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SAF Tehnika FCC Brochure






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    SAF Tehnika FCC Brochure SAF Tehnika FCC Brochure Document Transcript

    • SAF Tehnika SAF Tehnika is a Latvian (Europe) designer, producer and The Company offers the next generation CFIP product line distributor of digital microwave data transmission equipment. consisting of 3 products: CFIP PhoeniX hybrid split mount SAF Tehnika products provide wireless backhaul solutions for system - up to 366Mbps, CFIP Lumina FODU - up to 366Mbps digital voice and data transmission to mobile and fixed network with Optical and Electrical Gigabit Ethernet interface and CFIP- operators, data service providers, governments and private 106 FODU – up to 106Mbps with Fast Ethernet interface. companies. CFIP - 106 FODU CFIP Lumina FODU CFIP PhoeniX Split Mount CFIP-106 is primarily designed for IP networks CFIP Lumina systems are intended for Gigabit CFIP PhoeniX split mount system is designed and provides Fast Ethernet interface with Ethernet backbone applications delivering to fit in classical telecom architecture with capacity up to full duplex 100Mbps Fast up to 366 Mbps per radio. 2+0 aggregation a radio located outdoors and a sheltered Ethernet. In addition to that, CFIP-106 has a is available for higher bandwidth users. Both indoor unit. CFIP PhoeniX also enables 4x/T1 port for legacy equipment connectivity single or dual, electrical and fibre optical transition from TDM networks to hybrid TDM/ and for use in hybrid TDM/IP networks interface versions are available. IP networks providing up to 20/T1 + GigE. Total maximum capacity is up to 366 Mbps full duplex. CFIP Series Technical Specification Radio & Modem Full outdoor system with built-in radio, Split Mount system modem and traffic interfaces Product name CFIP - 106 FODU CFIP Lumina FODU CFIP PhoeniX Split Mount Frequency Bands 6, 11, 18, 23, 24, 38 GHz Capacity up to 106Mbps up to 366 Mbps IDU: up to 366 Mbps ODU Standard Band:up to 86 Mbps ODU Wide Band: up to 366 Mbps Channel bandwidth 5/10/20/30 MHz 20/30/40/50/56 MHz IDU:10/20/30/40/50 MHz ODU Standard Band: 5/10 MHz ODU Wide Band: 20/30/40/50/56 MHz Modulation QPSK, 16APSK, 32APSK, 64QAM; QPSK, 16APSK, 32APSK, 64QAM, 128QAM, 256QAM (for all bw) only for 10 MHz bw: 128QAM Protection Switching 1+0 1+0, 1+0, 1+1 (HSB, SD, FD), Ring/Mesh (with STP) Ring/Mesh (with STP), Ring/Mesh (with STP), 2+0 (Eth Aggregation) 2+0, 3+0, 4+0 (Eth Aggregation) ACM switching Hitless ACM Interfaces Ethernet port 1xRJ45 (electrical) 1 or 2 RJ-45 (electrical) 4x RJ-45 (electrical) or 1 or 2 ODC (fiber optical) T1 4 x/T1 (18-pin connector) none 20/T1 (RJ-45) Power PoE+ (not IEEE standard) Outdoor power connector DU power connector RSSI port BNC ODU: BNC Serial Port Dual-BNC DE9 (RS-232) EOW - 2x 3.5mm headset ports (Mic&Speaker) Alarm port - DB26HD 1+1 Port - RJ-45 IDU-ODU connection - N-Type Connection to antenna Standard flange according to frequency
    • Management Product name CFIP - 108 FODU CFIP Lumina FODU CFIP PhoeniX Split Mount Management ports RJ-45 (same as traffic port) RJ-45 (electrical) or ODC (optical) RJ-45 Management In-band In-band (traffic port) or VLAN port separated SNMP SNMP traps, MIB, SNMP v1/v2c EMS Web based HTTP, Telnet, FTP, Terminal Performance graphs Uptime, Rx level, Tx level, System temperature, Radial MSE, LDPC decoder stress, constellation diagram, equalizer graph Ethernet performance Per port Ethernet counters, Enhanced radio Ethernet statistics Loopbacks T1, modem, IF loopback Ethernet Ethernet switch Fast Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet QoS, CoS Basic Advanced DiffServ (DSCP) DiffServ (DSCP) 802.1p 4 prioritization queues, 802.1p 4 queues with adjustable priorities, strict queues and Weighted strict queues only Round Robin (WRR) Max VLAN with 802.1p QoS up to 15 concurrent VLANs up to 4094 concurrent VLANs Max Ethernet frame size 1916 bytes 9728 bytes Ethernet Aggregation No Yes (2+0) Yes (2+0, 3+0, 4+0) Spanning Tree Protocol 802.1d-1998 STP Flow Control, 802.3x Yes Mechanical & Electrical Power consumption 19 - 26 W SP: 25-35 W; HP: 29-41 W) IDU: 20 - 30W ODU: 13 - 18W Weight, lbs 7,72 8,59 IDU: 6.83 ODU: 7.72 Temperature Range -27.4°F to 131°F IDU: 23°F to +113°F ODU: 27.4°F to +131°F Dimensions: HxWxD, mm 11.2x11.2x3.1 IDU: 1U rack (1.77x16.92x9.44) ODU: 11.34x11.34x3.15 CFIP FODU/ODU Ports CFIP-106 CFIP Lumina (Optical) CFIP Lumina (Electrical) CFIP PhoeniX - RJ-45 (Eth + power) - 1 or 2 optical ODC (Eth) - 1 or 2 electrical RJ-45 (Eth) - N-type (data + power) - 18-pin (balanced E1) - 48V DC (Power) - 48V DC (Power) - BNC - BNC - BNC - BNC - Twin BNC - Twin BNC - Twin BNC CFIP-106, CFIP Lumina and CFIP PhoeniX Total payload capacity (Mbps) Channel bandwidths (MHz) Modu- lation CFIP-106 FODU CFIP Lumina FODU CFIP PhoeniX ODU 5 10 20 30 20 30 40 50 56 20 30 40 50 56 QPSK 5-6 12-14 25-30 38-44 24-30 37-43 50-58 63-73 74-85 24-30 37-43 50-58 63-73 67-79 16APSK 11-14 24-28 50-60 75-89 49-59 74-86 98-114 125-148 147-174 49-59 74-86 98-114 125-148 136-160 32APSK 15-17 31-35 63-74 96-106 62-73 95-110 127-146 158-181 185-213 62-73 95-110 127-146 158-181 186-214 64QAM 19-22 40-44 83-93 - 82-92 123-135 164-180 207-230 244-270 82-92 123-135 164-180 207-230 241-268 128QAM - 49-52 - - 98-109 147-159 196-212 249-271 292-319 98-109 147-159 196-212 249-271 289-315 256QAM - - - - 115-125 172-184 229-245 290-313 340-367 115-125 172-184 229-245 290-313 337-366
    • SAF CFIP-106, CFIP Lumina and CFIP PhoeniX ODU max Tx Power Modulation Standard/High Tx Power, dBm 6 GHz 11 GHz 18, 23 GHz 24 GHz 38 GHz QPSK +19 / +27 +19 / +25 +19 -20 to 0 +12 16APSK +18 / +26 +18 / +24 +18 -20 to -1 +11 32APSK +17 / +25 +17 / +23 +17 -20 to -2 +10 64QAM +15 / +23 +15 / +21 +15 -20 to -4 +8 128QAM +15 / +23 +15 / +21 +15 -20 to -4 +8 256QAM +12 / +20 +12 / +17 +12 -20 to -7 +5 CFIP-106 FODU Highlights Excellent system gain allows to efficiently upgrade PDH Very high flexibility allows to configure the system to radios to 106 Mbps capacity without increasing antenna various channel bandwidths, modulation schemes and sizes; capacity settings. Low power consumption enables Power over Ethernet and SNMP support for remote network monitoring and mana- use of solar/wind energy; gement. ACM and ATPC for high availability and high density deployments; Metro Ethernet and Mesh Networks with CFIP 106 Mbps FODU – Suitable for any network topology – star, ring, mesh – Last mile access for customers with high capacity networks; requirements – Full Outdoor solution with Power over Ethernet wires is – SAF CFIP Lumina can be used for Gigabit Ethernet efficient for All-Outdoor BST connectivity, backhaul CFIP-106 CFIP-106 CFIP-106 CFIP-106 10 0M bp CFIP-106 sE CFIP-106 th +4 h+4T1 T1 b ps Et CFIP-106 100 M CFIP-106 LAN CFIP-106 CFIP-106 CFIP-106 CFIP-106 CFIP-106 Gigabit Ethernet Backbone with CFIP-106 CFIP Lumina LAN Mesh Switch GSM Base Station 100 Mbps Mesh Network Metro Ethernet CFIP Lumina Highlights Leading edge technology with up to 256QAM modu- Up to 4094 concurrent VLAN traffic allows building many lation and 56MHz channel bandwidth allows high port-to-port networks paths for specific client services; capacity throughput up to 366 Mbps; Jumbo frame size supports up to 9728 bytes, which Optical Ethernet connections provide excellent protec- allows using longer header info (VLAN, MPLS) and tion against lightning strikes and allow long distances transmitting more useful content and less headers, thus between user equipment and the radio; gaining on total throughput; 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports provide the convenience of ACM and ATPC for high availability and high density having separate ports for management (both basic and deployments. advanced) and user traffic;
    • Carrier Gigabit Ethernet trunk distribution with CFIP Lumina FODU – Suitable for any network topology – star, ring, mesh networks – Ideal for wireless extensions of fibre optics networks – Designed for Ethernet backhaul applications CFIP PhoeniX Highlights High capacity system with up to 20 T1 and up to 366 Mbps Excellent upgrade for existing PDH split mount systems; Gigabit Ethernet - ideal for building hybrid networks to Up to 4094 concurrent VLAN traffic allows building many facilitate transition from TDM to IP; port-to-port networks paths for specific client services; Industrial grade fanless design increases reliability and Jumbo frame size support (up to 9728 bytes), allows enables low power consumption; using longer header info (VLAN, MPLS) and transmitting Leading edge technology utilizing 256QAM modulation more useful content and less headers, thus gaining on total and 56MHz channel bandwidth allows high capacity throughput. throughput up to 366 Mbps; Application diagram of CFIP Product line Lumina s Eth 366Mbp Lumina 100Mbps Eth CFIP-106 366 Mb ps E th 0) (2+ CFIP-106 City Suburbs th 100Mbps Eth sE WiMAX bp Base station 0M CFIP-106 73 LAN School ISP Optical Ethernet Network Suburbs 100Mbps Eth +T1 CFIP-106 Lumina ercity 100Mbps Eth +T1 ace Div 1+1 Sp s Eth + 20T1 PhoeniX 300Mbp 100M bps Eth + T1 CFIP-106 CFIP-106 Lumina Repeater Site Mobile GSM; 3G Network 36 6M bp th sE th bps E PhoeniX 300M 1 20 T 30 Eth 20T 0Mbp ps PhoeniX 1 s Eth Mb 300T1 Lumina PhoeniX PhoeniX 20 PhoeniX IDU PBX School Bank SDH Network Offices Fixed
    • SAF Tehnika JSC 24a, Ganibu dambis Riga, LV-1005, Latvia Phone: +371 67046840 Fax: +371 67046809 sales@sa ehnika.com www.sa ehnika.com © SAF Tehnika 2010 Issue 1: 08/2010 Produced Customized in Europe Microwave TM Solutions All data are subject to change without prior no ce. Please contact your SAF Tehnika sales representa ve for your specific configura on. All graphical content including product images, logotypes and slogans are the property of their respec ve owners.