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SAP Community Network: Collaboration and Co-Innovation for Business Value

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SAP Community Network is a vibrant, social media-based online collaboration space for SAP experts and opinion leaders in IT and business roles.

SAP Community Network is a vibrant, social media-based online collaboration space for SAP experts and opinion leaders in IT and business roles.

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  • 1. SAP Community NetworkCollaboration and Co-Innovation for Business Value
    Gail Moody-Byrd
    Senior Director of Marketing for the SAP Community Network
  • 2. Business Reinvention is the NormExtreme Market Forces Demand Constant Enterprise Evolution
    Speed of Change
    Business Networks
    Reinvention as a Constant
  • 3. Business TransformationDriven by Customer Requirements and Competitive Dynamics
    From “built to last”…
    …To “build to adapt”
    Consolidation and efficiency
    Command and control
    Internal R&D
    Agility and innovation
    Connect and collaborate
  • 4. Increase value, to all stakeholders, consistently, faster, and better
    Improve business process efficiency
    Optimize current infrastructure and resources
    Innovate and differentiate
    “Do More with Less”Companies Are Under Extraordinary Pressure
    Increase Value
    Increased Workload
    Shorter Cycles
    Constrained Resources
  • 5. You Need a New Way of WorkingFaster – Smarter – Cheaper
    Project List
    Project List
    • Shave time and save costs
    • 6. Increase effectiveness
    • 7. Anticipate and capitalize on change
    • 8. Up-skill the staff
    • 9. Foster collaborative work styles
    • 10. Fast and effective way to source solutions when seeking to buy
  • SAP Community Network (SCN) A Rich, Global Network of Communities and Assets
  • 11. Accelerate & Expand Your Team’s Success Connect, Collaborate, Co-Innovate with a Network of Experts
  • 12. Accelerate & Expand Your Team’s Success Connect, Collaborate, Co-Innovate with a Network of Experts
  • 13. Accelerate & Expand Your Team’s Success Connect, Collaborate, Co-Innovate with a Network of Experts
  • 14. Accelerate & Expand Your Team’s Success Connect, Collaborate, Co-Innovate with a Network of Experts
    Downloads and Tools
  • 15. Accelerate & Expand Your Team’s Success Connect, Collaborate, Co-Innovate with a Network of Experts
    Downloads and Tools
    Skills Development
  • 16. Accelerate & Expand Your Team’s Success Connect, Collaborate, Co-Innovate with a Network of Experts
    Downloads and Tools
    Skills Development
  • 17. CollaborationGain Experience, Answers, & Insight from the Global Network
    • Extraordinary diversity of members
    • 18. Worldwide membership of customers, partners, employees & others
    • 19. Business, process, and technical userswith substantial SAP expertise
    • 20. Variety of roles in 20+ industries
    • 21. Collaborative support for every phase of work from business process design through platform implementation and ongoing optimization
    • 22. Highly active and engaged
    • 23. Consumers  Contributors  Mentors
    • 24. Recognition and reputation
    • 25. Augmented by in-person events
    • 26. SAP TechEd and SAP TechTour
  • ContentAccess a massive storehouse of collective experience & insight
    • Best and next practices
    • 27. Insight from every region and industry
    • 28. Wide-ranging roles, perspectives, experiences
    • 29. Business process information
    • 30. Business process models
    • 31. Industry solution maps
    • 32. Business insight
    • 33. Technical and product documentation
    • 34. Articles, presentations, FAQs, webcasts
    • 35. SAP NetWeaver
    • 36. SAP BusinessObjects BI tools
    • 37. SAP Business Suite applications
    • 38. Enterprise Services library
  • Downloads and ToolsLeverage and try with the latest technology and innovations
    • Downloads of SAP Software
    • 39. SAP NetWeaver main releases (ABAP)
    • 40. SAP NetWeaver CE (Java)
    • 41. SAP BusinessObjects trials
    • 42. Pre-release beta code
    • 43. Business process models
    • 44. Enterprise Services Workplace
    • 45. Templates, plug-ins, and samples
    • 46. Toolsets & widgets
    • 47. Code Exchange
  • Skills DevelopmentEmpower your team to enhance and extend their expertise
    • Self-directed continuing education
    • 48. Online SAP training and tutorials
    • 49. Videos, demos, Virtual SAP TechEd
    • 50. Learning on Demand – premium
    • 51. Extensive catalog and library
    • 52. Articles, whitepapers, presentations
    • 53. Sort by skill level, date, source
    • 54. Points and recognition program
    • 55. Indication of expertise
    • 56. Professional reputation
    • 57. Supports all competency levels
  • SAP EcoHub
    Trusted site to discover, evaluate, and buy solutions
    • Enabling Accelerated Discovery
    • 58. Delivering the Power of Insight
    • 59. Offering Trusted Engagement
    Solution Marketplace
  • 60. Diverse NetworksFor Business & IT with features for your company and your staff
    BusinessObjects Community
    SAP EcoHub
    Insights on business intelligence and information management
    Online community-powered marketplace to discover, evaluate, and buy partner and SAP solutions
    Business Process Expert Community
    Business analysts and consultants share best practice business processes
    UniversityAlliance Community
    Students and professors learn, connect, collaborate
    Standards and Open Source
    Common business and technology standards for lower-cost integration
    SAP Developer Network
    IT pros, developers, and enterprise architects configure, install, run, optimize, innovate on the SAP NetWeaver platform
    Enterprise Services Community
    Customer-driven SOA specs for development and deployment in ESR
  • 61. SCN Enables Greater ValueLeveraging the communities maximizes your SAP investment
    Efficiencies – reduce wasted resources, cycles, and money, by re-using existing experiences and solutions
    Impact – drive higher quality and better business results by leveraging the community and known best practices
    Speed – accelerate execution through access to technologies, models, and a network of experts
    Insight – innovate and differentiate with the benefit of collective wisdom and a broad perspective
  • 62. Vibrant & Supportive Communities Deep resources make your company more effective
    ~ 2 million members
    > 200 countries and territories
    ~ 30,000 new members / month
    ~ 1,000,000 unique visitors / month
    > 27 million total visits in 2009
    ~ 20 million pages viewed / month
    > 200,000 have contributed
    > 70,000 last year alone
    > 9,000 highly active – lifetime
    > 5,000 bloggers
    ~ 6,000 posts / day in 200+ forums
    > 1 million topic threads
    > 6 million total messages
  • 63. Delivering Customer Value
    Enhanced value-add from leveraging SCN
    Florida’s investment in an SAP tax and revenue management solution yielded a 9:1 ROI
    “ Extending our solution… required a very different business process. With BPX, we tapped into experts and launched faster leveraging the work of others.”
    Louis Panebianco
    Florida Department of Revenue
    Pacific Coast Feather found best practices in the community to adapt their SAP solutions for accounting rules in China
    “ By researching our issue in the Business Process Expert community, we saved a lot of money in consulting fees and time in our search for information.”
    Marielena WithnellDirector of Business Information Systems
    Pacific Coast Feather
    Siemens' developers actively tap into SDN to enhance work with SAP technologies
    “ Siemens resolves NetWeaver-related technical problems using SDN 50% faster than through other channels.”
    Richard Hirsch
    Senior Portal/SAP NetWeaver® Consultant
    Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  • 64. Delivering Industry Best PracticesHeadlines from the Press and Analysts
    Many businesses can create stickinessby building user communities. Every year, … SAP hosts conferences where customers can meet with IT experts, software developers, and, most important, each other. These aren’t sales events per se, but you can be sure that attendees leave with a feeling of partnership with SAP.”
    Jack and Suzy Welch, The Welch Way Business Week, September 2008

    SAP has set the standard— certainly within the tech industry — and offers a good example of the potential. SAP is one of the leaders in the scale, diversity, and integration of its vast ecosystem.”
    John Hagel and John Seely BrownHow SAP Seeds InnovationBusiness Week, July 2008

    SAP ranks in the top ten of "the world's most valuable brands based on how they leverage social media to interact with customers.”
    Charlene Li The World’s Most Valuable Brands. Who’s Most Engaged? Altimeter, August 2009
    SAP has elevated its community development into an entirepractice…it allows the most dedicated members of its community direct access to senior management to provide feedback on products, services, and strategy. This is the best way to stay customer-focused and relevant in a rapidly changing competitive environment.”
    Chris Andrews Four Components of Successful Innovation, Forrester, April 2009

  • 65. Make Your Company More EffectiveSAP Community Network is Your Critical Advantage
    Extreme market forces are leading companies to evolve from “built to last” to “built to adapt”
    Reinvention is a constant
    SAP Community Network helps teams accelerate projects, increase skills, and expand virtually through collaboration
    With SCN, you can deliver more efficient and impactful results for your business
  • 66. You’re invited to participate!Leverage SCN at Your Organization
    Join, explore, subscribe, attend …
    Ask, comment, answer, challenge …
    Contribute new knowledge
    Participate in collaborative projects
    Share opinions, experiences, insight
  • 67. Questions
  • 68. Thank you!
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