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  1. 1. How Fingerprint Scanners WorkName:Ryo ObataNo:s11500521. Introduction to How Fingerprint Scanners Work Without dozens of years are going to pass after the fingerprintauthentication function came to be equipped with by a computer,however being used only at a place handling high informationtechnology for the dozens of years; of the generalization was notdone. However, during these past several years, as for the fingerprintauthentication function, it came to be supposed at every place.The high technique called this fingerprint authentication is usedat the many places including the lock function of the keyboard of apolice station and the PC or the apartment and provides safesecurity for our life.
  2. 2. 2. Fingerprint Basics The human lasting fingerprint is one of the strange things. Ihave the identification card which can completely prove oneoneself who the human being is made accidentally, and cursed iton a finger-tip. These are the existence that I had on a finger by aspecific reason. I give an order to a fetus growing by genetic code of DNA, andthe human body changes it into the figure which makes thehuman being the human being. However, a fingerprint iscompletely a random element and is the strange existence that Ido not resemble closely even if I meet by the relations that theblood leads to.
  3. 3. 3. Optical Scanner A fingerprint scanner function includes two basic work. It is afunction I agree with the form of the finger-tip as a pattern fromthe image that got it being necessary to obtain a fingerprintbeforehand and the form of the finger-tip which I obtainedbeforehand, or to recognize. When it gets the image of the finger, there are some recognitionmethods, but it is an optical reader with the CCD camerasrecently to become mainstream. These are things used in a digitalcamera or a video camera, and a scan begins when I put a fingerto the glass plate and I print the place that is gloomy to light upthe upheaval of the fingerprint of the finger and a bright placeclearly and can arrest you.
  4. 4. 4. Capacitance Scanner The fingerprint scanner to grind like an optics scanner starts amountain and the image of the valley to make a fingerprint.However, not print using the light for, the condenser scanner isgoing to catch the image of the fingerprint by canceling an electriccurrent. The sensor consists of a semiconductor chip consisting ofa large number of small aggregate, and I am very than one of thefingerprints one existing on a finger small, and the electriccurrent recovering completely can thin them. A war becomes as a fingerprint the part by reading the voltagecorresponding to each when the scanner recognizes a finger;distinguish it whether do not come true. I let the form of thefingerprint make ends meet as one piece of data by reading everydata with sensor sequence.
  5. 5. 5. Analysis I generally use the shape of various fingerprints as form toshow by a movie or the TV program, but this is not the methodthat is practical when I compare the form of the fingerprint.Because I can let the shape see in the different form by comparingit even if I use the thing of the same form, I cannot completelycompare it. In addition it is dangerous to use the data of thefingerprint by a comparison to make that I steal the shapes of thefingerprint preparation. Therefore many fingerprint authentication systems compare thespecific characteristic part of the fingerprint. I authenticate atarget fingerprint precisely by I concentrate on it, and confirmingonly a characteristic place parting to place that the line of thefingerprint begins, and is over, two.
  6. 6. 6.Lots More Information Some methods that can check whom security system appoints inthe user who admitted it exist. Most systems check security with"lasting thing" "things knowing". It is an identification ofidentification and is checked with passwords. However, I do notnecessarily wear these and I forget it in some cases and may notwear it. However, a fingerprint authentication does not have it. This isbecause the human being cannot lose one of the human elementscalled the fingerprint. These stigmata imitate it and help it insecurity greatly because it is very difficult to forget it.