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  1. 1. Speaking & Writing 2Group Slide Presentation: Week 13Group:HName:Ryo Obata1.Introduction to How Craigslist Works Craigslist.org used all over the world in cities more than 450 isone of the websites where there are many visitors all over theworld and can access the advertisement site of the item of almostall categories. It is a book and spreads through all the house, offerof a position and purchasing things. As for founder Craig new mark and the CEO gym back merstudio of Craigslist, contact provides the convenient method thatit is possible for with many people in a user in community toaccess almost all advertisements spread by advertising. It is veryeasy to put an advertisement in Craigslist, and it is very easy toread the advertisement again as a user.
  2. 2. 2. The Craigslist Network(1) Craigslist is divided into the site of various community andconcentrates on it, and an advertisement is put. There was it atfirst only in the site that I could only identify as the reproductionof the advertisement only in San Francisco, but Craigslistdeveloped in the networks of the world because the eachadvertisement section developed in the world without remainingin only San Francisco by the original idea of the founder Craig numark to read it from other cities. It was Boston that the networkincreased next to San Francisco, and it was 2000. I become able toaccess it from Chicago, Los Angeles, many famous cities includingNew York the two months later, and the access from the citiesmore than 450 to the community site of Craigslist is enabled allover the world.
  3. 3. 3. The Craigslist Network According to the data of craigslist, the following data comealmost every month.・ New classified ad more than 25 million・ Advertisements for help more than 1,500,000・ User assignment more than 75 million・ Photograph for new advertisements more than 10 million・ Access more than 30 million・ Page reading more than 8 billion I insist that the administration team is because ability of theuser community is high as the reason why these are established.Not a tool for craigslist to merely put an advertisement, I bring upjoint consciousness by each helping each other in the communityof the user depending on the use, and it is said that the presentstate consists because each other becomes cooperative.
  4. 4. 4. Craigslist Financials Craiglslist began as a field as a specialized advertisement, butgrew up all too soon as one big company. In 1999, Craigslist wasestablished as an organization for the purpose of the profit.However, own provided the fund, and I was big, and, as for themember of Craigslist, Craigslist grew up because the organizationin itself assumed advertisements an organization to treat becauseit prevented you from being abused it as if paid, being able to useit by using the fund which I gathered in that way. The processbecame strong and was able to grow up to the trustworthypositive community to make the organization which handledmany cities and community.
  5. 5. 5. Craigslist Controversy(1) There is it in a system to strike a person performing fraud asbiggest strategic one which Craigslist community performs off alist. Generally, when an advertisement or community listingabout a fraud exist, community checks a part listed as fraud of theadvertisements that a user should check and makes a falsepurchase record. For the thing which does not play a right role asthe purchase and an advertisement even if there was a site, asystem consists not to be able to perform personal informationand other unethical illegal activity.
  6. 6. 6. Craigslist Controversy(2) The police examine Craigslist to find an advertisementdemanding illegal product or service. The newspapers find agroup performing a fraud through Craigslist and draininformation into the police controlling a prostitution organization.The police did the announcement to find a sex offender in theinformation with the newspaper using Craigslist. The website of Craigslist having a large quantity of informationconsists of many places by a member of much community to be inthat in this way because it is accessed advertisement yesterday.The police and the newspaper are one of the advertisement andcommunity again, too and make ends meet as one form includingsuch an organization.