralize Remedy Audit Deploy forms Automate Enhance ArchiveSAP Solution in Detail – Improving Business Processes with Enterprise-Wide Interactive E-Forms 7
  7. 7. ARCH FORMS LIFECYCLE MANAGER prise control and management of the •• Comply with regulations through the data and processes, while your users can use of mandated forms and automaticArch FLM is an enterprise software prod- work with the forms no matter where auditing and archiving processesuct that simplifies the implementation, they are or when they choose. •• Improve efficiency by greatly simplify-deployment, and management of SAP Figure 3 illustrates how Arch FLM sup- ing the deployment and managementInteractive Forms. With Arch FLM, you ports a robust enterprise forms environ- of interactive formscan go beyond the creation of electronic ment. Rather than having to define and •• Empower users by providing interac-forms and move to an enterprise infra- build your own infrastructure capabilities tive forms access everywherestructure for managing your forms and and best practices for your environment,expanding forms delivery. The solution the Arch FLM approach delivers this as Figure 2: How Arch FLM Worksoffers a rapid forms-development feature, built-in functionality. This allows you toan enterprise-level runtime environment focus on only those few design and inte-for forms monitoring, version control, and gration tasks that differentiate yourother centralized services. Arch FLM also business process and quickly get your PDF Flex HTMLenables you to deploy forms to mobile enterprise-class forms into productiondevices and interactive applications. with minimal effort. Form dispatcher Created in the ABAP™ programminglanguage, Arch FLM requires only a stan- THE POWER OF INTERACTIVE FORMS Form Form Routing process postingdard working knowledge of SAP software, process monitor engineallowing for faster adoption and quicker When you use SAP Interactive Formsdemonstration of reduced TCO. Arch FLM together with Arch FLM, you will be able to: Form business logichas a runtime environment that manages •• Streamline the user experience bya portfolio of forms, with standard func- automating tasks SAP® Interactive Forms software by Adobetions such as posting information back •• Save time and money by reducinginto SAP applications, version control, costs associated with manual data entry SAP NetWeaver® technology platformforms monitoring, and reporting. Theruntime environment incorporates bestpractices based on years of successfulforms deployments. Arch FLM also sim- Figure 3: Implementing Enterprise-Wide Interactive Formsplifies form sharing and reuse so thata form previously designed for one processor division can be leveraged by another. Form design Form process integration Form features Form system administrationSimilarly, forms can be broken into sub-forms and components that can also be Form Web Save to User Business Userreused. This approach significantly lowers Dynpro authoriza- template logic draft groups integration tionsdevelopment costs and implementationtimes for new forms, allowing you to focus Universalon the business processes that need Form data Monitoring Routing work list Audit trail schema integration toolsenhancing. As Figure 2 illustrates, Arch FLM can Attach-also deploy the same form data to the Escalations Smart- ment and Update Versioning and phone annotation manage-HTML and Adobe Flex environments reminders support handling mentin addition to Adobe PDF formats. Thisallows you to provide your employees Form Launch by Digital SAP® GUIwith access to forms-based business status Offline URL certificates integrationprocesses from any device or application networkthat you choose, providing them withmaximum flexibility. You maintain enter- Custom development Delivered with Arch FLM
  8. 8. The Benefits: Learn from SuccessfulCustomer ImplementationsSAVING TIME WHILE CREATING expenses could be reimbursed as part of sive support calls. The employees likeCONVENIENCE AND EASE OF USE total compensation, medical and family using the new system, especially when benefits, vacation requests, or work/shift compared to prior processes and oldSAP is helping organizations around the allowances. The employee processes in- manual systems. The new forms-basedworld provide interactive forms solutions cluded allowing employees to fill out an approach makes for a greatly simplifiedthat are increasing user productivity, cre- online form, such as an expense report, landscape with a single stop for all re-ating efficient forms-driven business pro- and attach required documents or re- quests and status checks. According tocesses, and lowering costs throughout ceipts. The form was routed into an auto- Eric Bernhard, solution architect at CSC,the enterprise. mated workflow for manager approval “Adopting SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe or comments. This implementation is has resulted in a tremendous time savingCSC: Improving Access in a Global now used by over 18,000 employees and and satisfaction for our employees. TheyHCM System nearly 500 managers worldwide. are thrilled with the ease of the automat-Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) CSC has over 130 forms in production ed processes that they are now able tohas more than 93,000 employees in over today for its business scenarios and em- enjoy as opposed to the manual processes90 countries delivering more than US$16 ployee processes. The company built and that slowed them down in the past.”billion in annual revenue. CSC’s global tested its first 30 forms in 6 weeks. WithHCM strategy involves deploying a the deployment of SAP Interactive Forms, Serco: A Simplified Forms Deploymentworldwide system based on common CSC now has a connected workflow that Serco Group plc is an international serviceHCM processes. This strategy supports makes for smooth and efficient business company that combines commercialregional differences and extends shared processing. The key features that make know-how with a deep public serviceback-office services to the rest of the this possible are: ethos. Around the world, the organizationworld by leveraging functionality found •• Forms that are prepopulated with improves essential services by managingin SAP software. current employee information people, processes, technology, and assets The goal of CSC’s HCM project with •• Forms that automatically validate input more effectively. Serco advises policySAP was to develop a scalable solution for proper format, eligibility, and other makers, designs innovative solutions,with a user-friendly self-service front end requirements integrates systems, and delivers servicesfor global deployment based on standard •• Ability to leverage existing workflows, to the public.processes that met regional legal require- so status and next steps are clear at allments. The company implemented a timessolution that shared services spanningboth business scenarios and employee As a result, CSC has developed an intui-processes. The business scenarios in- tive system that allows employees tocluded implementing complicated com- complete thousands of forms per weekpensation rules so that select employee without any training, support, or exten-SAP, together with Adobe Systems Incorporated andArch Consulting Ltd., can help you deliver an enterprise-wide electronic forms solution that enables businessusers to access forms anytime, anywhere, and on anydevice.SAP Solution in Detail – Improving Business Processes with Enterprise-Wide Interactive E-Forms 9
  9. 9. Serco supports governments, agencies, Serco chose SAP Interactive Forms According to Richard Bradshaw-Clifford,and companies that seek a trusted part- with Arch FLM technology because the solution architect at Serco, “By layingner with a solid track record of providing functionality of this integrated solution the foundation with Arch FLM and SAPassured service excellence. The organi- supported the SAP ERP HCM software Interactive Forms by Adobe, we havezation offers operational, management, and addressed several of the project’s established a long-term capability forand consulting expertise to a variety of requirements, including: implementing our electronic forms strat-sectors, including aviation, defense, •• A fully integrated forms solution with egy. The next step in Serco’s journey is toeducation, local government, and the a short implementation and deploy- extend the solution into other functionalcommercial sector. ment timeline; Arch helped design and areas and to provide access and approvals As part of its vision to be the world’s develop 11 forms that support critical to these forms via mobile interfaces.”greatest service company, Serco has business processes in 15 elapsed daysembarked on an HCM transformation (100 days of effort), which represented Edison Mission Energy:program called “Empower.” One of the a 30% savings against the original Better Interaction with Partnerstools chosen to facilitate the Empower budgeted build effort Edison Mission Group (EMG) managesprogram was SAP ERP HCM. A central •• The ability to utilize fully automated the competitive power generation busi-objective of the SAP implementation forms with data from SAP ERP HCM, ness and other unregulated subsidiarieswas to standardize HCM processes by validate data entry, and write back to of Edison International. Under the EMGglobalizing local best practices into a SAP ERP using the Arch FLM workflow umbrella, Edison Mission Energy (EME)consistent global Serco best practice based on the HCM organizational hier- is engaged in the business of developing,that was supported by shared services archy; this provided full audit trails and acquiring, owning or leasing, operating,and technology. measurable process execution time- and selling energy and capacity for inde- During the design phase of the program, lines pendent power production in the Unitedand as the teams applied process excel- •• Reduction in the number of transac- States. EMG’s continuing operationslence principles to their solution design, tional engineers required to operate consist of owned or leased interests inseveral important requirements were the solution more than 44 power generation facilitiesidentified. The goal of the requirements •• Increased flexibility for wider access in 14 states, with an aggregate capacitywas to ensure that process weakness across the enterprise, including users of approximately 10,000 megawatts ofpoints were minimized while increasing from finance and procurement electricity produced from coal, naturalprocess efficiency and delivering consis- •• Multiple browser compatibility, with gas, biomass, and wind.tent repeatable processes. They included a design that met the requirements forclear audit trails for approvals, one point a variety of Web browsersof data entry, and an intuitive interface to •• An easy knowledge transfer, whichhelp ensure people would welcome and occurred within six working days viaadopt the new processes and technology. two classroom-based training coursesA successful electronic forms strategy helps yousimultaneously meet the need for better userproductivity, more efficient processes, and lower costs.
  10. 10. The EME division faced several chal- EME implemented SAP Interactivelenges with paper-based forms and the Forms and embedded the software in itsorganization’s interactions with suppli- business processes. With the SAP solu-ers, including: tion, EME created a variety of interactive•• Error-prone and easily outdated forms forms, such as supplier request forms•• Manual, tedious, and inefficient data and procurement status dashboard reentry and update functions forms. These forms provided an error-•• Hard-to-track status of processes free communication path between EME and its suppliers, saving time and im-All of the above resulted in high costs re- proving efficiency.lated to production and storage, which According to Patrick Bellor, directoradded up to US$30 million per year for of ERP platform services and the enter-the global organization. prise portal at EMG, “After implementing In addition, EME had issues related to SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, Edisoncasual users who were not familiar with Mission saw a significant improvement inenterprise applications, and thus, the our operational efficiency, with far fewercompany wanted to provide users with data-entry errors, time savings due tomore intuitive access. External users of virtual elimination of manual data entry,the system, such as EME’s suppliers, and a lot better user experience.”were disconnected from the system,making it cumbersome to capture data.You can take a best-practices approach to an electronicforms strategy by holistically looking at the entire life-cycle of forms, from designing the right ones to creatingaudit trails and repositories for compliance.SAP Solution in Detail – Improving Business Processes with Enterprise-Wide Interactive E-Forms 11
  11. 11. Enterprise-Wide Access:Anytime, AnywhereENHANCING ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS In addition, interactive forms can embed FIND OUT MOREWITH INTERACTIVE FORMS business process checks and edits into your solution that prevent errors in enter- To learn more about how SAP can helpAdopting an electronic forms strategy ing or rekeying data. Electronic forms your organization implement an interac-has many benefits, regardless of your also eliminate the need to produce, store, tive forms solution, call your SAP repre-line of business or industry. These bene- search, and archive large amounts of sentative today or visit us on the Webfits include: paper, reducing costs and time and sav- at•• Increasing ease of use for your enter- ing resources. /solutionextensions. prise applications by providing connec- Together with our partners, SAP is tivity via a user-friendly interface helping you deliver an enterprise-wide•• Improving automatic adherence to your electronic forms solution that enables processes and creating a defensible you to provide access to your users any- audit trail that meets your regulatory time, anywhere, and on any device. and corporate requirements•• Overcoming the inherent problems FOOTNOTES with paper that make your business 1. Aberdeen Group, Automating Extended processes more error prone and less Business Processes, February 2010, page 3. efficient 2. Ibid, page 2.“Adopting SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe has resulted in a tremendous time saving and satisfaction for our employees.”Eric Bernhard, Solution Architect, Computer Sciences Corporation
  12. 12. SAP Solution in Detail – Improving Business Processes with Enterprise-Wide Interactive E-Forms 13
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