Juliette Hatchman (2011)


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Juliette Hatchman (2011)

  1. 1. A new approach to shellfish management in England Juliette Hatchman SAGB Annual Conference, 17 May 2011
  2. 2. The problem Potting effort risen over past 5-10 years Potential overexploitation of stocks, in particular brown crabs Concerns about economic viability of shellfish industry Latent licence capacity threatening effectiveness of future management measures
  3. 3. Latent licence capacity within UK &English shellfish fleets - 20093317 UK vessels with shellfish entitlements 1400 1200 1000 800 over 24m 15-24m 600 10-15m up to 10m 400 200 0 UK England UK England Dormant Under utilised Source: MMO
  4. 4. Possible solutions Management measures at national & local level Move away from reactive management costs to industry expected to be smaller Take pre-emptive action to reduce potential for future growth in capacity of shellfish sector
  5. 5. Reducing potential for future growth incapacity by ...capping overall fishing mortality within key shellfisheries within English zone introducing a rights based management system, which aims to Provide industry with greater responsibility of management of their fishery Provide means to take informed decisions on security & long term financial viability of businesses Incentivise industry to rationalise fleet & its capacity Economically viable and sustainable industry
  6. 6. Latest proposals Introduction of a rights based management system within English zone of British Fishery Limits Implemented through UK fishing licence Allocation of user-rights to those wishing to prosecute key shellfisheries Applied to brown crab, lobster and whelk stocks to be kept under review Benefits for Industry and Government (and tax payer) Learn lessons from existing systems in operation
  7. 7. Allocation of user-rights User-rights equivalent to proportion of total allowable catch (TAC) for an individual fishery Allocated for fixed period of time (e.g. 5, 10 years) TAC and user-rights based on historic landings data during given reference period Allocated to individuals, groups of individuals or communities
  8. 8. Allocation of user-rights Current brown crab stock monitoring areas could be new stock management areas? Source: Final report: Future Management of Brown Crab in UK and Ireland, Nautilus report
  9. 9. Work in progress Seeking UK agreement of proposals within English zone Working with fishermen and delivery partners, designing how system could be set up and run Conditions applied to user-rights Trade/transferability of user-rights Safeguards Provisions for new entrants Research project to explore how a rights based management system could be implemented
  10. 10. Next steps Exploring possibility of closing off/reducing potential for other member states vessels to undermine national scheme (starting with French and RoI) Formal consultation on reform of English fisheries management system launched at start of April running for 12 weeks Looking to implement fully by 2013 to coincide with completion of reform of English under-10 metre fleet Exploring ways to address data gaps
  11. 11. Summing up Identification of priority issues Work underway to explore options for addressing priority issues in short term & longer term Empowerment of industry key Keen to continue working with SAGB and its members Policy currently in development this is your opportunity to influence it
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