Matthew Ayers (Crabstock Founder & Chef) - “Marketing the wonderful shellfish in the UK”


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Matthew Ayers (Crabstock Founder & Chef) - “Marketing the wonderful shellfish in the UK”

  1. 1.  My background. Crabstock. Public feed back. Cotswold shellfish week! My aims! Thank you.
  2. 2.  My name is Matthew Ayers, for the last 13 years I have been working with the best food and produce the UK has to offer, my passion for food is extreme and my knowledge vast. The main thing in the UK is supporting our own delicacies and Crabstock is here to shout out about our great British shellfish, too let everyone enjoy it so easily. “people seem to of forgotten”
  3. 3. Saturday 21st- Sunday 22nd April 2012
  4. 4.  Cooking Demonstrations Punch & Judy Our own beach Shellfish Recipe Corner Meeting the Industry Triple Gold Star Oysters Live Crab Picking Live music all weekend
  5. 5.  To highlight the plight of the industry. To teach the next generation of the health benefits of eating our great British shellfish. To give the general public a vast knowledge of the industry and to support our great British produce.
  6. 6. Matthew Ayers Vs. Adrian Bartlett The Lamb Inn Vs. The Really Interesting crab Company Hand dived scallops, Adrians dressed spider samphire and crab salad. crab with spring leaves.
  7. 7.  “A Fantastic Weekend” “A Fantastic success and I hope it will “Seafish welcomes Crabstock, the happen now every year. I could UK’s first inland shellfish festival” certainly see this event growing and becoming a much bigger festival.” Its a first! Although its not by the sea, The Lamb Inn, Rissington is holding the first inland shellfish festival, known as “The National Lobster Hatchery has "Crabstock". been chosen as a beneficiary for the Crabstock Festivals”
  8. 8.  A great positive response from the general public Shellfish sales increase Vast involvement of the local community Great support from the SAGB and SEAFISH Crabstock concept proved to be a great and unique inland festival We aim to spread the Crabstock concept throughout the UK Funds raised for the national lobster hatchery
  9. 9. 15 10Kilo’sperweek 5 present 2012 0 2011 Crab Lobster sales Mussels sales
  10. 10. CRABSTOCK SALES200150100 50 kilos of shellfish sold 0 Crabstock weekend
  11. 11. • In the Cotswold area, late autumn• Several local restaurants are keen to get involved• To try and promote UK shellfish across the Cotswold area  The Cotswold shellfish week has been organised for late summer, we have had so much interest in this already, shows that people are wanting to promote our great product more
  12. 12.  Promote the quality of our great British Shellfish throughout the UK To educate the public of the nutritional health benefits of shellfish consumption To spread the Crabstock concept out throughout the UK To increase our shellfish consumption and reduce so much export of our great produce
  13. 13. “I feel that Crabstock is a great opportunity for all the localcommunity to get involved and provide them with a vastknowledge of the industry.” Matthew Ayers