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BI 4.0 A Leap Forward by Timo Elliott

BI 4.0 A Leap Forward by Timo Elliott






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    BI 4.0 A Leap Forward by Timo Elliott BI 4.0 A Leap Forward by Timo Elliott Presentation Transcript

    • Business Analytics 2011: The Big Leap ForwardTimo ElliottMarch 2011
    • Business Analytics 2011: The Big Leap ForwardTimo ElliottFebruary 2011
    • Change Is The Only Constant 3
    • The New Normal 4
    • Surging Growth in Business Analytics +9.7% +6.7% +3.5% 2009 2010 2011Source: 2009- 2010: IDC. 2011: Gartner, predicted. 5
    • Worldwide Leader in Business AnalyticsBusiness Analytics Market,Share of Market, 2009 SAP 22.4% Oracle 14% SAS Institute 14% IBM 12%Gartner Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management Software, Worldwide, published May 2010 6
    • Business Analytics Has Struggled to Keep Up 7
    • “Business Analytics” is Nothing New The “What” doesn’t fundamentally change — but the “How” does 8
    • The End of an Eraphoto by Jurvetson (flickr) 9
    • Progress Transistors: much simpler, much smaller, much cheaper, more reliable, no warm up, much faster.Vacuum tubes: slow, Integrated circuits: miniaturization added to allexpensive, fragile the existing benefits, enabled unthought-of possibilities 10
    • The Analyst View 11
    • “Typical” Business Intelligence Today Calculation Engine Business Intelligence Query Results Query Slow Slow Aggregates Painful Painful Indexes Expensive Expensive Data Warehouse Data Marts ETL Calculation Engine Business Intelligence Reporting Operational Data Store Query Results Copy Query Business Applications Data 12
    • In-Memory Computing Disk is 1Mx slower than direct memory: like a chef doing his shopping on mars 13
    • In-Memory Computing Costs Have Dropped DramaticallyCost of 1 Mb ofmemory in 2000: $1 Atomium 102m 14
    • In-Memory Computing Costs have Plummeted Cost of 1 Mb of memory today: 1 cent And shrinking…. My daughter: 1.2m 15
    • In-Memory Computing Calculation Engine Business Intelligence Query Results Query Aggregates IndexesUp to 1,000x fasterNo optimizations required Data WarehouseMore data in less space Data MartsFaster BI ETL Operational Data Store Copy Business Applications Data 16
    • Row vs. Column Databases My Filing System Much Faster Analysis Better Parallel Processing My Wife’s Filing System Row-based Column-based 17
    • Row-Based Data Wasted space, and a full scan to aggregate any particular field 18
    • Column Data More efficient data storage, better compression, faster queries 19
    • Column DatabasesUp to 1,000x fasterMore efficient data storageBetter compressionMore data in less spaceFaster BI Calculation Engine Business Intelligence Query Results Query Data Warehouse Data Warehouse Data Warehouse ETL Operational Data Store Copy Business Applications Data 20
    • Combine Them: In-Memory, Column Database Now you can store the entire supermarket right by your cooking counter 21
    • Analytic ApplianceUp to 1,000x fasterMassively parallel, optimized for hardwareMove calculation engine to the database: in-memory predictive analyticsInclude a BI serverLess data movement, faster BI Calculation Engine Business Intelligence Query Results Query Data Warehouse Analytic Appliance ETL Operational Data Store Copy Business Applications Data 22
    • Real-Time DataLess latencyRow-level data in DWIncremental updates, update only (audit in time)Real-time data integration, data qualitySo why have a separate operational data store? Business Intelligence Analytic Appliance ETL Operational Data Store Copy Business Applications Data 23
    • The New Generation of Analytic PlatformsIn-memory, column data store, on massively parallel applianceIntegrate personal, structured and unstructured dataPut into the cloud, distribute across mobile devicesInclude collaboration Business Intelligence Analytic Appliance Copy Business Applications Data 24
    • Operations and Analytics TogetherIf the Appliance is ACID compliant, why not just do it together?Single source of dataFaster, better BI and actionable intelligenceFaster, better applicationsNew application opportunities Business Intelligence Analytic Appliance Copy Business Applications Data 25
    • Virtuous Circle of TechnologyEach technology works well Columnar storage increases theon its own, but combining amount of data that can be stored inthem all is the real In-memory allows In-Memory limited memory sophisticated calculationsopportunity — provides all of in real-time (compared to disk)the upside benefits whilemitigating the downsides In-memory processing Calculation gives more time for Columnar Engine relatively slow updates Databases to column data Hardware Hardware acceleration Acceleration Column databases makes sophisticated enable easier calculations like parallelization of allocations possible queries 26
    • It’s Not About Going Faster In The Wrong Direction! 27
    • Reality Is, and Always Will be, Messy But new architectures mean simplification and new opportunitiesDifferent information Different time Different accesssources horizons devices Politics Different levels of Risk expertise Different levels of analytic need Different project phases 28
    • Some Things Don’t ChangeYou still need an analytics strategyYou still need “data warehousing”Business modeling and metadata become even more important Business Intelligence Analytic Appliance Business Applications 29
    • Business Analytics from SAP Know Decide Act Your Business With Confidence Boldly 30
    • Business Analytics Solutions from SAPMost complete offering Analytic Applications By Industry By LoB Financial Services Service, Sales, and Marketing Public Sector and Healthcare Procurement Enterprise Performance Manufacturing Supply Chain Governance, Risk, Management Consumer Products Finance and Compliance Planning, Retail and Telco Sustainability Strategy Utilities and more…. IT, HR, and more… Enterprise GRC Access Risk Management Budgeting, and Management Forecasting Profitability and Financial Global Trade Continuous Cost Management Consolidation Services Transaction Monitoring Disclosure Management Business Intelligence Enterprise Information Management Reporting and Dashboards and Data Master Data Analysis Visualization Services Management Data Exploration Mobile Event Content Processing Management Information BI Platform Governance Data Warehousing Enterprise Data High-performance Data Mart Warehousing Analytic Solutions Solutions 31
    • LIGHTNING FAST In-Memory | Sybase IQ 32© SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved. / Page 32
    • The Speed of Business“The time between ‘event’ and ‘action’ israpidly closing.”“In the past, managers could take weeksor days to make important decisions,however to effectively compete globally,some companies are making criticaldecisions in hours, minutes or evenseconds” Paul Barsch, 2009“If things seem under control, you’re justnot going fast enough.” -Mario Andretti 33
    • SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) Hardware Innovations Software Innovations Row and column store Multi-core Architecture (8 x 8 core CPU per blade) Massive parallel scaling Compression with many blades Partitioning 64-bit address space – 2TB in current servers No aggregate tables 100 GB/s data throughput Dramatic decline in price/performance Insert only on delta 34
    • SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) 35
    • SAP HANA for Data Intensive Point of Sale Analysis20x Faster with 200x Better Price Performance Challenge Global CPG - POS analysis to predict demand 120TB Environment - 6 BW Systems + Teradata Large Data Set - 460 Billion records (40TB) Unable to analyze data using current database platform Stock shelves with 48 hour turn-around Solution 10 HANA blades with 500GB per blade SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Results 120 TB Total System / 40TB Raw Compressed to 4TB 20x Faster & 200x Better Price Performance Moved from 5 days down to 2 days for shelf turnaround Eliminates out of stock scenarios during promotions 36
    • SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 & Sybase IQThe worlds #1 BI Platform & Column based Analytic Server SBOP Data Services SYBASE IQ SBOP BI Tools SBOP Applications • Data Integrator (ETL) • Column Store • SAP BusinessObjects • Governance, Risk, Compliance • Data Quality Mgmt Analytics DBMS BI Platform Analytics • Data Replication - SAP Crystal Reports • Business Analytics • Text Analytics - Web Intelligence Applications - Dashboards - Banking -Explorer - Telco -Predictive - Retail Workbench - Insurance - Hi-Tech - Public Sector 4X Less 5X Less 3X Less 5X Less Storage DBA’s Software Storage 37
    • SAP HANASAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance Preconfigured Analytical Appliance Other SAP Applications BusinessObjects In-Memory software + hardware (HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco) MDX SQL BICS In-Memory Computing Engine Software SAP NetWeaver In-Memory Computing BW Data Modeling and Data Management Engine Calculation Real-time Data replication for SAP ECC 3rd Party In-Memory and Data Integration for 3rd Party Systems Computing Planning Engine SAP Capabilities Enabled Business Suite Data Management Service Analyze information in real-time at unprecedented speeds on large volumes of non-aggregated data Create flexible analytic models based on real-time Admin and Data Modeling and historic business data Real–Time Replication Foundation for new category of applications (e.g., Services planning, simulation) to significantly outperform current applications in category Data Integration Services Minimizes data duplication 38
    • SAP HANASAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance Hardware Technology Innovations SAP Software Technology Innovations Multi-Core Architecture (8 x 8core CPU per blade) Row and Column Store Massive parallel scaling with many blades Compression One blade ~$50.000 = 1 Enterprise Class Server Partitioning 64bit address space – 2TB in current servers No Aggregate Tables 100GB/s data throughput Dramatic decline in price/performance Insert Only on Delta 39
    • Strategic Workforce Planning 40
    • Just Some of the New HANA-EnabledApplications for 2011SAP Cash and Liquidity Management: Allows companies to predict inbound andoutbound cash flows and risk management.Sales and Operations Planning: This application will enable sales and marketingdepartments to collaborate with operations and finance in order to evaluate theimpact of their strategies and make accurate predictions.Intelligent Payment Broker: This application will calculate financing options onopen invoices and will help determine which discounting terms should be offered onwhich invoices.Smart Meter Analytics: The software for intelligent electricity meters: With thisapplication utility companies can analyze smart meter readings to forecast demandand develop new products.SAP Trade Promotion Management : Improves the planning process and helpsdevelop accurate strategies for particular customers. 42
    • Real-Time Event Data 43
    • SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight 44
    • TRUSTED 360-degree view of your information 45© SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved. / Page 45
    • Applications for Data Stewards 46
    • Social Data 47
    • Unstructured Data 48
    • Unstructured Data 49
    • Text Data Processing for Unstructured Data http://experience.sap.com/twitterta/sapsummit.jsp 50
    • EASIER For Business Users | Analysts | Administrators 51© SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved. / Page 51
    • One Unified Business Intelligence Suite Web Intelligence Dashboards Analysis Crystal BI Platform Explorer Reports Trusted Data 52
    • WHENEVER Self-Service | Personalized | In Your Hands 53© SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved. / Page 53
    • Mobile OpportunitiesWYN-WYN-WYN-WYN-WYN More People, More Often, More Context 54
    • Better Adapted for Analysis 55
    • Augmented Reality De NHM kijker 0.3 10km Eerste Romeinse nederzetting: “Oppidum Batavorum” Jaartal: 12 voor Chr. Afstand: 300 meter 59
    • Augmented Corporate Reality Filter by: Branch Highstreet NE 0.1km Operations +23% 60
    • Augmented Corporate Reality 61
    • Managing Mobile DevicesSybase Afaria:Over-the-air application installSelectively disable applications andfunctionsTracking and analytics Windows 32 iPhone iPad Android Windows BlackBerry Symbian Palm Mobile 62
    • PERVASIVE Embedded Analytics 63© SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved. / Page 63
    • SAP BusinessObjects Business Analytic Solutions Healthcare Healthcare Retail Telco SAP BusinessObjects SAP BusinessObjects SAP BusinessObjects SAP BusinessObjects Healthcare Quality Management Planning and Consolidation for Healthcare Sales Analysis for Retail Customer Analysis and Retention for Telecom Consumer Products Consumer Products Banking Banking SAP BusinessObjects SAP BusinessObjects SAP BusinessObjects SAP BusinessObjectsTrade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis On-Shelf Availability Insight Planning and Consolidation for Banking Enterprise Risk Reporting for Banking Public Sector Public Sector SAP BusinessObjects Rapid SAP BusinessObjects Readiness Assessment for Defense Planning and Consolidation for Gov (UK Version) 64
    • Enterprise Risk Reporting for Banking 65
    • 66
    • Enterprise Risk Reporting for Banking Gather data and connect to multiple sources Define KPIs, metrics, and dimensionsGenerate dashboards, reports, and guided analysis Create metadata model and universe 67
    • SAP BusinessObjectsIndustry and LoB Analytic ApplicationsRapid Time-to-ValueDeploy in 8-10 weeksExtensible, reference architectureOn premise, on demand or on device What’s New?Complete Solution • 6 New Extensible Analytic ApplicationsIndustry-specific KPIs and data model“Snap-in” architectural virtualizes data access • Global Language Localization SupportQuick-Start & PIO services • SME VersionsIndustry and LOB Specific • Strategic Partners Adopts ArchitectureCustomer and partner Co-innovationSeamless business process integration aSAP and heterogeneous data environmentsSME Versions 68
    • Customer Analysis and Retention for Telco 69
    • THE RIGHT PEOPLE Collaboration 70© SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved. / Page 70
    • 93% of Us Think We’re Better Than Average Drivers 71
    • What Technologies Do We Use for Making Decisions? We rely on people! Source: IDC 72 72
    • Top Pain Points In Decision-Making Source: IDC 73 73
    • Results-Driven Collaboration Try it now! sapstreamwork.com* Requires IT integration using built-in APIs and SAP StreamWork enterprise edition if advanced security is required 74
    • Did You Know… 75
    • SAP Social IntelligenceStatus Feeds, Discussion Threads 76
    • SAP Social IntelligenceExpertise location — Relationship Mining — Social Network Analysis 77
    • SAP Social Intelligence 78
    • Sales OnDemandDesigned to help salespeople do their jobbetter, not just fill inpipeline information.Social informationfeeds 79
    • Sales OnDemand — 360° View of an Account 80
    • Sales OnDemand — Integrated In-Memory Analytics 81
    • Sales OnDemand — Mobile and Actionable 82
    • Business Analytics from SAPMost complete offering Data Sources/Warehouses Analytic Capabilities Access Services and Best Practices Industry & LOB Analytic Applications SAP Mobile Performance Management Performance Management Other Application/ Browsers Data Sources Risk and Compliance RiskManagement and Compliance Social Media Management On Demand Content Business Intelligence Services Unstructured Business Intelligence Enterprise Content Information Management Dashboard/ MS Office Report OLAP Servers, Data Data Foundation Data Warehousing Warehouses & Marts Enterprise Portals 83
    • The SAP DifferenceLightening Fast on Big Data TRUSTED LIGHTNING FAST EASY EIM 4.0, EPM, GRC 10.0 In-Memory Computing SAP Business Objects 4.0 WHENEVER, WHEREVER PERVASIVE IN OPERATIONS INVOLVING THE RIGHT On Demand, On Device, On Premis Analytic Applications, Embedded PEOPLE Analytics, EPM Streamwork, EPM 84
    • Thank You!Business Analytics Blogs:http://blogs.sap.com/analytics/http://timoelliott.comtimo.elliott@sap.com
    • Questions? 86