Google Technical Webinar - Building Mashups with Google Apps and SAP, using SAP NetWeaver Gateway


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Presentation Part 2

SAP and Google Apps Challenge

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Google Technical Webinar - Building Mashups with Google Apps and SAP, using SAP NetWeaver Gateway

  1. 1. SAP + Google Apps challenge Arun Nagarajan Tech Lead, Google Developer Platform @entaq
  2. 2. Introduction What are APIs and why do you have them?
  3. 3. What is Google?
  4. 4. Google APIs
  5. 5. Google Apps Script
  6. 6. ● JavaScript in the cloud (server-side) ■ Compliant, debuggable, and performant ● Designed to extend Google Apps ■ APIs for many Google services ■ Events and deep UI integration points ■ Built in security and deployment ● Code editor right in your browser ■ Zero setup ■ Standard Drive storage/sharing ■ Inside an authenticated environment Apps Script is ...
  7. 7. Consistent API across many Google Services What can Apps Script do? Google Products Calendar Charts Contacts Drive Documents Domain Finance Forms Gmail Groups Language Maps Sites Spreadsheets Communication and UI Content Html Jdbc Mail Soap Ui UrlFetch Xml Utilities Base Cache Lock Properties Script ScriptDb Utilities Just open the script editor to get started
  8. 8. Recent Improvements Admin SDK, Glass and other APIs exposed
  9. 9. Apps Script use cases ● Enterprise Workflows ○ Document Approval, Purchase Orders ● Resource Management ○ Time Booking, Helpdesk, Project Tracking, Mail Room Management, Billing ● Automation ○ Auto-create calendar event, mail merge, move cells in spreadsheet ● Reporting ○ Dashboards, Nightly reports ● Integration Glue ○ SAP, Twitter ● Domain Administration ○ Add users, reset user accounts, auto create sites/folders for users
  10. 10. Google Drive SDK Share, sync/backup, organise all your documents
  11. 11. Got too much data? Sync to one place in the cloud
  12. 12. More than just storage Search Translation Conversion Google Goggles Sharing Comments OCR
  13. 13. More than Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  14. 14. Create apps that interact with Drive contents Check out
  15. 15. Google Maps
  16. 16. Over 1 million websites Over 1 billion active users
  17. 17. Google Cloud Platform Compute EngineApp Engine Big QueryCloud DataStore Cloud StorageCloud SQL Cloud Endpoints
  18. 18. We have what you need - infrastructure to host your backend We let you focus more on your app & worry less about infrastructure Pay only for what you use Get started easily and grow fast. Complete architectural flexibility across PaaS and/or Iaas. Why Google for Cloud?
  19. 19. App Engine Compute Engine Build your backend on App Engine and use Compute Engine if you need the flexibility of Linux Virtual Machines Provision: What you need when you need it Configure: Wide range of VM instance types Scale: AutoScale, NoSQL DataStore Connect: Expose APIs with Cloud Endpoints
  20. 20. Getting started for Free (Cloud Platform) ● App Engine free tier ● Cloud SQL free trial ● Cloud Storage free trial ● BigQuery free for first 100GB processed ● Prediction free for first 6 months Use promo code “hackathon” for $500 credit towards any bill for this challenge!
  21. 21. Resources ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
  22. 22. Thank You! Q&A