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  1. 1. Evaluation<br />Issues – A Personal Response C&M Diploma F486 <br />
  2. 2. Feedback Results<br />I released a questionnaire through survey monkey gathering feedback on my products and their effectiveness, as well as peoples view on the issue. I gathered the results you see on the left and I will talk about them in full depth on the next slide.<br />
  3. 3. Feedback Results<br />My results mainly shown a stereotypical view on teenagers surrounding knife crime and over half the results suggested that people think the issue is directly linked with gang culture. Almost everyone said it is more likely to occur in urban areas. As for my products, most people said they deliver the message successfully and nobody said the text of images were upsetting in anyway. My products were rated quite highly by the people who filled out the questionnaire. Overall I am pleased with my results and they give me a huge insight as to how well I created my products and generally set about working on the unit. I can now put my products into clearer context and know how the audience react to them.<br />
  4. 4. Review<br />Gathering the feedback on my products has given me a much clearer and open minded view on how successful they have been towards their intended audience. I personally felt my products were relatively successful, I felt the main aspects that achieved this were the look and layout of the page. The character I used was easy to relate to for the audience due to his age and appearance. I also felt my usage of black and white on the page was very affective in setting the mood for the campaign. It made it look sad, morbid and old which was the exact look I was trying to create. There was however a few things I think are weak in my products and that I would change given the chance to.<br />
  5. 5. Review<br />First of all, it has came to my attention that there are some basic spelling and grammar mistakes in my campaign, particularly on my poster. It goes without saying that I would correct these. I think if I could change other things about my campaign though, I would extend the length of my advert and try and show it from two peoples perspectives. I would also try and find a more sharp and affective slogan to accompany my campaign. Although I would change these kind of things, I feel overall I was relatively successful in what I produced and I am pleased with the unit overall and am glad I could produce a campaign on an issue I feel is very important in modern day society. <br />
  6. 6. Reflection<br />When I first seen the overview of the unit and the tasks we would be completing, I felt a bit apprehensive but excited at the same time. I felt the unit was a good one and had lots of freedom to explore, but I also knew that this was a totally new area to me and I may struggle in certain areas. Before the unit began, I had never used things such as sound recording equipment, blogs, vimeo, tumblr, audio boo or slide share. As we got started on the unit though, I began to tackle and use this software gradually and grew in experience and confidence when using it. It became a regular thing to use this software and by the end almost became second nature. Looking back, I think it was very positive to use and find new skills.<br />
  7. 7. Reflection<br />I began by looking at already existing campaigns and analysing them. I looked at things like ‘How they capture their audience’ ‘Who we think the intended audience is’ and ‘What visual devices do they use to achieve this’. I analysed roughly four separate campaigns include a ‘TH!NK’ campaign and ‘Bernados’ silver spoon campaign. Once I had analysed these campaigns, I presented my findings in a PowerPoint slide presentation and uploaded it on to my blog. I repeated the process for all of the campaigns that I analysed and tried to present them as visually attractive as possible in order to be creative.<br />
  8. 8. Reflection<br />Once I had looked at the campaigns, it was time for me to begin exploring my own choice of issues and how medias have responded to them. I chose to look at ‘Knife Crime’ ‘Drugs’ and the NHS ‘Want Respect Wear a Condom’ advert. I then followed the same procedure for these and uploaded my findings onto the blog. Throughout my work on doing this, I had been recording my progress as a journal and uploading it on to my blog. This is how I can keep track on my progress and has also helped me to write this review and reflection. I kept me well organised and creative by using new methods of keeping track on my progress.<br />
  9. 9. Reflection<br />After completing the various campaign research, I then had to chose my final issue that I would be creating my outcome on. I chose knife crime because I had briefly looked at it earlier and felt it had a lot to offer and I also felt it was a very important and local issue. I began by mind mapping out some ideas that I could use for my campaign style, I came across the idea to theme around the same style as the film ‘Control’ and included this in my paper work file. I then began to produce simple logo, poster and image designs for the work. I also produced a simple storyboard plan of my video advert that I was planning to shoot and ended up sticking to it, only changing one shot.<br />
  10. 10. Reflection<br />I then produced a draft on both my poster and my advert. There were many aspects I felt needed changing so I gathered some feedback from my fellow pupils and used survey monkey to produce a questionnaire. Once I had gathered appropriate feedback, I made the necessary adjustments and completed my final products and uploaded them to the blog. The final section of my of the unit I had to complete was to research into the legal and ethical side of the whole unit, and then to reflect, gather feedback and review my work. <br />
  11. 11. Final Thoughts<br />Overall I feel pleased with the unit as a whole, in sections my attendance let me down, in others it was my basic mistakes that I should not have made, but it has been a huge learning curve and I am pleased at the huge range of new skills I have came out with. I will definitely be applying them to work in the future and I think they make a huge difference to the standard of work you produce as a student. There are things I would change about my work and things I wouldn't change, but overall I made everything originally and for a reason, I tried to create an advert from a new perspective and hopefully, I did achieve this in my own unique way.<br />