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Social media liberal party
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Social media liberal party


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • Socialite Media has been flown over to Canberra to speak to government on social media
  • Software Development – Any social media softwareAnalytics – by product of Brand Campaign ManagementTraining and Education – By product of social media strategy (extra cost)Brand Campaign Management – Having an assigned account manager (12 months)Ad Campaign – Facebook Advertising Management (12 months)
  • Graph was largest study of it’s kind – of CMO’s around the world – showcasing that customer loyalty is the highest priority in the digital age.
  • Source – Neilsen Report – Australian Statistics
  • The experience with key WA newspapers including Mon - Fri and Sat, has shown a declining circulation and readership over the last three years While at the same time there has been more than a 9% increase in population
  • Try and tie together the two areas of social and mainstream that they can compliment each other but social obviously has more reach.
  • Australian Stats direct from Facebook.30K new sign ups on facebook alone in Australia showing that it is not going down but increasing in popularity.Demographic is wide now and the fastest growing demographic 55 – 65 year old women.Australia is ranked number 1 in the time usage of facebook above and beyond UK and America – averaging 7.8hrs per week
  • Great opportunity for synergistic marketing between social and traditional. How can we capitalise off this to build an online asset?
  • The Social Strategy is the foundation of the brand and not campaign management. This is the “always on” approach and overall strategy for the organisation and the campaign management comes and goes.
  • Evidence Based Strategic Work – and a team of 25 that allow for timely and relevant social media information to apply to a strategy. No other company has this at their fingertips.I went there on Tuesday and saw how it all operates
  • Earned media is where Socialite Media comes in.
  •  As social media becomes more widespread among the public at large, more and more voters will us Social Media to engage. Back in the 1990’s, once a significant portion of the voting public started using the Internet, it was inevitable that they would seek out political information and community on the static net.
  • Organize conservatives more effectively using Social Media Platforms.Encourage conservatives on the sidelines to engage. Micro-target messages to Liberal friendly demographics via paid media
  • Gather feedback and intelligence for campaign/party decision makers.Cheaper, more cost effective than polling data; pulse of the people.Allows deeper analysis within the 24 hour news cycle, tracking of trends.
  • Reduce reliance on the mainstream news media; Journalists who may be unsympathetic to conservative message.Use social media to outline policy positions effectively, in an engaging ecosystem. Exclusive launch of new policies, announcements etc on social media.
  • Leverage off current events, government announcements to engage with your current audience.Build community by being consistent with content and receptive to feedback.Encourage Liberals to engage via Social Media and undertake a content strategy that will energize and stimulate discussion.
  • Provide some wording
  • Target women aged 25-45.Invite users to submit a Women of Western Australia: Dreams of “”our future” entry at the Facebook page.Enter text in 200 words or less on: Your hopes, dreams and ideas for the future of Western Australia?5 winners asked to participate in a video portraying their unique family story, their life with their hopes, ideas for future of WA.Top 30 entries published online at, in the West Australian and in TV advertising campaign.
  • Conduct a Town Hall style open forum with the Premier.Promote the event as WA’s first ever Social Media Town Hall.Take question in real time from Twitter, via moderator (Louise Burke at The West) interactive big screen.Take prepared questions via Youtube.Questions submitted on Facebook.Stream live online. Base the town hall around several key issues: Transport, Retail Trading Hours, Crime/Law and Order.Invite civic leaders from across the community.Invite top Perth social media users.Invite main stream media partners to sponsor/co-promote the event.Use the event as an unofficial election campaign launch.In association with commercial media- 7 Network/The West/Sky News Australia or West TV?
  • Weekly series inviting questions from key Liberal party candidate, MP or Minister. Users vote on top question each week by like. Conducted via Facebook post.Ask Chris!
  • Post a video to Youtube asking a question on our topic of the week: Taxes, Education, Retail Trade etc.Minister, Member responds via Youtube
  • Use to stream Liberal Party news conferences, major announcements, speeches etc.Bring these feeds to Facebook, Twitter and encourage local news websites – Perthnow, WAToday, The West to stream live
  • Social Media Users Asked to nominate candidates for West Aussie of the Year.Nominees voted by social media, via app voting system.Winner announced by Premier at event via Social Media.
  • Facebook app/ smartphone appOutlines the projects the WA Liberals have proposed, currently undertaking and completed in their first term in office.Allows users to zoom in, click on projects across Western Australia.User enters their suburb or post code, app loads interactive map of projects in their area by distance.Projects underway in green, finished in purple, proposed in orange. Users asked to vote on which project they like most..Voters can vote on projects they like most.See Discover app for how it may look.
  • Building an interactive easy to understand series of youtube videos known as webisodes (no more then 30 seconds long) used to draw attention to the benefits of a Liberal Party Policy.
  • Allows users to sign up to Volunteer, Donate or become a member of the Liberals.Allows user to share action with their Network
  • Transcript

    • 1. Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention Social Media Proposal
    • 2. corporate profileAustralia’s leading social media agency.
    • 3. Why Socialite Media? • Pre-Government Approval under CUA to provide social media services • Government and Community experience • Leading national social media agency with highly skilled qualified staff • A team of account managers that execute social media daily, allowing us to know the latest information to apply to your brand • We build Facebook applications • Specialised IPhone Application Development • Software Integration into social media platforms • Software Development to any specification with leading edge technologyexperts
    • 4. Complete social media solutions Socialite Media helps companies stand out and go beyond their potential, they can deliver the entire solution. We have highlighted the ones applicable to your organisation. Social Media Strategy Training Brand/Cam and paign Mngt Education Complete Social Media Solution Analytics Ad and Campaign Reputation Mngt Monitoring Software Developingsolution
    • 5. understanding the social landscapeIt’s not IF you use social media, it’s how well you execute it.
    • 6. Enhancing Customer Loyalty • 73% of users prefer to interact with their favourite brands through social media • 7.8 hours average time spent per week on social media sites • 2 Brands number of additional brands selected to like/follow each week • 9 out of 10 consumers in OECD “trust” earned media more than any other. Organisations have an average tenure of just three to four years in which to make their mark Enhancing customer loyalty is their focus in the digital agelandscape
    • 7. Future of Digital Buying in Government consumer marketer The Consumer gets most of the information from the internet,digital whereas the current marketer spends most of the budget on print.
    • 8. Newspaper Readership Vs Population Clearly shows WA population increasing but newspaper readershipnews decreasing....their new source of news and information? It’s social media.
    • 9. Social Media Reach Vs Mainstream Mediareach
    • 10. government campaign examplesprovide direction and engage.
    • 11. The Line Campaign Multi Million Dollar Campaign Four year social marketing campaign aimed at : • changing violence- supportive attitudes in an effort to effectively reduce the incidence and impact of violence • Primary prevention focuscampaign
    • 12. The Line Campaign Channels • Magazines, Radio • Public Relations program Heavy digital and online focus • Central website – • Social media • Website advertising • Search engine optimisation Results • Over 65,000 fans • Status updates • Cross link to website • FAQs and polls • Discussions tabcampaign
    • 13. The Line Campaign Results Campaign is having positive impact on the behavior and intentions on those it reached: • 79% claimed it improved their understanding of the kind of behavior considered ‘crossing the line’ • 76% intend to do something as a result of the campaign e.g. reduce/stop behavior • Significant decline in ‘crossing the line’ behavior amongst 12-24yos reached by the campaign • Self-confessed bullying behavior declined amongst 12-24yos • 84% identify campaign message that ‘Respect is the basis of all good relationships’campaign
    • 14. Community Engagement Actively using twitter hashtags to engage with their community. Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. #mythbuster NSW and QLD Forces have successfully used Twitter and Facebook to quickly squash rumour and misinformation. #feedback Both forces are able to gain valuable and often instant insights into what their audiences like, don’t like and want.campaign
    • 15. Enhance Public Perception “We can sell the good work my police are doing. A lot of stuff we do people don’t see. Traditionally we had to rely on local newspapers and traditional media to put a story in. Now we can put those stories on our own Facebook page. Having the two-way communication helps to increase the public’s perception of police and what we do” Gary Merryweather - NSW Police Superintendent
    • 16. How do you stand out from the rest?Social Strategy “The foundation of organisational success”Social Campaigns “Management of social pages, creativecampaigns and daily building of market”Social Advertising “Targeted Advertising through social media”Synergistic Advertising “Working Traditional and Socialcampaigns together”
    • 17. social strategythe foundation of organisational success
    • 18. The AB © Social Strategy When an organization embarks on a strategy it should have already decided that it wants to embark on a journey into the social media space or deepen its knowledge and understanding of the space through an evidence and systematic based approach. The aim of the strategy is define a methodical approach to developing a comprehensive strategy that will reduce time and effort and produce great results.strategy
    • 19. The AB © Social Strategy • Developed by Dr. Clare Allen and Tenille Bentley. • Clare has over 20 years experience in strategy, people and leadership and has taken organisations to achieve great success • Tenille Bentley is the MD of the largest social media agency in Western Australia Why the strategy? In this decade of rapid social media use, companies are competing for brand loyalty to increase sales; recruit staff or make people aware of what they offer. So many companies are experiencing a lack of preparedness to manage the social media arena, having the right advice is crucial to success.strategy
    • 20. The AB © Social Strategy Framework
    • 21. The End Result…… We will ignite, provide direction and inspire your council to effectively use a social media strategy as a platform to build trusting relationships with your community.result
    • 22. Social Media & PoliticsAustralia’s leading social media agency.
    • 23. Estimate according to Social Media News Australia april-2012/
    • 24. • 1.1 million Western Australian’s between the ages of 18-65 active on Facebook.• Represents a significant pool of voters.• Completely untapped resource, no party has attempted any significant push.
    • 25. • As social media becomes morewidespread, the voting public will usSocial Media to engage.
    • 26. • Use Social Media to elicit campaign contributions, volunteers, new members.• Encourage members, supporters to actively engage on Social Media with members and candidates• Encourage these advocates to invite their contacts into the conversation
    • 27. • Use Social Media to activate current party supporters• Organize conservatives• Encourage conservatives on the sidelines to engage.• Use Paid Social Media to micro-target.
    • 28. • Use Social Media to gather intelligence for campaign/party decision makers.• More cost effective than traditional polling.• Allows deeper analysis within 24hr news cycle• Track trends over time
    • 29. • Leap the mainstream news media; avoid Journalists who may be unsympathetic to conservative message.• Use social media to outline policy positions effectively, in an engaging ecosystem.• Exclusive launch of new policies, announcements etc on social media.
    • 30. • Use social media to tell positive stories about the Liberal Party, celebrate the community, Western Australia and success.• How has a policy helped a family, individual or organization to achieve success?• Use video, pictures to tell compelling stories on Youtube.• Leverage these stories on traditional media, provide edited version as 30 second TV commercials. Invite viewers to see full video online social media.• Leave the attack ads to radio, TV, print.
    • 31. • Leverage current events, government announcements to engage with your constituents.• Build community by being consistent with content and receptive to feedback.• Encourage Liberals to engage via Social Media and undertake a content strategy that will energize and stimulate discussion.
    • 32. The Social Media Objective The goal throughout these campaigns is to transform public perception of the Liberal Party as a positive & inclusive political party. Using effective social media campaigns to build brand awareness and a welcoming, engaging social ecosystem aimed at swing voters aged 18-45.objective
    • 33. social media execution explained Facebook Twitter Youtube 1 – 2 posts per day on main 15 Tweets or more per day Uploading any video’s Execution business page wall 25 Conversations daily with produced and then finding 15 conversations daily on other influential twitter other youtube videos that other targeted pages users. we can place on our channel wall. Localised commenting & Connecting to individuals Upload any TV Engage create discussions around who are like minded appearances, showcasing each post made client testimonials, educational videos and spread them through other social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) Represent your Find key influencers in the Find other YouTube videos organisation on other twitter space to connect that could compliment the Facebook pages engaging in with and encouraging youtube channel conversations with targeted retweets and mentions groups to encourage them across to the pages Respond within 2 hours of Review any comments daily Review any comments daily Risk Mngt any negative feedback and ensure appropriate and ensure appropriate (within business hours) response times response times Respond to all comments Engaging in retweets Respond to any comments Listening on the wall, if unsure of the (forwarding messages) and made on the wall query will contact you mentions as well as directly to source dictation. conversationsconnect
    • 34. Main Banner with key message or campaign message One Life... One Life Example of wall postings. Ever tuned into your radio? On your head?Facebook What would it play or say if it could?
    • 35. Social Media Influence Strategy By using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube the campaign manager will create targeted daily posts and implement the strategies and Daily Posts Campaigns campaigns all with the Facebook approach to gain support from the key influencers in Strategies this channel. If we focus our efforts on Social influencers through these Platform channels we increase the Youtube Twitter market penetration and Key therefore increase support Influencers and extended brand awareness.IncreaseInfluencers Blogs
    • 36. Liberals working the Social Media spaceit all begins with the idea.
    • 37. campaign conceptsit all begins with the idea.
    • 38. • Ask Chris!
    • 39. • Live from Parliament: Budget Day • Colin Barnett Live
    • 40. educate
    • 41. “Just signed up to the WA Liberals. Help us work to build our future.Volunteer, Donate, Join“
    • 42. synergistic advertisingtraditional and social working in synergy
    • 43. Synergistic Advertising This technique is getting traditional (print media, tv campaigns, billboard, radio) to work in synergy with the social media campaigns. Using effective campaigns together allows us to capture the traditional market and convert them to a social media asset in the social pages. This allows for continued engagement that wouldn’t get through traditional advertising.objective
    • 44. social media advertisingAustralia’s leading social media agency.
    • 45. Facebook Ads & Sponsoredstories to reach people you are connected to ANDTHEIR FRIENDS
    • 46. Facebook Advertisingadvertise
    • 47. Facebook Advertisingads
    • 48. Targeted Facebook Advertising Targeted advertising like never before through social
    • 49. Facebook Advertising & Sponsored Stories Sponsored Stories Highlights activity of a users friends interaction with a given brand; liked the page, checked in or posted to the page wall. Facebook Ads Create ads from scratch, upload a picture, enter your own copy. Or create an ad from a business page poststories
    • 50. Best practices for Facebook Ads Stories with engaging content far greater chance of driving user action Photos, polls, videos & strong copywrite are good tactics to increase engagement by up to 2x Use Facebook ads when you have an important, timely message that needs a lot of reach Product launch, upcoming sale Use bold visuals and simple images with a clear focal point Saturated colors help the creative stand out against the site’s white background Top performing ads feature close-up images and a single color that stands outadvertise
    • 51. experienceexperts in the industry
    • 52. Tenille was flown to Canberra to speak at Social Media in Government recently and was a keynote for the event. “I found her presentation skills to be excellent and her knowledge of the topic to be very thorough, further demonstrated by her ability to comprehensively answer questions. - Principal Project Officer, Public Sector Commission“Tenille has spoken at a number of digital courses. She is livelyand engaging speaker with a lot of social media knowledge andsome good anecdotes. I highly recommend her as a speaker- Digital Business Consultant, Collaboraid “Tenille was an excellent presenter and her high energy and strong interpersonal skills were very well received by the audiences. - Economic Development Manager, City of Perth Tenille was a very inspirational and motivational speaker , feedback from guests was the speaker was outstanding and spoke from the heart. - Principal, Magnificent Seven
    • 53. Socialite Media’s commentary and advice is regularly sought by leading industry bodies acrossthe finance, mining, small business, retail, charity, entrepreneurial, and government sectorsAmongst the organisations to have sought her commentary are;• MLC • Spinal Research Association – DGE• The Australian Financial Review • The Chamber Of Minerals and Energy of• CHOGM Western Australia• Synergy • The Franchising Council of Australia• Australian Government – ACT • CPA Congress• Association of Development and Alumni • Legal Wise – Lawyers Association Professionals in Education • Department of Communities• City of Perth • The West Australian Club• Media140 • Curtin University• Financial Planners Association • Australian Human Resources Institute• Association of Financial Planners • HLB Mann Judd• 92.9 and 94.5 staff • University of Western Australia• International Hair Dresser Association • Bankwest• Sensis • City of Rockingham• Fundraising Institute Australia WA State • Canberra Government Conference • WA Government Agencies
    • 54.