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Technology Solutions for Innovation Readiness: Driving Business Value Across the Next-Generation SAP Software Landscape

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When you’ve done something more than 600 times, you know how to do it well. That’s the number of successful, structured upgrades to the SAP ERP 6.0 application that specialists from the SAP Consulting …

When you’ve done something more than 600 times, you know how to do it well. That’s the number of successful, structured upgrades to the SAP ERP 6.0 application that specialists from the SAP Consulting organization have performed. We’ve taken that experience and packaged it up into the “upgrade factory.” Like any factory, the upgrade factory uses standardized, repeatable processes, based on best practices, to deliver high-quality, predictable results. This approach not only lowers risk substantially but also accelerates delivery. In addition, it enables us to offer you a fixed, known price for your technical upgrades.

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  • 1. SAP Technology Services Technology Solutions for Innovation Readiness Driving Business Value Across the Next-Generation SAP Software Landscape
  • 2. SAP TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Designed to Help Customers Run Better Testing services Technical implementation and upgrade Includes all technology services that are part of an SAP® software implementation and rollout project: implementation, optimization, and technical upgrade services. This also includes minimized downtime services to reduce application downtime during system maintenance Cloud transformation Supports you in finding the cloud model that is right for you. These services do this by identifying use cases and business values, defining the right architecture, developing a cloud transformation road map tailored to your needs, and supporting migration from a traditional environment toward cloud-based platforms and solutions. IT architecture and governance Helps organizations meet their functional and nonfunctional quality requirements – particularly during implementations, system maintenance, and any other kind of system adaptation, providing them with the support needed to both implement tests and manage testing processes. IT security Supports the IT and compliance departments with solutions to securely and easily access systems, transfer data, and align IT and business processes according to compliance and risk regulations. Content and collaboration Integrates and manages existing solutions in the areas of archiving, records and case management, document management, and Web content management, thereby enabling a consistent enterprise-wide solution and landscape. Technical integration and orchestration (TI&O) Helps mapping business logic on technology components to create new or optimized business processes in an efficient, userfriendly, and integrated way. Based on a serviceoriented architecture (SOA), these services enable you to orchestrate business logic to realize own practices. Focuses on the static and dynamic aspects of an IT infrastructure. These services address the overall enterprise strategy and architecture, including hardware, locations, networks, and software to determine orchestration. This also supports optimized IT governance, including the organization and processes to ensure support of the overall enterprise strategy and IT targets.
  • 3. SAP TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Best-run organizations use their IT architecture as a competitive advantage, leveraging leadingedge innovation and accelerating adaptation to their changing business needs. At SAP, we know that our customers need guidance when it comes to specific topics such as: • Determining the best strategic direction for their enterprise • Managing constant change and complexity • Protecting the value of their IT investments SAP technology services are designed to address key technology areas such as: • Technical implementation and upgrades • Testing services • IT security • Technical integration and orchestration • IT architecture and content collaboration • SAP HANA® Cloud Platform and cloud transformation WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN THE MORE THAN 170,000 CUSTOMERS THAT COUNT ON SAP SERVICES? Engineered, high-value, innovative – the SAP® Services organization is changing, because you need us to. You expect higher-value, more strategic consulting. You want more predictability from our services pricing and scope of deliverables so you can plan better. For game changing topics such as in-memory computing or enterprise mobility, you expect us to help you set your strategy and deploy the software because no one else can. You expect efficient delivery modes that ensure the best quality and skill availability. And lastly, you expect clarity in the ecosystem, specifically system integrators. Does SAP compete with them, or partner with them? We think our new strategy is better defined, in line with what you want and need, and ultimately helps you get the most out of your SAP software investment. +80% +60% +50% Upgraded to SAP ERP 6.0 Sales order time saved by TI&O Cost saved by cloud transformation “Our robust technology services offerings not only deliver value by helping to sustain and evolve your existing system environments, but also prepare you for innovation technologies from SAP, such as SAP HANA, cloud, and mobile.” Jim Bisordi, Global Vice President, Technical and Architecture Services, Cloud transformation, SAP
  • 4. THE “UPGRADE FACTORY” Your Fast, Predictable, Fixed-Cost Route for All SAP Technical Upgrades OVERVIEW When you’ve done something more than 600 times, you know how to do it well. That’s the number of successful, structured upgrades to the SAP ERP 6.0 application that specialists from the SAP Consulting organization have performed. We’ve taken that experience and packaged it up into the “upgrade factory.” Like any factory, the upgrade factory uses standardized, repeatable processes, based on best practices, to deliver high-quality, predictable results. This approach not only lowers risk substantially but also accelerates delivery. In addition, it enables us to offer you a fixed, known price for your technical upgrades. FASTEST ROUTE TO BENEFIT Any upgrade consists of three components – changing the technology while maintaining the same capabilities (technical upgrade), simplifying and improving the system environment (functional upgrade), and harnessing the new features to improve efficiency and deliver strategic business improvement (strategic business improvement upgrade). deliver the most benefits. But getting the first stage right – the technical upgrade – is an essential prerequisite for success in these areas. The faster the technical upgrade can be successfully completed, the quicker organizations can start taking advantage of the new functionality. That’s why the upgrade factory was developed – to provide a fast, low-risk route for completing technical upgrades. By letting SAP help you with your technical upgrade, you can concentrate your resources and skills on what matters most – gaining business advantage. The upgrade factory helps you upgrade smoothly and quickly with two key services: • SAP ERP technical upgrade planning service (quick upgrade evaluation): Factory experts help you professionally prepare and plan for your upgrade. • SAP ERP technical upgrade implementation: An implementation service that helps you realize a smooth, speedy upgrade. Naturally, organizations will want to move to the second and third stages as quickly as possible, as it is these stages that “The near-zero downtime approach was instrumental in ensuring a risk-mitigated upgrade consuming as little downtime as possible. Achieving this milestone without any major production issue is the direct result of a great team effort between the entire Nestlé organization and our partners, especially SAP.” Bruno Villetelle, VP, Head of Business Technology Center, Nestlé S.A.
  • 5. DOWNTIME MINIMIZATION SERVICES Save Your Money – Reduce Business Downtime OVERVIEW Time is money. This well-known phrase applies most aptly to the downtime of a company’s IT software landscape. Equipment downtime can mean hefty losses and tends to affect daily business drastically. The downtime minimization services from SAP provide valuable measures to keep your business running smoothly. Downtime can be seen as one of the biggest challenges of an IT project. And in an IT landscape consisting of a number of SAP solutions, high availability of each component is essential. However, downtime is unavoidable when performing software changes involving: • Upgrades • Implementation of enhancement packages • Migration projects – operating system or database migration, reallocation of systems, or Unicode conversion incorporate your individual requirements. Downtime minimization services are available for the following SAP Business Suite applications and SAP NetWeaver® technology platform components: • SAP ERP application • SAP Customer Relationship Management application • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse application • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration technology • SAP NetWeaver Portal component KEY FEATURES • Setup of clone software – Make an exact copy of production software • Preparation of clone software – Perform maintenance activities on clone software • Rollout of company templates • Update of clone software – Transfer delta operations from the existing production software to the new production software • System consolidation and harmonization – for example, a client transfer • Transition to new production software – Establish the clone software as the new production software • Currency conversions or a company code merge BUSINESS BENEFITS • Installation of maintenance or support packages • Updates for legal and tax requirements SERVICE OFFERING Through its downtime minimization services, SAP can help you plan and manage your business downtime. Besides providing cost control management, the services are fully equipped to • Near-zero downtime through the use of proven technologies, support, and expert consulting • Business security due to a secure fallback option when upgrading production software • Smooth transition to new production software as a result of leveraging best practices and access to expert consultants
  • 6. CLOUD TRANSFORMATION SERVICES Start Your Move into the Cloud Today OVERVIEW Like many forward-thinking organizations, yours is probably considering how to get the benefits out of cloud computing to cut down your total cost of operations while increasing agility and speed in responding to new and changing business demands. The SAP Services organization provides a portfolio of planning, implementation, and optimization services to help transform your landscape toward cloud in a smooth, reliable, and sustainable matter. With end-to-end consulting services delivered by SAP Services, you gain access to the deep software knowledge, cloud know-how, best-practice support, and experience you need to take advantage of cloud computing. SERVICE OFFERING Assess your readiness: Assessment and design services for cloud and virtualization help you identify requirements and develop a road map to adopt cloud models as well as to implement underlying technology such as virtualization and automation. We work with market-leading partners to apply best practices and offer recommendations for a cloud environment that suits your needs. We will outline how to accelerate your company’s transition toward virtualization and set a course for moving your SAP solutions to a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. Take advantage of cloud advisory and strategy services: You can use these services to design one end-to-end cloud experience with initial guidance on the benefits, possible obstacles, and best-practice setup for a successful cloud adoption to satisfy your business demands. Kick-start your cloud adoption with an initial spark: Acquire hands-on experience of running your systems in a cloud to get a full understanding of the benefits of running a cloud environment. The cloud catalyst service will accelerate your cloud transformation. It starts with a landscape analysis, creates a business case and a target architecture, and includes an initial migration. A transformation road map will help you continue your cloud adoption. Kick-start your cloud adoption and get hands-on experience of cloud with SAP Services. Centrally manage your virtualized SAP landscape: In every stage of your cloud journey you can take advantage of SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management software to reduce the costs for managing your SAP software landscape running in physical, virtualized, or different cloud environments. SAP consultants implement SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management for you to leverage the full benefits of automation. Confidently migrate to the cloud: SAP Services can help you with the complete migration – from an on-premise SAP software landscape to a virtualized infrastructure and private or public cloud environment. During the planning phase, expert consultants validate that your infrastructure is ready for application virtualization or make the necessary adjustments to prepare your software landscape accordingly. SAP consultants then migrate your SAP software to a cloud environment in a manner that ensures minimal impact on system performance. Create hybrid scenarios with cloud integration: When moving parts of your landscape to the cloud, or extending your IT footprint with cloud solutions from SAP, integration of your on-premise and on-demand world is essential for end-to-end process support. With SAP Services, you can quickly integrate to connect the best of both worlds – either in a small remote delivery approach or as a rapiddeployment solution (RDS), depending on the level of integration and solutions to be connected. The deep process and technical knowledge of our experts help you to have all the data where and when you need it – on premise or in the cloud.
  • 7. CLOUD TRANSFORMATION SERVICES Getting to real-time business in real time with the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service: Take the risk out of your cloud strategy and kick-start your business by moving to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. Get a risk-free first impression using our project cloud offering for nonproductive systems, build trust and experience, and then take the step to the production cloud. It will help you accelerate your deployment, simplify your landscape, cut costs, and enable your business to react elastically to changes in demand. SAP Services can help you assess the value of scenarios based on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, create all the requirements for a smooth transition, and provide support in operating the entire software landscape. Drive business innovation and engaging customer experiences with SAP HANA Cloud Platform: SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the platform of choice for customizing existing applications in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, as well as for creating entirely new applications. It is unique in its integration with your existing SAP software systems – on premise or in the cloud. With our services organization, you get the right level of support to either jump-start a project while being coached by experienced development consultants or to get all the knowledge you need to begin with your project. Or you get all the development support you need for any kind of implementation. Let experts remotely operate your SAP implementation in the cloud: Turning to an outside organization to manage the operations of your SAP solutions is a smart way to reduce the demands on your technical staff while lowering costs. The remote application operations service manages the dayto-day technical operations of your SAP software deployments in a cloud-based environment by capitalizing on the technical expertise of SAP experts worldwide. Create the space – we’ll supply the content: A key enabler for speed is to prepackage software for immediate consumption, delivering significant savings on traditional installation and implementation efforts. With our preassembly and appliance services, we can provision customers rapidly with almost any SAP software combination tailored to their solution requirements . For advanced application innovation requirements, SAP has the space, tools, and expertise to help you – on demand.
  • 8. TECHNICAL INTEGRATION AND ORCHESTRATION SERVICES Reduce Implementation Costs with High Levels of Standardization OVERVIEW SAP services for technical integration and orchestration (TI&O) help in mapping business logic on technology components to create new or optimized business processes in an efficient, user-friendly and integrated way. Based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), these services enable you to orchestrate business logic to realize own practices. SAP services for TI&O support SAP customers in the areas of integration and orchestration, and along the entire lifecycle – from discovery, through implementation, into production. Our TI&O services help: • Reduce implementation cost in the area of integration and orchestration through elaborate accelerators and tools • Contribute best practices across solution and product silos • Enable customers to benefit from our vast integration and orchestration knowledge through a high level of standardization – globally These services are both process focused and technology oriented, and help ensure complete orchestration of business processes across applications and cloud solutions. Our areas of expertise include: • A B2B add-on for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, the SAP Information Interchange OnDemand application, and the technical integration of Ariba® solutions • SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management software (BRF Plus) • Business rules on SAP HANA • SAP NetWeaver Gateway technology • Business workflows • SAP Operational Process Intelligence software powered by SAP HANA SERVICE OFFERING Plan: Plan projects and elaborate concepts in the integration and orchestration area (upgrades, implementations, architecture) • Discovery service for integration and orchestration • Planning for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration • Architecture design for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Do: Development, configuration, installation of TI&O products • Implementations for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration • Installation of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration • Business process management and orchestration • Testing for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration • Integration – Into and out of applications Check: Continuously check and optimize developments, configuration, and so on for decreasing total cost of ownership (TCO) – In the cloud • 360-degree review for integration and orchestration – Between on-premise applications • Business rules and decision management • B2B communication – Electronic data interchange (EDI) Run: Operate productive solutions, maintain and fix bugs in existing interfaces, processes, and so on • Mobile operations for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration • Service-oriented architecture • Various application management services KEY PRODUCT AND TOOLS COVERED BUSINESS BENEFITS • SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration software (business process management, business rules management, and process integration [PI]) • Best practices and future-proof consultation • ABAP® programming language–based integration means (such as the ABAP proxy, the service implementation workbench, the SAP Application Interface Framework tool) • Backup of the SAP support organization and the development teams in Walldorf • SAP HANA Cloud Integration technology • An excellent global network • In-depth, up-to-date knowledge about product road maps and trends
  • 9. TESTING BEST PRACTICES FOR IT Test and Mitigate Risk Before Going Live OVERVIEW STREAMLINE TEST CREATION AND MAINTENANCE A well-defined and well-deployed testing strategy can help you manage risk, lower costs, and roll out products more effectively, enabling you to go live successfully. As a result, you avoid costly business risks and bottlenecks associated with software deployments and upgrades. Thriving in today’s dynamic business environments requires organizations to continuously innovate and rapidly adapt to changes. Many do so by enhancing existing business applications or developing and implementing new ones. The SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization application enables you to automate your business process tests. It automatically generates draft test cases and test components for SAP user interface-based transactions and uploads them for execution to SAP Quality Center by HP, a Web-based application that supports consistent, repeatable, automated processes for critical testing activities. INCREASING TESTING EFFICIENCY AND ACCURACY AT A LOWER COST To help ensure high quality and minimal business and IT risk, companies must test changes to the IT landscape before putting them into production mode. But because so many testing tasks require manual effort, quality assurance (QA) teams find themselves pressed for time and concerned about costs. To stay on schedule and within budget, QA teams are often forced to delay a release or to skip critical tests. Even when organizations automate testing activities using traditional record-and-replay tools, they frequently struggle to maintain the necessary scripts. Plus, skilled quality engineers are required to develop and update the tests. The result: higher costs and a risky testing process. During any technical or process change, such as an application implementation or upgrade, an organization’s core business performance shouldn’t suffer. The highly secure and missioncritical nature of enterprise application data means that you need to regularly test these applications and related business processes. The success of any IT project depends on how smoothly your implementation or upgrade project goes live. Fortunately, SAP offers quality and performance testing software designed to help you increase testing efficiency and accuracy at a lower cost. With the ability to do more with less, your testing teams will be able to meet testing needs – helping to ensure that your business applications perform optimally while minimizing the business risks associated with outages and sluggish performance. SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization creates modular test cases or test components that help you avoid writing script code. Reusing test cases is simple, using data to drive the tests based on business requirements, allowing test teams to execute 10 to 50 times more tests using the same components (based on SAP experience). Maintenance is also simplified to ensure that when the system changes, tests can be updated quickly and cost-effectively. You can also add patches, provided by SAP, so that your test cases remain valid. Using SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization in combination with SAP Quality Center by HP, you can compose and execute automated business process tests in SAP software development and test systems. These automated test cases can then be run and executed on end-to-end business processes, helping to increase testing productivity. You can store all test results in SAP Quality Center by HP. Moreover, tight integration with the SAP Solution Manager application management solution will help to identify the impacted test cases and components when there are changes in the IT landscape. Because SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization is natively integrated with SAP Solution Manager and SAP Quality Center by HP, your QA team can prepare and execute tests more quickly. As a result, it’s easier for the team to meet demand and help ensure high levels of quality. IMPROVE TEST MANAGEMENT To improve testing efficiency while helping to ensure higher levels of quality, your QA teams need to standardize their approach to quality management. This requires tools, technology, and best-practice test processes that help them organize their activities, leverage automation wherever possible, and store and track results on a single platform where accumulated testing knowledge is accessible to all.
  • 10. TESTING BEST PRACTICES FOR IT SAP Solution Manager and SAP Quality Center by HP can help. Enabling comprehensive and accurate testing, this software minimizes the risk and uncertainty associated with new implementations, upgrades, or modifications. When combined with SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization, SAP Solution Manager, and SAP Test Data Migration Server software, SAP Quality Center by HP supports the entire testing process. That means your QA teams are supported in an integrated manner, all the way from developing the application blueprint to importing changes to the production system. As a result, you can better plan testing activities and focus on those areas affected by the new or changed application. Just as important, by identifying the business risk of your planned changes, you can better align your IT organization with your business. MINIMIZE BUSINESS RISK • Deliver a positive experience for end users Like many organizations, yours may be reluctant to make changes to your production systems because you lack visibility into the impact of these changes on important business processes. You probably don’t have time to test every aspect of your applications before deploying these changes. BUSINESS BENEFITS SAP testing services and tools can help you: • Accelerate your application-release cycle times • Mitigate risk to your business applications • Promote company-wide standard centralized testing across projects and methodologies • Increase the quality of testing by utilizing cross-project sharing of defects, requirements, processes, and tests in a single unified platform Ideally, you want to test only those business processes and scenarios that are impacted by a particular change. However, carrying out such an analysis often involves a lengthy and error-prone process of reviewing multiple SAP software-based transactions and exporting data into a stand-alone evaluation tool. By empowering you to identify the impact of new support and enhancement packages or upgrades, SAP Solution Manager enables you to prioritize the test scope based on business risk. The earlier a defect is found, the cheaper it is to fix it. Learn testing best practices to support rapid SAP application deployment and quality throughout the life of the system and environment.
  • 11. IT SECURITY SERVICES Providing a Secure, Reliable, and Sustainable IT Landscape OVERVIEW Today’s CIOs and chief security officers face a difficult challenge. On the one hand, they have to protect their company’s value assets (in this case, the data), but on the other hand they have to meet all legal internal and external compliance regulations by ensuring permanent business continuity. IT security services from SAP support the IT and compliance departments with solutions to securely access systems, transfer data, and align IT and business processes according to compliance and risk regulations. SAP security consulting offers a reliable and sustainable service landscape, which is fully aligned with services from the SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS) organization, as well as several collaborative scenarios with partner vendors to ensure the complete security chain. SERVICE OFFERING Rapid deployment of the SAP NetWeaver Identity Management component: This bundle of software, combined with a clearly-defined services scope, helps customers leverage the functions and features of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management in a quick and lean manner. The customers can choose from several source and target systems, which will be connected during implementation. The service dramatically reduces the necessary time for an implementation. Security analysis for SAP custom code: This tool-based service approach helps customers ensure sustainable and secure ABAP coding within their custom developments and enhancements by identifying and removing security vulnerabilities in custom-developed ABAP applications. The security analysis service for SAP custom code is a package for one-time code scanning and analysis of the security status of customer-specific applications at a fixed price. Automated implementation of authorization concepts for SAP ERP: This service helps customers renew all their authorization concepts in a quick and easy manner. It enables customers to rapidly redesign the current SAP ERP role concept considering general segregation of duty requirements and achieve a compliant ERP role concept from scratch. The service comes with best-practices accelerators to minimize customer effort and implementation time. Security review of SAP Business Suite: This very basic service helps customers to understand their current security situation within their existing SAP software landscapes. The assessment output combined with recommendations is a clear value for the customer and gives guidance for the security strategy. Quick-start technical installation for the SAP Access Control application: The service is designed to lead the installation of all of the components of the SAP Access Control application in the customer’s development environment, with the participation of the customer’s staff (for knowledge transfer). Implementation of the SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On application: The service enables the high-quality solution of single sign-on and security for a distributed, heterogeneous SAP environment. It is provided by SAP to optimally protect electronic business process, increase productivity, and as a result, reduce costs significantly. SAP provides two major security layers to meet the demands for data integrity, mutual authentication, and confidentiality: • Secure network communication for transaction security • Secure store and forward for document security Implementation of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management: This service helps: • Automate the system access provisioning process and make it applicable to the entire enterprise • Lower system administration costs by simplifying the process for the user and the IT and system support staff • Protect the initial investment in the software. Prompt installation and configuration with forward-looking advisory services prevent it from becoming shelf ware. Security monitoring, audit management, IT security training, and certification: This very basic service supports customers with all other security aspects and demands that are not covered within the product-related services. It helps fulfill system security needs, educate the customer’s own staff, and support the customer’s project team before, during, and after required compliance and security audits.
  • 12. TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTURE SERVICES Robust Support for Enterprise IT Strategy and Targets OVERVIEW Key customer benefits: • Increase the value of an IT investment Technology architecture services focus on the static and dynamic aspects of an IT infrastructure. These services address the overall enterprise strategy and architecture including hardware, locations, networks, and software to determine orchestration. This also supports optimized IT governance, including the organization and processes to ensure support of the overall enterprise strategy and IT targets. Common technology architecture challenges: • Upcoming projects have an uncertain impact on the existing technology landscape. • Multiple projects must be supported simultaneously in order to meet business requirements. • Companies must anticipate and prepare for increases in technology infrastructure requirements. • Existing technology architecture is inflexible and nonscalable. • Business expectations for system availability are high. • New OS/DB platform options present new opportunities, but the cost and risk of adoption are unknown. • New game-changing solutions and technology – such as SAP HANA, cloud, and mobile, need to be seamlessly integrated into existing environments. A solid technology architecture addresses these concerns: • It anticipates the impact of new projects in a systematic manner. • It is aligned with the company’s project management and governance standards. • It provides a flexible, scalable system landscape that can respond quickly to changing business requirements while achieving low TCO. • It ensures system availability that surpasses business expectations. IT ARCHITECTURE AND GOVERNANCE Whether a customer is addressing issues with its existing IT architecture or transitioning to a new architecture, our services have one goal: to streamline the IT landscape and deliver greater optimization and innovation to our customer's business processes. • Reduce IT costs through consolidation of systems • Maximize the utilization of deployed SAP solutions • Increase business satisfaction by aligning IT strategy with business strategy IT GOVERNANCE STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT Based on firsthand project experiences and continuous research, SAP offers an IT governance framework covering a comprehensive set of best-practice IT governance mechanisms. The IT governance framework is an effective tool for evaluating the existing IT governance capabilities and for designing the improved IT governance. Key customer benefits: • Help ensure that IT adds value and meets the expectations of the business • Follow guidelines and standards for increasing the efficiency of IT service delivery • Improve control in IT by applying the continuous IT governance cycle • Gain better transparency on the performance of IT through objective criteria TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT OF SAP LANDSCAPES The landscape assessment workshop is designed to educate organizations and help them understand their current landscape. It provides guidance in the areas of gap analysis, best practices, and recommendations to improve the system landscape in support of future business requirements. Key customer benefits: • Gain a better understanding of current challenges and opportunity areas • Provide transparent validation of current technical architecture • Apply best practices developed by SAP during evaluation and recommendation definition
  • 13. SAP GLOBAL DELIVERY Leveraging Remote Delivery Capabilities of SAP Services to Reduce Technology Service Risks and Costs OVERVIEW Database and technology services: • Apart from offering a cost advantage, SAP Global Delivery helps lower the risk and time of upgrade and technology projects by leveraging the experience and reusing knowledge acquired by successfully delivering more than 600 upgrade projects over 5 years. We also provide consultation and valueadded services for testing and test automation to ensure quality and, more important, to manage the testing process. A well-developed lifecycle model and methodologies for upgrade project delivery increases the reusability of standard templates and reduces the total planning time for upgrade projects. This helps us deliver projects consistently, faster, and with great quality standards. All upgrade project documentations are harvested in the internal knowledge management repository – which helps the consultants to quickly act and find out a solution during debugging. Database and technology: Exciting SAP Adaptive Server® Enterprise technology and database services to complement our data management portfolio; other database services including in-memory and cloud migrations • Upgrade: Focus on SAP Business Suite, support EMEA upgrade factory, minimized downtime services, DBUnicode migration, and cloud transformation; DBUnicode migration, and cloud transformation; testing, enhancement package upgrades • SAP security: Governance, risk, and compliance productized services, SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On solutions, and ABAP security design and implementations across solutions (BI, CRM, HCM) • Platform technology: Comprehensive implementation, business continuity management (high availability, disaster recovery, and so on) • The SAP Global Delivery group is the remote consulting arm of SAP Services. SAP Global Delivery delivers a rapid, low-risk, fixed-cost approach to Unicode conversions and technical upgrades from the existing release to the latest release of SAP Business Suite applications. It provides all the tools and resources required for effective transition to higher releases of SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver technology platform. SAP Global Delivery is integrated with SAP Services on the upgrade factory approach and provides cutting-edge valueadded technology services. IT architecture: New-generation technology, IT infrastructure, assessment services, and innovation stewardship • Best-run SAP software operations: Application lifecycle management (ALM) architecture, operations optimization workshop, ALM road map assessment, testing services. ALM process implementation, application management services, system landscape optimization services, and information lifecycle management services; additionally, capability on all consulting products including ARIS, iRise, HP, the SAP Extended Diagnostics application by CA Wily (Introscope), SAP Central Process Scheduling application by Redwood, and SAP IT Service Management application SAP Global Delivery provides innovative delivery methods leveraging an experienced pool of consultants from centers in Bangalore and Gurgaon (India), Dalian (China), and Buenos Aires (Argentina). SERVICE OFFERING Next-Generation Services • Mobility: The Sybase® Mobile Sales for SAP CRM application, SAP Mobile Platform, mobile native development, mobile services from SAP, and the SAP Afaria® mobile device management solution • Cloud transformation services: Cloud migrations (private/public/hybrid) • Sustainability: Sustainability performance management and environment, health, and safety Engineered services: • Technical upgrade, technology services, and rapid deployment services .
  • 14. SAP GLOBAL DELIVERY KEY FEATURES BUSINESS BENEFITS Perform upgrade assessments to get: • Better integration of SAP NetWeaver technology platform resulting in more efficient solution management • Fixed scope, effort, and cost • Functional impact analysis • Predefined delivery timelines and skills Reduce effort and cost: • Factory model with reusable, repeatable process Quality of deliverables: • Measured performance and governance • Fully aligned implementation methodologies with ASAP® 8 methodology and backed by project management methodology aligned to PMI • Fast and efficient transition, which results in a quicker return on investment • Lower risk and minimized downtime on technology and upgrade projects and complete alignment with the Enterprise Services Community program and the SAP Consulting organization • SAP Global Delivery can be a trusted advisor and strategic partner on IT transformation initiatives • Last but not the least, lower costs on technology services and upgrade projects “SAP’s technical team showed tremendous dedication and skill, working with great focus to ensure a successful project. We’ve received positive feedback from everyone involved and had very few issues to resolve.” Ron McCutchen, Vice President – IT Solution Delivery, McAfee Inc.
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