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  • 1. The DotCom Bubble in California Business Writing Week11 Slide s1150052 Ryo Obata
  • 2. The DotCom Bubble in California● Abstract Storm surge unusual investment and equity investment of real demand Internet-related companies in the United States occurred in the late 1990s. E-commerce companies that can develop during this time it has been turned into the results that you get a lot of wealth. However, this bubble will collapse in the second half of 2002 due to a variety of factors, he was to be many companies collapsed.
  • 3. The DotCom Bubble in California● Why are you going on the DotCom Bubble?(1) In the late 1990s, the potential for e-commerce that can handle a large number of direct interactive communication with consumers is realized, was shaken the existing business model. Many companies run Internet-related investments for this reason, attention was gathered in IT-related companies that provide these services.
  • 4. The DotCom Bubble in California● Why are you going on the DotCom Bubble?(2) Low interest rates in the United States that lasted from 1998 to 1999 was to facilitate the financing of investment funds and venture founded. These factors overlap, to 5000-1000 from 1996 to 2000, the Nasdaq Composite Index increased by a factor of about five.
  • 5. The DotCom Bubble in California● Global Impact Direct investment of IT-related companies are successive in Ireland, Ireland has achieved economic growth, called a "Celtic miracle" riding in this boom. Stock prices of IT-related companies, such as Lenovo Group was conducted IPOs in China at that time was suddenly highs.
  • 6. The DotCom Bubble in California● Economic Bubble Burst However, In 2002, It stock prices will rapidly collapse triggered by the Federal Reserve Board to raise interest rates, there is also the terrorist attacks on the United States, it fell to 1,000 in 2002. Survival of the fittest of Internet companies become increasingly clear, no prospective companies and beginning to collapse, stock market crash ecstatic cool bubble has collapsed.
  • 7. The DotCom Bubble in California● Then DotCom Bubble Burst Although many companies went bankrupt, some very well-known companies (Google, Amazon, etc) will leave a big name by this development, has continued to grow as a company that continues still. What form any, impact the IT industry has given to this bubble is large.
  • 8. The DotCom Bubble in California● Influence in Japan It was decided to grow as a company known for Softbank and Yahoo, and Rakuten in Japan. Was thin at the time of the collapse of the bubble effect. The reason for this was because Japan was plagued by recession followed by a long time before IT bubble.
  • 9. The DotCom Bubble in California● Conclusion The dot-com bubble has a great influence in the world, has been a factor position to develop large companies still continue. However, it also left a large part Tsumeato at the same time. I would not have many of the companies now Without this bubble, it would be unlikely that advances in IT technology still.
  • 10. The DotCom Bubble in California● Reference valley-was-like-right-after-the-dotcom-crash-an-insider- perspective/ http://e- 0E38396E383AB.html %E3%83%89%E3%83%83%E3%83%88%E3%82%B3%E 3%83%A0%E3%83%90%E3%83%96%E3%83%AB