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Motorcycle Competitors Association presentation

Motorcycle Competitors Association presentation



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    Mca2 Mca2 Document Transcript

    • Into theFuture
    • Inaugural Meeting On Thursday 2nd February 2012 a meeting was called in Jhb inviting everyone and anyone involved with or interested in all forms of motorcycle and quad sport. It was resolved at that meeting to commence with an association of motorcycle sports people, run by motorcycle sports people and solely for their benefit, representing their interests at every level. It was agreed that the association would equally represent ALL forms of motorcycle and quad sport as acknowledged by the FIM and that no particular facet would dominate over another. It was agreed that mass numbers of these sports people would have their voices better heard in unison rather than individually. It was agreed that the association would be non-political, would not take sides in any argument or debate between any opposing bodies without considering the benefits or negative impacts on its members. It was agreed that the association would not be for gain and no person would profit from the association or benefit from its activities. It was agreed that current and historical administration of motorcycle sport had been prejudiced because of the entanglement of FIM sports interests with that of the FIA and that the association would endeavour to redress such prejudice. Support was received from all present, including those from both MSA and WOMZA affiliations.
    • Why MCA? The formation of a representative body  Run by motorcyclists for benefit of motorcyclists  Self funded  Lobbying body for  Unification of rules  Motorcycle matters to be run by motorcycle people only.  Diversion of motorcycle funds for motorcycle sports purposes  All matters with all authorities for motorcycle sport  Compulsory insurance  Championship criteria  FIM uniformity  Fair deal for motorcycle sports AND  Greater percentage of motorcycle generated funds returned to motorcycle sports.  Cost minimisation for competitors  Cost minimisation for event organisers  Representation for:  Riders, importers, dealers, sponsors and all associated with motorcycle sport.  Competitors involved in Courts of Enquiry, hearings and disputes.  Sports insurance and medical requirements  Promotion  All forms of motorcycle sports – increase exposure  Media liaison  ROI for sponsors  Social media  Communication  Effective mechanism for communication of motorcycle matters to those interested in motorcycle sports.
    • Cradle to Grave Motorcycle sport is a life-long vocation and most motorcycle sportsmen are involved for decades Motorcycle Sports start for toddlers.  Only Karting on the FIA/CIK side caters for kids) Carries through formative years, teens, twenties to fifties and older for adventure and road motorcycles. Association is tasked to develop “Cradle to Grave” programme that represents all age interests. Examples: Kiddie-X, Track Schools, VMX, Vintage Evolution of kids programme through kiddie-x, kiddie- enduro and development programmes. Evolution of programmes to maintain older competitors using Vintage Motocross, Vintage Rallies and general activity interest. Encouragement of all aspects of entry-level events to bring more people to motorcycle and quad sport.
    • What MCA is not . . . The MCA is not political  It will not take sides between MSA and WOMZA.  It will liaise with the FIM, SA Government, Local, Regional and National Authorities, Dept of Sport and any other body where communication may or will further the cause of motorcycle sport.  It will endeavour to associate with other similar domestic associations and unions – SARPA, SAFPU, SACA to name a few.  It will associate with similar motorcycle unions in other countries. Destructive – it is there to positively engage and to further the interests of motorcycle sports, competitors, dealers, importers and all. A professional body. It will avoid remuneration of officials. At best “out of pocket” expenses only and only when funds available. Commercial: it will not actively seek commercial activity. Specific to one or more facets. It is to represent all forms of motorcycle and quad sport and competitors. An event or race organiser.
    • Apathy Has hurt motorcycle sports incredibly badly Will kill off any efforts at an association that can succeed for us The success or failure of this association embryo rests with each and every motorcycle and quad sports person and every company, club and individual associated with motorcycle sports. Collectively we are over 100 000. Individually we are alone.
    • Process Interim committee  Rep from each province (as defined by government – not current “regions”)  A rep from each facet and discipline: Circuit, MX, Quads, Off-Road, Enduro etc) Start Off Committee  Ian Mirk (ex MSA, Rover, Off-rd and Enduro racing)  Russell Ferreira (owner, e-dirt, quad-torque)  Gavin Williams & Gareth Ireland (VMX)  Darren Wedderburn (General)  Need reps from  MX  Circuit racing  Trials  Importers  Officials  Provinces  Any other: women/kids/media etc. Interim Committee to:  Finalise constitution  Finalise Mission & Purpose statement  Execute recruitment drive  Constantly communicate to members.  Receive ideas  Lobby where urgent issues need addressing  Finalise and execute date and procedure for voting within reasonable time.
    • How do we attract members?We spread the word – with YOU helping!• Dealerships• Clubs• Compilation of database• We target the kids – pester power• Social Media: E-Dirt, Quad-Torque, Wild Dogs. • Facebook Page • Twitter• Print media: Lobby print media for free ad space • Enduroworld already committed• TV: reminders through Two Wheels with logo and contact.• Website with links• Every member knows one person that is not a member and is a biker – get them!
    • Start Up Cost - MoneyManagement R50.00 Joining fee Get rid of “tyre kickers” who will make noise but no effort. Annual Subs: Interim Committee to decide and justify, identifying core value for cost. Joining fees to be placed in trust. Ant Daniels (CA, SA)(Treasurer of Rover) has agreed to administer funds in Rover account until bank account open and will then transfer. No initial monies to be spent unless deemed vital to start up.
    • Thank You Talk is easy Apathy will kill off the initiative Joining forms are included. Get yours in and be part of the process! Circulate this presentation – do NOT watch from the sidelines! Help to gather all of us who love motorcycle sports, and make them all better than they are! To send mail for more info, click on button!
    • It is your privilege and right to belong to MCA. quad sport and to ensure positive messages are broughtAs a motorcycle or quad (quadricycles) sports to the public, the authorities; environmental bodies andperson, you deserve to become a member of MCA. Your organisations and all possible stakeholders.support promotes a better future for everyone in the To ensure decisions taken for each aspect of motorcycleworld of motorcycle and quad sports. Apply now to join sport are made in the best interests of that sport, bythe Southern African Motorcycle Association. people within the sport and which reflect what the majority of stakeholders in that sport require;Collective Power & Strength representing the NationsMotorcycle & Quad Sportsmen & Women. To maintain freedom from unjust and unlawful rules andThis is an association of those with a collective interest to regulations affecting each members career inprotect and promote their particular type of motorcycle motorsport;or quad sport, their conditions and safety through To provide a medium through which motorsportcollective bargaining and individual representation on competitors may express their views on issuesgrievance and disciplinary matters. This is precisely what concerning the well-being of both themselves as well asMCA is; a union of individuals, corporate their sport;sponsors, dealers, importers and distributors, organisingclubs, sponsors and officials that represents the interests To provide competitors with advice and/orof SA motorcycle and quad sport. representation with authorising and permit issuing bodies of motorsport control and individual regionalMCA Members committees, with local and national organs ofMCA is founded in 2012 and will grow to many members government and with the Department of Sport.... a development that represents the increasing need for To ensure certain minimum conditions of events toan association with "muscle" to negotiate on behalf of us protect competitors from exploitation;all. Membership is open to allindividuals, clubs, officials, sponsors, dealers, distributors To provide legal advice and assistance in relation to, marshals and officials. standard competitors conduct and with grievance and disciplinary procedures and to attend and representMCA Purpose and Format them at hearings;The Association is completely democratic in its structure To ensure expert opinion is expressed to the controllingwith no appointed officials – all are elected. A simple and body/ies of motorsport and to engage, constructivelystreamlined structure with a National Council and sub- with them for the benefit and practical desires of itscommittees under which regional councils and regional members;subcommittees operate. Once joined you will receive To assist in personal growth in motorsport for itsfrequent requests for your opinion and vote on issues members;and will become part of MCA’s decision-making andelectoral processes. To create local and national heroes within all FIM motorsport categories, to encourage internationalWhat does MCA stand for? competition and to attract sponsorships and mentors forTo promote and protect the interests of competitors our leading sportsmen and women.involved in sports activity which falls under the To encourage and promote fair play and goodinternational rules of the FIM (Federation Internationale sportsmanship in all facets of motorcycle and quad sport.le Motorcyclisme) and to safeguard their rights;To strive for the improvement of each aspect of oursports as well as costs and conditions for competitors;To market and advertise each facet of motorcycle and
    • No-one knows what the money paid to the Voting Procedurescontrolling bodies is used for. MCA is there to At all times voting procedures shall be byexplain, to establish exactly where our money proportional representation, such representationgoes, to ensure it is spent fairly, representatively limited to a maximum of 20% and a minimum of 5%and proportionately to those who contribute and of a group of representatives. E.g. If Gauteng hasimportantly that your facet of motorcycle sport, is the 40% of members, the regional vote shall be limiteddirect beneficiary of the proceeds of any imposed to 20% and conversely, if Northern Cape has 2%, itfines – on a transparent and accountable basis. shall be afforded not less than 5% of votes. The notion of voting by proportional representationSupport MCA. shall be enshrined in the Constitution/Articles ofMCA members are encouraged to become involved MCA and may only be amended by individual votein the associations activities through the many MCA of more than 80% of paid up members.meetings, competitors and facet committees and theMCA annual general meeting. Constitution The Interim Committee shall, as its first course ofWhat MCA Is Not business, draw MCA’s constitution, any requiredMCA is not anti-establishment and does not exist to Articles and/or rules and shall have suchbe confrontational with the controlling bodies. It Constitution/Rules/Articles prepared by a practisingdoes not seek to create, form or provide a Attorney of not less than 10 years standing, and“breakaway” from the existing controlling bodies in vetted in the interests of members, by a furtherorder to secure an FIM affiliation. It does not engage Attorney (of not less than 10 yearsin any discriminatory practices. It is a servant of the standing), admitted in a second province.competitors of motorcycle and quad sport andcompetition and exists only to further the aims as Financestated above. Initial members of MCA will be called upon to pay a refundable admission fee of R50.00. These moniesPractical Application will be held by Ant Daniels (CA.SA) currentMCA commenced on 01 Feb 2012 under the treasurer of Rover Club and identified separatelyguidance of an appointed interim committee, such and shall not be used for any private purpose. Thecommittee formed by representatives picked from monies shall be refundable should MCA not form.amongst the motorcycling sports community and Subsequent admission and annual fees shall bewho shall form and control MCA until the first determined only by the elected committee and theelections which shall be hold by no later than 01 monies held by Rover transferred.Sep 2012.Initial representatives will be requested to fun all Summarytheir own participation (unless sponsored privately) MCA is intended to be by far the most powerfulin any meetings such that all initial membership fees competitor’s voice in South African motorcycle sport.of MCA remain intact and for use by the first It shall engage with sportingdemocratically elected committee. commissions, regulatory bodies, SASCOC andThe initial interim committee shall comprise other government bodies at national and regionalnominated representatives from each province level and shall be the non-profit servant of(kindly note: not MSA ”region” as 50% of motorcycle competitors.competitors are in one region), from each club withparticipating members (i.e. not a post box club) It shall further notify the FIM of its existence, engageand from each facet of motorcycle sport (e.g. therewith where necessary and inform the FIM ofMX, Enduro, circuit, trials, super-moto) the scope and extent of its representation and it’sThese shall be known as “Regional”, “Club” and standing in the South Africa Motorcycle Sporting“Facet” representatives. community and its views and concerns.