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SproutUp and Rypple
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SproutUp and Rypple


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SproutUp group talks about Rypple

SproutUp group talks about Rypple

Published in: Business

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  • 1. story & stuff daniel debow SproutUp Oct.20.2010
  • 2. background my spiel startup v1 startup v2 useful stuff
  • 3. Daniel Debow Stanford LLM, UofT JD/MBA, Western BA(psych) Workbrain co-founder + VP, Corp Dev & Marketing Rypple co-founder + co-CEO Bass player & music lover New dad background/me
  • 4. David Stein McGill Comp Sci Workbrain co-founder, EVP, Chief Strategist Rypple co-founder + co-CEO Oenophile 2 boys background/my partner
  • 5. STARTUP V1 the workbrain era
  • 6. where it all started workbrain startup v1
  • 7. me & workbrain co-wrote the biz plan hired tons of people sales ops, marketing, corp dev went public & got us sold startup v1
  • 8. sold in 2007 for $227MM 97 89 57 34 17 0 4 2000 2002 2004 2006 revenue (US$ MM) startup v1 8
  • 9. wanted post-workbrain high growth, high margin businesses startup v2
  • 10. a business screen software enabled peer-production huge market change in channels startup v2
  • 11. a real problem not enough feedback at workbrain startup v2
  • 12. STARTUP V2 the founding of rypple
  • 13. 75% People hate performance reviews *Bersin Associates Research
  • 14. Proof of concept c-level buyin & quick adoption startup v2
  • 15. “Game changing management idea” startup v2
  • 16. Seed financing $5M+ edgestone, peter thiel, & angels fund product/market fit startup v2
  • 17. Early hires driven, smart, humble, fun general purpose initially, stars from workbrain startup v2
  • 18. Early users 1000’s of innovative tech & creative co’s startup v2
  • 19. Social software that makes feedback easy startup v2
  • 20. Series A $7M round lead by Bridgescale funds for scaling the machine startup v2
  • 21. LITTLE BITS OF SEMI-USEFUL ADVICE What I’ve learnt so far
  • 22. Caveat “Nobody knows nothing.” * William Goldman
  • 23. Know yourself passion ! hobbies find teachers & mentors risk sucks. love risk. useful stuff
  • 24. Starting don’t believe your bull$#!% talk to lots of people iterate useful stuff
  • 25. Partnerships diff. strengths + viewpoints = great decisions great b/s detector …it’s a marriage useful stuff
  • 26. People #1 job – build a killer team A-players from the beginning exit gracefully, but exit useful stuff
  • 27. Money dig your well before you need water build trust: create a market for you understand investors’ incentives useful stuff
  • 28. Culture is a competitive advantage takes time to gel we try: driven, smart, humble, fun useful stuff
  • 29. Metrics be data driven but, not too much Iterate on bigger changes useful stuff
  • 30. Product focus on bright spots be a relentless killing machine really know your customer useful stuff
  • 31. At work trust + transparency + autonomy = performance feedback-based learning culture the journey has to be fun useful stuff
  • 32. resources
  • 33. Useful? We’re hiring! Get in touch @ddebow