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What i’d like the world to read for
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What i’d like the world to read for


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  • 1. The Pasta Detective
  • 2. Olympic value: Friendship Friendship: The entire story revolves around the friendship of two boys. These two particular boys would be Rico and Oscar. The adventure that they are embarking on, requires them to work together. As they work together to solve the “biggest crime ever” they grow much closer. Though this book has nothing to do with sports, it touches on friendship and the teamwork we should have.
  • 3. Olympic value: Friendship An example, which will give readers an insight view of the immense teamwork displayed between this pair. Differences usually bring people apart. On the contrary, the boys in this case are able to excel in their friendship due to their differences. At the same time teamwork can be seen as they use these differences to pick up hints which would lead them solving this crime.  Rico: He notices the things nobody else does. From a little piece of cheesy pasta lying on the pavement to something as big as what’s going on in the building where he lives. Though he is able to think in depth, he is not particularly quick.  Oscar: Unlike Rico who is slow. Oscar is quick-witted and is able to get the duo out of any problems. Through the character traits of the two individuals we are able to see that they compliment each other. Rico digs out the facts while Oscar puts together the facts and brings sense to it. With their teamwork, solving the crime would only be in a matter of time.
  • 4. Why I chose this book? I feel that the author of this book is rather accomplished. This was the main reason why is was so drawn to this book. Andreas Steinhofel is the author of numerous books for children and young adults. Another book of his that I have read would be The Centre of the World. It won the prestigious Buxtehuder Bulle prize for the best Young Adult Novel in Germany and was shortlisted for the German Children’s Literature Award.
  • 5. Author: Andreas Steinhofel
  • 6. Published:2008
  • 7. Plot  The story is about two unusual boys who notice the things that others miss: the mildly autistic Rico and the brainy but anxiety-ridden, Oscar.  Rico, the main character is an unusual boy. Sometimes he is laughed at because he mixes things up in his head. Rico is brilliant at noticing the unnoticed. It is only when his new friend, the gifted but anxious Oscar is kidnapped that Rico gets the chance to put his detective skills to the test.  In other words, this is the first of three curious crime- solving adventures, which have been recorded in detail by Rico.
  • 8. Why my friends should read it? First of all, I have to admit that this book is filled with wonders. Anyone who reads it would be totally captivated. This would be one of the reasons to why my friends should read it. On the other hand, the deeper issue dealt with here is friendship. My friends would grasp the true meaning of friendship. Helping one another used to be a hassle, but after reading this book it would certainly be looked forward to.
  • 9. Done by: Jasper Goh School: Anglo-chinese School independent