Mobile Apps in Small Scale Agriculture - Matthew de Gale


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Mobile Apps in Small Scale Agriculture - Matthew de Gale

  2. 2. Likes to receive Market agent Current Managing Needs a local info and spends >$10 record complex farmer marketingadvertising via giving market keeping – support channel… SMS info by voice nowhere for it structures calls to go
  3. 3. Partner Country Impact Scale Dev Status Imp Status EADD Kenya Cost Reduction Ke: 100K+IDE/CARE Zambia Ext. Off. Scale Zm: 18K Farmer Communication Suite •  Generic Communication among rural economy players •  Farmer Registration Module with farmer details, enables phone surveys •  Membership Directory enables group creation by geography/role/crop... •  Reporting Dashboard •  Content Management System serves content in multiple media based on client capabilities •  Billing Framework allows multiple business models to be tested
  4. 4. Partner Country Impact Scale Dev Status Imp Status EADD Kenya Cost Reduction Ke: 100K+ IDE/CARE Zambia Ext. Off. Scale Zm: 18K Use Cases A Dairy Mobiliser uses sms to invite members of 6 dairy managementEvent groups under her purview to a training session on milk quality. Attendances records are captured directly on the Mobilisers featureManagement phone Weather information is delivered via RSS – or email - on a ZambianInfo Provision extension officers smart phone. He relays via SMS the info he thinks important to the 50 farmer leaders in his district A group of 15 horticulture farmers meet and, using their FarmerBetter Data Leaders feature phone, self-report on crop plantings and timings A market agent can get a good, but time-sensitive price for tomatoes; via field officers he sends an sms request to nearby farmers knownMatchmaking to have tomato crop nearing harvest. Four farmers respond and organise a local transporter to aggregate their crates.Advertising An Agrodealer sponsors local farmers group communication by tagging intra-group messaging with a 35 character advertisement
  5. 5. Partner Country Impact Scale Dev Status Imp Status EADD Kenya 200% + Cow 30% of 250 K Sales Income Farmers Improved Herd East African Lactation Record SystemA mobile – USSD and .mobi - solution tohelp small-scale farmers certify and sellcowsImproving lactation recordingcapabilities; farmers can record daily – orsampled – records for their cows – includingown-use milk. Self reported data audited andalso checked against sold milk data forconsistency and credibilityAllowing potential buyers the ability torequest a lactation history of a cow beforepurchasing – and by marketing certifiedcows up for sale via an SMS/web query-ablelist
  6. 6. Partner Country Impact Scale Dev Status Imp Status IDE Zambia 30% + Prod. Price 18K 200% - AG Costs 9 Markets 50% - Trans. Costs Zambia Market Information Service“Peer-to-peer” market information service that Farmer
bypasses need for centralized and formal data- +30%
captureAgents able to: better manage supply through insight into linked farmer plantings Agent
 reduce communications costs (currently > $10/day) responding to farmers scale number of relationship with farmersFarmers able to: get real-time market data relevant to their nearby markets aggregate produce and share transportExtension officers able to scale matchmakingactivities between farmers and markets
  7. 7. Critical Success Factors Business/Social Impact modelsOpportunity Flexible funding mechanisms Accessing the users Its complicated Opportunities for grants in for revenue but making–the transition from grant- for Significant stakeholders with different where benefit to farmer etc–clear. Difficult Managing opportunities this space, incentives and timelines needed funding ato is toper start core infrastructure and ecosystemand flexibility. while challenge loan pay for ,to revenues takes both discipline maintenance $2 work at $2-$8 funding reaching required large numbers at very low From standing day dollar a day services hard. for specific apps. Otherlimited funding OR existing allowing entrepreneurship Need partner (MNO – high-level challenges include acquisition costs = probably not possible without initial access?) ownership issues to untangle and successco-ops etc. client cherry-picking and networks: NGOs , Farmer organisations, may cause thus global access policy issues. Challenge
  8. 8. IDEA: Mobile tech Our Approach can help to solve some African agri problems Facilitator SANGONeT Problems Solutions • Need more extension • Communication services; fewer suite for farmer BMGF officers networks Funder • Terrible access to • Peer to peer market info and market information logistics system • No credible small • CommunityWho can identify problems? scale dairy livestock recording Who can solve problems? performance application Agricultural recording • Agro-inputs South (and East!) Development • Inefficient and management and African Mobile Organisations unsustainable agro marketing tool Services Industry dealerships •  New Media Labs•  IDE Zambia •  The Praekelt•  CARE Zambia Foundation•  East African Dairy •  Integrat Development Project Improving and implementing •  ??? M&E Business Development Scaling and Replicating Dalberg Umgana Africa SANGONeT / BMGF / ???