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New Zealand international student film enrolment form
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New Zealand international student film enrolment form


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Indian students who are interested in studying at SAE institute in New Zealand for film production, can download this form and fill it up.

Indian students who are interested in studying at SAE institute in New Zealand for film production, can download this form and fill it up.

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. REGISTRATION SUPPLEMENT For International Students Film Making 2014 - 2015 SAE New Zealand is recognised by • • • • • • SAE New Zealand proudly uses the following distributors Statutory information for students under section 234B of the Education Act 1989 • • • • • NZ / FILM/ INTERNATIONAL 2013 v4.0
  • 2. DIPLOMA IN FILM MAKING (PC9573) Program Details Name Diploma in Film Making Accreditation NZQA accredited Duration 12 Months - Full Time Diploma in Film Making (level 5) The Diploma In Film Making (Level 5) incorporates Technical, Practical and Creative education. Film Post Production Studio in developing their creative and technical skills using various industry software and control surfaces. The Diploma In Film Making also incorporates the business aspect of professional creative media projects, providing graduates the necessary skills to develop their own media-based business in the industry. Entry Requirements • Minimum 18 years of age • Proof of Identity (copy of valid passport) • Valid New Zealand Student Visa • Equivalent of NCEA Level 1 in secondary schooling • Minimum Academic IELTS Test Score of 6.0 (or equivalent) if English is a second language • An entry interview may be requested by SAE Program Start Dates Program Code Start Date End Date Lecture Days Lecture Time FMD913X 09 Sep 2013 29 Aug 2014 Mon - Thurs 10am - 1pm FMD314X 10 Mar 2014 27 Feb 2015 Mon - Thurs 2pm - 5pm FMD914X 08 Sep 2014 28 Aug 2015 Mon - Thurs 10am - 1pm FMD115X 12 Jan 2015 11 Dec 2015 Mon - Thurs 2pm - 5pm FMD615X 22 Jun 2015 10 Jun 2016 Mon - Thurs 10am - 1pm Tuition Fees Registration Fee $500 Program Fee $22,300 Total Fees $22,800 Tuition Fees are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. Tuition Fees Payment • No payment is required when submitting enrolment application. • The Registration Fee is payable once the enrolment has been approved. • All fee payments are to be made in New Zealand Dollars by either Telegraphic Transfer or International Bank Cheque if paying from overseas. Tuition Fees Protection • All fees are held by an independent trustee, pursuant to Section 235A and 235B of the Education Act 1989. This arrangement the Student Fee Protection Rules 2013. • No refunds will be issued after the tenth working day following the commencement date of the program.
  • 3. THE IMMIGRATION PROCESS Almost all international students wishing to study in New Zealand will need to apply for a student Visa. For The following is a general guide of the immigration process. The Immigration Process: step-by-step Enrol at SAE Auckland 1. You will receive an “Offer of Place Letter”. Please sign and return the “Acceptance of Offer of Place” letter Immigration Service with your Visa application. 2. All Program and Visa fees must be paid in full before a Visa can be issued. Medical and Travel Insurance 3. While studying in New Zealand, all students are required to have current Medical and Travel insurance. Your passport must also be valid for 3 months beyond the end of your intended stay. Policies are required to cover baggage and personal belongings, and commence prior to the departure from their home country. Please note: you can only apply for Medical and Travel Insurance after your Student Visa has been granted. Health and References 4. All applicants will need to provide a Character Reference as well as a Police Reference as per New Zealand application. Accommodation 5. You must have accommodation arranged or a sponsor stating they will accommodate you for the duration of your stay. Living Expenses in New Zealand, or a completed Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry, or a Financial Undertaking for a Student, as well as meeting all heath and reference requirements. An acceptable sponsor can be either a family Government Agency. Other Considerations 7. Student Visas can only be obtained for programs with a duration of at least 9 months. Proof will also need to be supplied that you have NZ$15,000 per year to cover your costs during your stay as well as meeting all requirements of your Visa as outlined below: • Attending the place of study stated on your Visa. If you would like to change your education provider or the program you are studying, you will be required to reapply for a study Visa. • Upon request, provide evidence that you are meeting attendance requirements for your program and are completing all work successfully. • Only undertaking paid employment if your Visa permits this. • Obeying all New Zealand laws while residing in the country. • All documents must be in order prior to the commencement of your studies. Without these documents you will be unable to attend the program. Please consult your Immigration Advisor to ensure your Student Visa is processed before the program start date.
  • 4. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ENROLMENT FORM at our organisation. We also need to collect information from you which is required by the Ministry of Education • • Print clearly using a blue or black pen • • Carefully read and agree to all terms and conditions Attach all required documentation Address 12 months prior to enrolment (if different) 1. Personal Details Number and Street Name Surname Suburb First name City Other given names Postcode Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) Country Male Female 2. Contact Information 4. Program Details Phone number (include country and area code if outside NZ) Full program name Mobile number (include country code if outside NZ) Program start date Email address Program code Rego/Admin fee 3. Address Information Permanent residential address Number and Street Name $ City Postcode Country Payable after enrolment application is approved Program fee $ Total fees Suburb Program end date Includes Rego/Admin and Program Fees $ ! or placed on a waiting list. We will advise you of this in writing and place your fees in trust.
  • 5. 8. Disabilities 5. Language Do you have any disabilities, impairments or long-term Yes No No Yes You must complete an Academic IELTS test IELTS Score (or equivalent) Accessibility Visual impairment Please attach supporting documentation Learning disability Head injury Hearing impairment Other 6. Citizenship Passport number Please attach a copy of your passport 9. Prior Activity What was your main activity in New Zealand at 1st Full fee paying foreign student MFAT scholarship or Aotearoa scholarship Military personnel, diplomatic staff or Secondary student University student Polytechnic student 7. Ethnicity European Indian College of Education student Private Training Establishment student Samoan Chinese Niuean Tokelauen Fijian Unemployed or other Self-employed Wananga student Tongan Wage/Salary earner Select up to three which best apply to you Retired Overseas 10. Secondary School What is the highest academic award you hold from a (tick one only) Cook Island Maori No academic award University Entrance NCEA Level 1 or New Zealand Maori Entrance NCEA Level 2 or Higher School Other Asian Other Please specify B Bursary A Bursary Scholarship Other Please specify Overseas award
  • 6. Secondary School (continued) 13. Agent Are you using an education or migration agent to assist No Yes Agency name National Student Number (NSN) 14. Assessment 11. Tertiary Education 1 Yes 2 No 3 Other skills (computers, music, etc) No Yes What connection do you have to the subject matter of the Program studied If you are applying for credit towards copy of your academic transcripts 12. Emergency Contact Close family member not living with the applicant Surname First name Relation to applicant Phone number Mobile number
  • 7. 8174 - SAE INSTITUTE REGISTRATION AGREEMENT AGREEMENT 2013 V3.1 1.1 The following terms are used in this agreement (a) “Applicant” - means the prospective student prior to being accepted into the program by the Institute. (b) “Date of Commencement” - the scheduled start date of the program, as displayed in our current promotional material. (c) “Program” - means the series of classes in which the student is enrolled. (d) “Registration Fee” - means the sum of money paid by the student to reserve a place in an advertised program. (e) “Administration Fee” - means the sum of money paid by the student to cover administration costs during program. (f) “Institute” - means the SAE Institute (Auckland New Zealand). (g) “Student” - means the signatory of these terms and conditions. 2 2.1 Acceptance Into The Program An entry interview may be conducted with the applicant prior to acceptance into the program. This may also include the request for additional supporting evidence such as Curriculum Vitae; audio and or visual works provided by the applicant. 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 4. 4.1 - the applicant not meeting the entry requirements - the applicant not meeting the academic standards required by the Institute - the applicant owing fees from a previous SAE program and or having deferred from a previous SAE program on more than one instance Registration Fee Or Administration Fee The Student agrees to pay the full registration fee or administration fee upon submission of enrolment into the program. All fees are held by an independent trustee, pursuant to Section 235A and 235B of the Education Act 1989. This arrangement has been accepted by the In the event that the Student does not pay the full registration fee or full administration fee upon submission of enrolment into the program, their place may be offered to other applicants. Student fee protection information: Upon enrolment in the program the Institute undertakes to provide appropriate student fee protection mechanisms according 6.4 7 Content Of Program And Recognition Of Learning The Student acknowledges that the Institute is entitled to change the content of the program in which the Student is enrolled at any time, allowing for new equipment and subjects to be introduced and inappropriate subjects to be deleted. NZQA Unit Standards Credits of Learning can only be given for NZQA approved program components delivered by the Institute. Fee Payment The Student agrees to pay tuition fees regularly and by the due dates. Government assistance is used for providing lower effective program fees for domestic students and for maintaining and improving a high standard of facilities. Late payment of fees will result in cancellation of all facility equipment use and possible cancellation of lectures. Cancellation If the Student advises the Institute in writing of their intention not to commence the program prior to the eighth calendar day for domestic students, or prior to the tenth working day for international students, from the date of commencement, any advance program fee payments will be refunded by the Institute less the registration fee or administration fee of $500, (pursuant to Section 235A and 235B of the Education Act 1989). All refund payments are issued by the trustee. Advance fee payments will not be refunded after the eighth calendar day for domestic students, or tenth working day for international students, following the commencement of the program. If a student discontinues or terminates the program he or she is attending, the student is liable for any tuition fees outstanding at time of cancellation. The Institute is entitled to recover from the student all legal and other costs incurred by the Institute arising from the collection of outstanding tuition or cancellation fees. Student cancellations are to be submitted only in writing. Non-attendance of classes does not constitute cancellation of the program. Deferral Or Termination By The Institute 8 8.1 Facility Equipment Use The Student acknowledges that during his or her use of the facility equipment, he or she is responsible for ensuring no equipment is damaged or stolen as a direct 8.3 details of the malfunction. The Institute takes no responsibility for the function and integration, or loss, of third party equipment brought onto the premises. All facility equipment is fully equipped to enable the student to complete the program. The student is not permitted to use the facilities and or studios for commercial gain. 4.2 5 5.1 5.2 6 6.1 6.2 6.3 reasonable care of the facility equipment, the student agrees to pay within twenty one (21) days all cost relevant to replacing or repairing such equipment. 9 Times lost due to such cancellation will be re-booked in favour of the student. Disclosure Of Information 9.2 and program-related costs, student attendance records, student academic records, information pertaining to the student allowance and loan applications and information pertaining to the use of government assistance received from the Ministry of Education or its nominated representative (section 236A of the Education Act 1989). The Student authorises the Institute to release any and all information regarding the student for the mandatory reporting requirements to any and all government 10 Student Policy 10.2 11 This agreement and Enrolment form may not be issued without the Program Prospectus. Acknowledgement Of Registration Agreement the student, and that this Registration Agreement supersedes the guideline policies outlined in other SAE promotional material. I, name of address , a student enrolling at SAE INSTITUTE, declare that all information given in this document is true and correct; and I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. date & place (town/city) date & place (town/city)
  • 8. ENROLMENT INFORMATION Enrolment Process 1. Select the program you wish to enrol in, noting the different dates and lecture times 2. Complete, sign and detach the Enrolment Form 3. Attach all relevant documentation, including copies of: • Valid Passport • Transcripts of previous education • • Transcript of successfully completed Diploma in Audio Engineering (if enroling into the Degree) 4. Send or personally deliver all documents to SAE Institute 5. You will receive and “Offer of Place” letter and an “Acceptance of Offer of Place” letter Submit the “Offer of Place” letter with your student Visa application 6. Return the signed the “Acceptance of Offer of Place” letter to SAE and any additional information requested 7. when SAE receives your signed “Acceptance of Offer of Place” Letter student Visa application You are now formally enrolled and will receive further correspondence from SAE Institute. You have the option of withdrawing from the program prior to the tenth working day from the commencement of the program. Enrolment Checklist Enrolment form - completed and signed (copy of passport) Proof of Education (copy of secondary and higher education transcripts) Proof of Language Skills (IELTS/TOEFL if English is your second language) Send To SAE Institute 12 Heather Street Parnell Auckland 1052 NEW ZEALAND Questions or concerns? Contact us by phoning +64 9 373 4712 or email
  • 9. FILM INDUSTRY CAREER OPTIONS MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER Interactive CD-ROM Producer Multimedia Developer and Authoring Javascript Programmer Lingo Programmer Multimedia Developer Art Director Graphic Designer 3D Animator Sound Engineer/Editor MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER Web Designer html Programer Actionscript Programmer Illustrator Animator Desktop publisher 2D Animator Game Designer Composer/Musician/Sound CORPORATE Advertising and Public Relations Advertising Manager Marketing Manager Promotions Manager Public Relations Manager Sales Manager Financial Consultant Marketing Agent Recruiter INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Computer Systems Design Manager Tester Programmer Sales Customer Support Interface Designer FILM AND TELEVISION Television Camera Operator Television Video Editor Special Effects Artist Video Editor Film Editor Video Pre Production Sound Producer FILM AND TELEVISION Video, Motion Picture Camera Operator Video, Motion Picture Video Editor Photographer Video Producer Video Post Production Edutainment Developer Video Producer Scriptwriter Videographer Visual Designer 2D Animator 3D Animator Composer/Musician/Sound Art Director Editor/Moderator Effects Specialist Lighting, Props, Sets Designer Technical Lead Sound Engineer/Editor Creative Director Videographer Agent Voice Artist/Vocalist • Most, if not all, of the total list above employ the use of an assistant.
  • 10. SAE AUCKLAND SUPPORT SERVICES STUDIO TOURS SAE INSTITUTE is open Monday to Saturday for student lectures and practical sessions. Tours of our facilities during this time are welcome. Please phone us on 09-3734712 to book your Personal Tour of our cool facilities. ACADEMIC ADVICE Prospective students are welcome to see us about academic requirements for our programs. We will assist you to make an informed choice about your suitability for the program you are interested in. COUNSELLING AND STUDENT SUPPORT Students may seek the assistance of their Program Coordinator for any matters regarding attendance, tuition fees, vocational advice and academic progress. CAREER PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS International students will need to obtain a Study Visa for New Zealand. SAE Institute (Auckland) can provide some ACCOMMODATION recommendations regarding accommodation before your studies with us. ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS For entry requirements refer to the individual program information. SAE Institute has an equal opportunities policy RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING (RPL) from a program unit(s) is dependent upon meeting the theoretical requirements of the unit(s) and presentation of a portfolio which demonstrates relevant practical skills. In the event of credit being granted the program length may be shortened and fees adjusted accordingly. HOLIDAYS Holidays are kept to a minimum during all programs. SAE is closed on statutory public holidays and also for three weeks during the Christmas holiday period. A list of the holiday dates is provided to the student upon commencement.
  • 11. FILM MAKING PATHWAY AUDIO ENGINEERING PATHWAY Diploma In Film Making (PC9573) offered by SAE INSTITUTE. The Diploma In Film Making is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and incorporates Technical Practical - Creative education which includes: Preparing a Script for the Screen, Basic and Advanced Digital Editing, Special Effects, Working with Digital Cameras, Preparation of a Storyboard, Film Production, Location Shoots and Choosing Locations, The Making of a Music Video, Directing a Short Film, Working with Actors, Using Special Effects, Television News Gathering, Framing, Working with Blue Screens, Film / Video Financing, Digital Video Editing Theory, Lighting Theory, Digital Camera Theory, Video Shoot Workshops, Script Writing, Budgeting and Scheduling, Film Project Preparation, Directing Theory, Film Finance and DVD Authoring. Advanced film authoring concepts are developed throughout the Diploma In Film Making program. Digital film and animated Students use individual computer work stations in our Film Lab and utilise our Film Post Production Studio in developing their creative and technical skills using various industry software and control surfaces. The Diploma In Film Making also incorporates the business aspect of professional creative media projects, providing graduates with the necessary skills to develop their own media-based business in the industry. Successful Graduates are awarded a Diploma In Film Making (level 5) Bachelor of Film Production Degree Film Making students wishing to further their career goal may continue their studies with SAE Institute (Byron Bay, Australia). Students are able to complete the final second year in the Bachelor of Film Production degree program with SAE Byron Bay on successful completion of their Diploma in Film Making program with SAE Institute, New Zealand. The Bachelor of Film Production Degree program provides a strong focus on technology, creativity and the development of academic, practical and business skills. This Degree represents the state-of-the-art in digital and creative media education. The pathway to your Film Making career Entry Point Diploma In Film Making Bachelor of Film Production (PC9573) 12 months Full Time. 1 additional year Full Time with SAE Institute, Byron Bay, Australia Degree conferred by SAE Byron Bay Enter postgraduate studies with the SAE Online Graduate College The Master of Arts/Master of Science Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries) Degree conferred by professional practical training