5  Tools For  Effective  Facebook  Marketing
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5 Tools For Effective Facebook Marketing



Tools on Facebook plus interesting theories on a schism between earned and paid media.

Tools on Facebook plus interesting theories on a schism between earned and paid media.



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5  Tools For  Effective  Facebook  Marketing 5 Tools For Effective Facebook Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • The 5 Tools for EffectiveFacebook MarketingJustin KistnerSr. Manager of Social Product MarketingDan ZarrellaSocial Media Scientist @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Social Is The #1 Online Activity• Social media is not only the most popular activity online, it grew the most at 48% growth over last year.• Social media was the most popular activity last year. It also grew the most last year tripling in time spent over 2008.• Users spend 4 times as much time on social networks than they do email.• Users spend a 1/3 less time on email this year than they did last year. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Fortune 100 site traffic decreasing Yearly change in Unique Visits – Fortune 100 (2009-2010) 150.00% Cisco systems (139%) 100.00% 50.00% 0.00% -50.00% Phillip Morris (-76.3%) -100.00%• Average percentage drop was 23.02%• 68% of companies experienced negative growth in unique visits from 2009 –[1] Unique visits [1] monitored between Nov 2009 – Nov 2010 2010 were @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • FACEBOOK FANS SITE VISITORS (MO.)19,800,000 1,800,00022,700,000 270,00016,900,000 290,0008,000,000 325,000 @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Facebook’s Value Proposition Website Integration Pages Ads Apps Analytics @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Visit Everyday 76% 50% FANS ARE Friend Network 310HARDCOREFACEBOOK 130 USERS Links ClickedFans Avg. User 5.1 1 @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Existing customers 84% Want exclusive offers & benefits FANS ARECUSTOMERS 83% LOOKING FOR DEALS, Buy more after becoming a fan NEWS & 36%COMMUNITY @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Site@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Like Button@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Visually creates desire @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Shares a link in the news feed @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Discussion increases reach @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Viral loop@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • And gives you fans to target ad offers @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Pages@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • What drives people to fan? Brand Invite/Ad 75% Friend 59% Search 49% @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Fan Pages@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Reaching fans with wall posts EdgeRank filtered @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • MOST 2-3X - Touching, emotional stories - Provocative, passionate debatesCLICKED ONWALL POSTS 1.5-2X - Important sports wins - Simple, easy questions @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Updates have poor reach Where fan messages go to dieYou try toreach fansby mail @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Ads reach all fansTarget fans • Paid delivery like email • Deploying an app and not notifying fans is like launching the landing page for an email campaign but never sending the email @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Place Pages@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Facebook Deals@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Requires Check In @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Unlocks a deal@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Individual, loyalty, friend, & charity @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Claimed deals become news feed posts @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • That link to your place page @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Event Pages@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Ads@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Running Google Ads to Your Facebook Page @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Social is demand generation @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Search & Social@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Ad Targeting to Increase Feedback Ads Feedback Fans Visibility @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • ECOMM IS HIGHLY SOCIAL Sociability @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • State targeting makes little to no impact on CTR @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Education level impacts CTR @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Segmentation FanTargeting Non-Fan Targeting Friend of Fan Targeting @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Connection Targeting10,401 people 1,352,530 people Web 2.0 Web 2.0 @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • COLDTARGETING .05% Avg. CTR of ads to non-fans VS. FANS .35% Avg. CTR of ads to fans @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Competitive Targeting@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Having fans improves ad performance @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Image Selection@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Ads@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Ad Multiplication InterestImages Ad Copy Targeting InterestImages Ad Copy Targeting Interest Unique AdImages Ad Copy Targeting Combos InterestImages Ad Copy Targeting InterestImages Ad Copy Targeting @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Ad Burnout@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Apps@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Landing Page Choices Facebook Assets Website @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Landing Page Choices50%+ Facebook AssetsROI & Satisfaction Website @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Facebook is a destination site @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Engagement Apps@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Commerce Apps@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Social Commerce• Analysts project $30 billion in Facebook store commerce by 2015, from $0 last year @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • 2-4% Conversion RatesFACEBOOKCOMMERCE STATS 17% Social Engagement Rate 2:50 Avg. Time per Visit (50% growth Q1 20 @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Contests@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Gamification@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Extended Permissions @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Busy Tabs Make Bad Landing Pages Ads 2000 pxNewsfeed 10 appsPosts too busy• Using a single tab is like linking all Google Ads to your home page• Need targeted landing apps @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Analytics@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Earned Media Display Ad Example Vs.@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Lead Value@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Direct Coupon RedemptionAttribution can be tracked through the redemption of coupons that areexclusive to Facebook pages. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Geographic Split Testing @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Facebook Insights@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Page & Graph Data@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • App measurement @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  • Questions? @justinkistner @danzarrella@justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools