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Finding an Attorney
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Finding an Attorney


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This brief set of slides is meant to help you seek out an attorney (especially for the State of Hawaii). By providing some vocabulary, things to think about, a process, and sample questions to ask a …

This brief set of slides is meant to help you seek out an attorney (especially for the State of Hawaii). By providing some vocabulary, things to think about, a process, and sample questions to ask a potential attorney. The hope is that it makes a less daunting task than some people make it.

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  • 1. Finding and Choosing an Attorney by Ryan K. Hew, Attorney At Law (@RKhewesq) 808-944-8400 535 Ward Avenue, Suite 206 Honolulu, HI 96814
  • 2. DisclaimerI am a Hawaii attorney. Therefore, someof the information is for Hawaii. Ingeneral, none of the information presentedhere should be taken as legal advice. If youhave a legal problem you should consult anattorney. The hope is that the informationhere provides some guidance in selecting anattorney.
  • 3. Trust is EverythingAttorneys provide professional services.Like doctors you should TRUST your lawyer.If you don’t, MOVE ON!Attorneys need the whole story to help you inyour matter.No trust --> no truth --> bad results.
  • 4. Who am I?I am a business attorney, with a JD/MBA, onOahu that provides transactional and complianceservices to Hawaii small businesses and startups.But what that translates a lot into is describingwhat I do to people who may be seeking legalservices that I do not provide.Thus I made these slides to help you deal withtrying to find an attorney.
  • 5. Define the ProblemPlease understand that lawyers view your problemsdifferently than you. (i.e. “I got hurt at the store!” =“That is a tort!”)Putting your issue into a legal subject matter will helpyou in your search or at least communicate with yourlawyer better.Many attorneys only practice certain types of law.Your might consider looking for attorneys that fit yourissue.
  • 6. Make a List: You Don’t Need to Go with the First Attorney You Know Now that you know your problem get NAMES from the following sources: family, friends, co-workers, employers, neighbors, other attorneys Lawyer Referral & Information (HSBA) Online resources: directories, websites, blogs Low-moderation income? Consider: Legal Aid Society of Hawaii and similar service providers.
  • 7. Initial Questions: Fees, Billables, Costs Fees and Costs are 2 different things. Question 1: Do you charge a fee for initial consultation, and if so how much? Follow-up Question(s): What is your billable rate? What are the costs associated with my case and what is the extent of your representation?
  • 8. Do I have a Legal Problem?Explain your situation to the attorneyfully, and accurately.Do NOT lie or exaggerate the facts.Tell them about the opposing party. Dothey have counsel?Even if you have a legal case, ask if thereare non-legal options.
  • 9. Lawyer-Specific QuestionsIs this your area of practice? Can you help mewith my case?Do you routinely handle these type of cases?If not, can you refer me to someone else whodoes?If yes, how did your other cases go? Are thefees/costs you quoted me in line with thosecases?
  • 10. Vocabulary Lesson: Attorney BillingYou should get some idea of the legal fees and costs for the matter. The reasonfor the fee should be fully explained and get a written agreement.Understand What These Mean: Retainer Fee - advance payment to the lawyer for a portion of their fee. Fee - an agreed-upon percentage of any monies obtained through settlement, trial or negotiation. Hourly Rate - lawyer’s hourly rate multiplied by increments of time spent on your case. Fixed (or Flat) Fee - a specific amount of money for a specific service. Cost Advance - periodic advance payment to the lawyer for on-going expenses associated with litigation. Mixed fee - a combination of contingency and hourly fees.
  • 11. Some Pet Peeves of LawyersI understand that lawyers may be expensive, but ask yourself do you tryand get the cheapest medical services for you health? Legal services should be viewed similarly.Attorneys come in all different types of practices, if you do not like theirprice or the way they handle matters, move on! Do not force them to get into a bidding war with another attorney.Do not keep trying to get free legal advice, as an attorney’s time is valuablelike yours. Would you appreciate it if people kept coming to your store forfree goods and services? You are paying an attorney for their knowledge, experience, research and writing, and the ability to navigate a complex body of laws to achieve the best results for you.
  • 12. Contact Information for Seeking Legal Help in Hawaii Hawaii Lawyer Referral Service: | (808) 537-9140 Residents in Hawaii please use the following numbers when accessing the Referral Service or the hotline mentioned below: Kauai call 240-0872; Maui 270-0872; Lanai 568-0872; Big Island 930-0872; Molokai 660-0872; Lanai 568-0872. Legal Line Hotline (a service put out by Young Lawyers Division of the HSBA) Volunteer attorneys available to provide legal information and referralsWednesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Call (808) 537-1868. Hawaii Pacific Standard Time. Not available on local or federal holidays. Legal Aid Society of Hawaii: | OAHU (808) 536- 4302 For Other Legal Service Providers please check this website:
  • 13. Mahalo!I hope that helps you. As I stated in theDisclaimer, this is not legal advice. This isthe hope that this bit of informationmakes your search for an attorney inyour matter less intimidating and moreapproachable. Sometimes it takes time tofind someone you can work with. Goodluck!