SAGB2013 Tony Legg (Jersey Sea Farms)


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SAGB2013 Tony Legg (Jersey Sea Farms)

  1. 1. Disaster struck the Emsworth oyster trade in November 1902. Oysters served at banquets in Winchester and Southampton caused several guests to fall ill, including the Dean of Winchester (who had been at both events) who died. Tests showed that the oysters had been contaminated with typhoid, which poisoned the guests.
  2. 2. Credibility. Standards developed according to ISEAL guidelines,multistakeholder open and transparent science based performance metrics Effectiveness. Minimising the environmental and social footprint of commercial Aquaculture by addressing key impacts. Added Value.Connecting the farm to the marketplace by promoting responsible practices through a consumer label.
  3. 3. Description of Farm Record Indicator(s) Applicability Time frame Yes / No / NA Obtain copies of applicable land and water use laws 1.1.1.a. All farms Before 1st audit Original lease agreements or land titles 1.1.1.b. All farms Before 1st audit Records of inspections for compliance with national and local laws and regulations (only if such inspections are legally required in the country of operation) 1.1.1.c. All farms Frequency determined by national and state regulations Necessary permits relating to land and water use as required by local and national authorities 1.1.1.d. All farms Before 1st audit Map indicating: - Location of the farm with at least 4 GPS locations delineating its extent - National preservation areas - Locations of other farms in the water body 1.1.1.e., 2.2.1.a. All farms Before 1st audit Results from visual survey, using video or seabed imaging. Visual survey should determine type of substrate in farm area. 2.1. All farms Within ≤ 6 months of 1st audit Map indicating: - Sensitive habitats / biogenic structures in proximity to farming operations 2.1.5.b. Off-bottom and suspended methods over depositional substrate Before 1st audit Results from the carrying capacity calculations including all references related to parameters used in the calculations. 2.2.1-3. All farms located in water bodies where > 10% of the water body area is covered by farms Before 1st audit Record of all IUCN red list species and farm-related threats 2.3.1.a All farms Before 1st audit Map indicating: - Distribution of endangered species located near farm - Location of critical habitats for endangered species in the area 2.3.1.b. All farms Before 1st audit Pre Audit Check List
  4. 4. Waitrose launches seafood sustainability pledge By SeafoodSource staff 02 May, 2013 - British retailer Waitrose on Thursday announced a pledge to source all its seafood from independently certified sources by the end of 2016.