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Expectations  seminar 8.16.10
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Expectations seminar 8.16.10


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • We’ like to take a quick moment to find out why you are here.
    What kind of projects are you thinking about?
    What if any is your previous experience with remodeling/contractors?
  • Financial
    Efficiency & conservation through upgrading with items like
    Double paned windows, hvac, solar systems, insulation
    Depressed about current space/conditions
    New Home purchase
    The birth of a child, aging parents
    You love the schools and don’t want to move
    Brand new home with the same old address
  • 9-10 Offers a Process & Communication: Meets all the requirements including great quality products and has processes and great communication
    7-8 Offers Quality Product & Service: but may not have good communication and project looks great but the process was a nightmare
    5-6 Licensed, Bonded & Insured (The bare minimum plus)
    3-4 Licensed & bonded (The bare minimum)
    1-2 No License & no bond (The bottom of the barrel)
  • <number>
    Office location – do they have one?
    A office offers stability.
    A location to visit.
    Not in the contractors truck offering tail light warranties
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  • Transcript

    • 1. 1 Expectations Remodeling your home and life Presented by Nickolas Sosa CEO
    • 2. 2 Welcome!  Team Introductions  Vision & Goals S3 Design Group provides extraordinary value in every aspect of our service by providing creative designs and delivering quality products and workmanship.  We’re committed to:  Maintain open communication  Deliver valuable information  Research and outline expectations  Operate with Honesty & Integrity  Empower individuals  Care for our environment  Invest in our future
    • 3. 3 Why are we here? Our Goals  Learn about contractor selection  Give you an overview of the construction process  Developing and understanding expectations “We are committed to planning and building a project you love.”
    • 4. 4 What to consider  Financial  Lower property taxes vs new home purchase  Increased value  Efficiency and conservation  Emotional  Discouraged, disappointed & hopeless  Significant events (Marriage, home purchase, children)  Dreams & aspirations  Physical  Currents needs, new children, parents, space  Location, high appreciation value, great schools, desired neighborhood  New home, same address
    • 5. 5 Sobering statistics In California alone:  315,324 licensed contractors  90% will be bankrupt within the first 5 years  California State License Board has 434 employees  23,205 complaints opened in 2008  85% of these homeowners were dissatisfied with the work done by their contractor (job was not done on-time, on-budget and specifications were ignored/amended to suit the contractor)  Be educated & informed Company Philosophy Our philosophy is simple; Build relationships that maintain “a customer for life.”
    • 6. 6 Who are you inviting into your home? There’s a scale to general contractors  1 is low – 10 is high – There is no standard  9-10 Offers a Process & Communication (Reliable)  7-8 Offers Quality Product & Service (Looking good)  5-6 Licensed, Bonded & Insured (The bare minimum plus)  3-4 Licensed & bonded (The bare minimum)  1-2 No License & no bond (The bottom of the barrel) ↑
    • 7. 7 How to ensure you hire a “10”  Current Active License (Contractor State License Board)  General Liability Insurance  Worker Compensation  Employment history  Current and past clients references  Vendors and subcontractors  Current projects in process & their availability  Quality/Assurance  Performance Bond when is it necessary  Liquidated Damages (completed on time or contractor pays you)  Establishment/Office location  Professionalism  Company Vision & Mission  Process & procedures  Trade associations
    • 8. 8  Architect  Licensed, advanced degree, typically not a residential requirement unless building over three stories or multi-family over four units  Building Designer  Realistically renders your design concepts, same scope of work as licensed architect, much less to spend  Structural Engineer (Specialty Engineers – as required)  Responsible for reviewing structural aspects; such as walls, foundations, support issues (makes sure your house doesn’t fall over)  Interior Designer  What tile matches your cabinets? Designer assists with furniture, color, fixtures, etc.  C License  Specialty Contractor, plumber, electrician, etc. (can only perform licensed trade)  B License (build vs. design build)  General Contractor, able to perform all trades Be Educated & Informed! Know your team
    • 9. 9 Design Process Gather information  Complete Client Questionnaire  Complete Needs, Wants, Dreams  Complete Working within Budget  Complete Inspiration Process & Review  Obtain city planning requirements Preliminary Plan Set  Complete Site Analysis (Measure, Photograph, & Inspect)  Complete Site Plan  Create Existing Plan(s)  Create Proposed Plan(s) Client Review  Design Review Meeting(s) (Repeat as Necessary)  Optional project pricing review(s) (Repeat as Necessary)  Proposed plan revisions (Repeat as Necessary) Architectural Plan Set  Complete Interior & Exterior Elevation(s)  Complete Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Plan(s)  Complete Structural Plans & Details (As Required)  Order Additional Documentation (As Required) Title 24 Energy, Truss, Structural Engineering Calculations, Other Engineering Etc. Permitting process  Submit to City for Planning & Building Review  Revise Plans Per City Request (Repeat as Necessary)  Pay for permit and receive approved construction documents An Inspired Plan… Produces Dream Results
    • 10. 10 Construction process…from planning to building  City Planning Department  Zoning (district – regulation codes)  Design review (setbacks, heights, F.A.R., impervious)  City Building Department  Plan check (verifies the planning & building documentation)  Permits (city calculated and issued)  Inspections (verifies code compliance )
    • 11. 11 The Construction Contract  All items are included in the bid (no oral agreements) (NO ASSUMPTIONS) IT MUST BE IN WRITTING  Specifications are the written details of what will be included in the project (all products/appliances/fixtures should be new unless otherwise noted)  Reference to plans (plans included in bid)  Total bid amount (materials & labor)  Exclusions (items not included, landscaping)  Allowances (amount to purchases items within the contract)  Down Payment 10% or $1,000.00  Change order process  Project start and end dates  Warranties / Indemnification  Liquidated Damage Clause (contractor completes on time or they pay you)  Schedule of payments must correspond to project milestones (never get ahead of the contractor in payments vs. work performed and inspected – you will almost always regret it)  Dispute resolution, arbitration, civil litigation
    • 12. 12  Jobsite guidelines  Integrity of workers  Job site cleanliness  Construction timeline & scheduling  Phase 1 (building the shell)  Demo, concrete, Framing  Roofing, windows, siding  Phase 2 (The meat and potatoes)  Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Low Voltage Wiring (Rough trades)  Insulation, Drywall  Phase 3 (The glitz and glamour)  Cabinets  Masonry work (Tile, Countertops, Showers, Backsplash, Floors)  Doors & trim  Flooring  Fixtures (Plumbing, Electrical, Appliances) Construction Phases
    • 13. 13 A remodeling or construction job is a shared project between the client and the contractor.  Contractors expect clients …  To be available for decisions  To have an established form of timely communication  To review and select finish items early in the construction process, i.e. plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc  To make specific decisions well before installation  To have access to remodel areas  To clean out the contents of the soon-to-be-remodeled areas  To have progress payments ready upon milestones or dates per contract  To be aware of possible project delays Outline Your Expectations! The Contractor Expects…
    • 14. 14 Outline Your Expectations! The Client Expects… Clients expect contractors to be the experts.  Clients expect the Contractor…  To research any local ordinances or special permit requirements.  To have a detailed contract  To have a progress payment schedule based on milestones/dates in contract  To have a specific construction time-line  To be available for decisions  To have an established form of quick communication  To schedule face-to-face weekly meetings  To be pragmatic and solution oriented  To schedule finish choice deadlines  To continually update on the good, bad and ugly  To have an agreed upon change order process  To pass all trade inspections  To review what aspects of the project will be tackled by subcontractors  To have signed subcontractor/vendor lien releases prior to payment  To request payments when milestones/dates have been met according to contract  To have product demonstrations as necessary and final project walkthrough
    • 15. 15  Each project is unique, ask questions…  Where will you live during construction? (cost vs comfort)  Where is everything? (Even the cleanest job site is dusty, loud, supplies, equipment and lots of strangers in your home)  Furniture (move and protect)  Valuables (remove from property)  Pets (“Where is Peanut?”)  Landscape (“My azaleas are smashed!”)  Organization (what to do with all the stuff during the improvements) Decisions, decisions, decisions…
    • 16. 16 Finishing Smoothly! Your contractor should want a referable client!  Contractor pre-punch list and client final punch list  Lien releases: Sub-contractor(s) and materials supplier(s)  Demonstrations and maintenance  Final Inspection  Warranty: Ask about SB 800, 10 year warranty  NEVER make a final payment before the project is finished  30 day Customer Survey
    • 17. 17 Expectations Remodeling your home and life Presented by Nickolas Sosa CEO S3 Design Group HOME IMPROVEMENT BUILDERS
    • 18. 18 Remodeling your life (Part 1)  Dealing with feelings… What’s your approach?  Stress  Anger  Frustration  Non-Agreement  Disappointment  Envious
    • 19. 19 Remodeling your life (Part 2)  Encouragement  Patience - Expect that things will go wrong  Forgiveness - Expect humans to be at your home working  Consideration - Expect there are two sides to every story  Understanding - Expect every decision has implication  Take your time - don’t rush it; this too shall pass  Ensure quality - don’t compromise long term happiness  Finish smooth - enjoy your remodel for years to come
    • 20. 20 Contact us today (408)-629-9906 Let’s build something special CEO Nickolas Sosa (business owner, Real Estate Broker, General Contractor, Certified green builder) who has been intricately involved in all aspects of home improvement from residential design to interior space planning; from construction estimating to project management, says, “our team is committed to work together for your benefit; S3 Design Group is in the business of providing a refreshing experience.”