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SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
SGA Presentation 2010
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SGA Presentation 2010


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  • 1.
  • 2. About Us
    Sage Group Advertising & Communications is a full-service advertising agency specializing in recruitment advertising and Human Resources communications. With over 25 years of recruitment advertising experience, we offer the knowledge and expertise required to compete for talent in today’s ever-changing job market.
    Sage Group was founded on the basic principle of providing outstanding service and value that delivers results. For our clients, that translates into innovative, cost-effective solutions customized to meet their specific goals. Whatever the size of your company or budget, or however complex or basic your recruitment and retention needs, you will find a proactive partner with Sage.
  • 3. Our Approach
    The process of recruiting has become more competitive and complex, which stresses the ability to attract the best potential candidates. Sage Group provides the knowledge of the recruitment field to harness the power of marketing your opportunities to potential candidates.
    Whether we’re talking about print advertising, broadcasting, interactive solutions, event marketing or anything in between, we know how to make it all work together seamlessly. It takes a consistent approach to create a meaningful employer brand, which, in turn, enables us to produce results. This consultative approach enables us to identify and address every possible recruitment and retention issue that arises.
    From interactive media to eye-popping print, our communication solutions help our clients paint a picture, create a feeling, and stimulate response.
    Sage Group Advertising offers clients comprehensive online and offline solutions; all under one roof.
  • 4. Services we offer:
    Traditional Communications
    • Print (Newspaper/Journals)
    • 5. Broadcast (Television/Radio)
    • 6. Outdoor/Billboard
    • 7. Media Contract Negotiations
    • 8. Open Houses
    • 9. Diversity Programs
    • 10. Legal/Immigration Ads
    • 11. Media Planning/Strategies/Placement
    • 12. Full-Service Creative Development
    • 13. Collateral Materials
    • 14. Multimedia
    • 15. Video Production
    • 16. Newsletters, Brochures & Direct Mail Campaigns
    • 17. Job Descriptions & Copywriting
  • Services we offer:
    Interactive Communications
    • Internet Postings & Contract Negotiations
    • 18. Job Postings Management
    • 19. Banner Advertising
    • 20. Website Development, Graphics & Design
    • 21. Search Engine Optimization
    • 22. Social Media Community Management
    • 23. Websites & Micro sites
    • 24. Intranets/Extranets
    • 25. Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (SEM)
    • 26. Tradeshow & Job Fair Kiosks
    • 27. Video Loops & CD-ROMS
    • 28. Email Marketing & Ecards
  • Services we offer:
    Employee Communications
    • Employee Referral Programs
    • 29. Recognition Programs
    • 30. Retention Techniques
    • 31. Employee Orientations
  • Services we offer:
    Specialty & Alternative Communications
    • College & Alumni Communications
    • 32. Display Booth Design/Consultation
    • 33. Incentive Programs & Giveaways
    • 34. Employer Branding
    • 35. Newsletters
    • 36. Event Planning
    • 37. Focus Groups
    • 38. Direct Mail Services
    • 39. Brochures
  • Services we offer:
    Search Engine Optimization
    If your company’s website isn’t search engine optimized, then you’re loosing potential candidates because they are having difficulty finding you and your job opportunities on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Indeed, SimplyHired, etc. An average of 124 million job related searches are performed on Google each month and about 75% of candidates do not go past Page 2 of their search results.
    With Search Engine Optimization, we can improve the volume and quality of traffic to your career site from search engines by making keyword and coding modifications to your site so that you will be properly indexed& ranked higher in the organic search results.
  • 40. Services we offer:
    Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
    Today, the majority of job seekers are searching for jobs online and go to a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Indeed, SimplyHired, etc. first before any job board. Increase your applicant flow and drive job seekers directly to your site with PPC campaigns.
    How does it work?
    With a PPC campaign, your ad/job opportunity will appear in the sponsored ads section at the top of the search results page when a relevant keyword search has been performed. The potential candidate sees your ad first, clicks on the link and is taken to the job description on your website where they can apply immediately. You get great results. We track the performance for you and modify the keywords as needed.
    It’s easy to set up & cost effective. Gives you months of exposure. And you pay only when your ad has been clicked on.
  • 41. Services we offer:
    Social Media & Networking
    Social Media such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn has become an important part of networking with your past applicants, current employees, potential hires and company alumni to help you build your talent communities.
    Did you know?
    • Facebook is the #1 site for adults ages 17 – 25 (college students & graduates)
    • 42. Adults 30+ is the fastest growing age group on Facebook
    • 43. MySpace is the #2 site for adults ages 17 – 25 and currently has more members ages 30+ than Facebook
    • 44. LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional networking site that allows members to create business contacts, search for jobs, and find potential clients/hires
    • 45. LinkedIn currently has more than 30 million users from 150 industries around the world
    Need help with your social networking campaign and/or profile page? Contact your Sage Group account representative today.
  • 46. Portfolio
    Print ads
  • 47. Portfolio
    Billboards & Banners
  • 48. Portfolio
    Direct Mail/Newsletters/Brochures