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Issues a personal response presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Issues a Personal Response
  • 2. Anti-Bullying Advert
    There has been as series of adverts released to try and draw attention to the seriousness of the situation and raise awareness to bullying, particularly amongst young people. One of the first major adverts to try these was an advert for a campaign to raise awareness. Around this time, bands were released and seen fashionable to wear, they represented different issues and were designed for people to show support. Capturing on this success was the beat bullying wristbands and were worn by various Celebrities who were supporting the cause, such as Rio Ferdinand and Sharon Osbourne.
  • 3. Anti-Bullying Advert
    Another one of these types of advert was more recent and was actually banned from TV. It shown a girl aged around 15-16 who was a victim of bullying. It shown her sewing up her mouth (As shown below) and was trying to convey the message about not suffering in silence. The advert is quite hard-hitting but affective at the same time. Below is a link to both of the adverts, the top one is the Wristband ad, the second is the Girl.
  • 4. BeatBullying Website
    BeatBullying provide children and young people and professionals those all important opportunities to make positive and lasting changes to their lives and outlook, in particular, those so deeply affected by bullying that they can barely face going to school that next morning. They work tirelessly to affect that attitudinal change in those that bully, working with them on taking responsibility and a sense of ownership over their actions, building those foundations for change and improvement in chances and opportunities.BeatBullying ensures that the portfolio of programmes on offer, assist whole communities and work seamlessly across local authorities by embedding and sustaining the work, building strong local, regional and national partnerships along the way.
  • 5. BeatBullying Website
    Below is a screen shot of the beat bullying website where the information above was taken from;
  • 6. BeatBullying Website
    The website itself offers many different ways offers many different ways to help the victims and other people researching how to help them. One of its most effective tools is the online mentors in which people can speak online to people about issues involving them or others, they can talk in confidence and their information will not be tracked or recorded.The website has helped thousands of children so far and is continuing to work towards helping thousands more. Through looking at the site, I could see it is very themed around capturing the audience of the younger generation, it uses colloquial language and other techniques you may associate with Teenagers.
  • 7. Anti-Bullying Poster
    This is a Social Crisis Group poster about the effects of bullying. It shows a victim of bullying and uses black and white to create a sinister look and feel to the advert. The boy featured in the campaign is upset and sad looking, portraying the image of a victim of bullying.The poster shows a lack of colour and things like shadow and darkness are favoured instead, due to them conveying a harsher tone and create sympathy from the viewer.
  • 8. Bullying Image
    In this image, we can see how bullying is taking place through a number of photographic techniques. Firstly, the bully in the image is taller and his looking down on his victim. The victim is looking scared and his being physically threatened by the bully. Without the assistance of text or sound, just by looking at the image we can clearly see what is taking place. The bully chosen for the image is taller and has a more dominant stature to his victim.