The need to set up career pathways


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The need to set up career pathways

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives 1-866-486-4112 781 Spadina Road, Suite B Toronto, Ontario M5P 2X5 Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1
  2. 2. The Need To Set Up Career Pathways Planning your career is not a one time job, rather it is a continuous process, done carefully through time, and although it proves to be a big decision, yet you don’t necessarily have to sweat it. It is an ongoing process of thinking about your interests, skills and values in life that could lead you to become successful in the future. Setting career pathways happen whether you are still at school, a new graduate or already employed and could prove to be challenging but given the right steps to follow, this process could be a life changing experience and an easy one too. Here are the most important steps you need to take for a successful career planning: 1. Know yourself better than anybody else – start by analyzing where you are now in your life. Once you have a better understanding and acceptance of your life, the process will be easier and you could immediately determine where you want to go next and the steps you need to take to get there eventually. After doing these, you can start working on knowing your skills, capabilities, interests and the values you just can’t compromise. Through selfreflection, you will get a clear idea of your goals in life, your options and will carry these new findings with you to the next step. 2. Research – explore the different careers that spark your interest not just because you are happy to do the job but also for growth and development of oneself. Once you have narrowed down your career choices, you can now start researching about the Cosmic Coaching Centre specific skills and qualifications needed to perform the job. By the end of the second step, you have already a list of the top careers to consider and the different learning options that go with it. 3. Start making decisions – Making a good decision is not something you do overnight and expect to get a result in the morning; rather it is done with careful self-reflection and a lot of consideration. It involves narrowing your options down and deciding what is best for you based on the first few steps in order to achieve your goals for the future. 4. Take strategic actions – after careful planning, you are now ready to put your plan into action by using what you have acquired such as your skills, interests, your observation, values and principles to create the plan you have worked on for so long. Based on what you have gathered, you can choose to create more strategies and set goals to strengthen your decision in planning your career. These steps are very basic but everybody needs to start somewhere and with the help of these tips, more individuals will be aware of the importance of career planning. You can now decide which among those steps is important for you and you can start from there. There is no limit in planning your career, just make sure to plan it carefully and effectively. Planning Your Career Pathway in Advance It is always a good idea to plan your career even at a young age so that in time, you will really know what you want to do for the rest of your life. Nowadays, new career paths are developing and traditional ones are easily forgotten, that is why careful career planning plays a crucial role in the success of our future. Different questions rise everyday on whether it is still necessary to plan ahead when new technology unfolds rapidly through time, making some people feel insecure about their current Page 2
  3. 3. aspirations and positions. The key here is to focus on the things that make you happy. You need to develop career goals, strategy and career options according to your personality, values and the things that interests you. Don’t be a victim of the rapid changes that is happening in all parts of the globe. Focus on your plan, do the best you can to achieve your goals and take advantage of the many changes in our economy today. Remember that you are the only one wholly responsible for your career. You need to organize all the planning and the strategies that can bring you a step closer to your goals each day. Here are some of the major advantages in planning your career and hopefully you’ll be convinced by the end of the day: 1. Career planning will help you gain more confidence and knowledge on the different career options that the labor industry throws at your feet. 2. It will assist you in choosing the most perfect career that will fit your lifestyle without compromising your personality and your values in life. 3. It will help you decide which courses to take to bring you closer to your chosen career and the trainings you need to undergo to make you the best option among your competitors. 4. It will allow you to research more on your chosen career, the job description and the requirements you need to provide to meet your possible employer’s standards. This means that you will have more preparation that can help you advance your career in the future. 5. You will be able to interact more with the people who can help you make that very important decision, your family and close friends. Remember that they will not decide for you but they can point Cosmic Coaching Centre out some important factors that you haven’t realized about yourself yet. 6. It enables you to have a backup plan just in case plan A doesn’t work. If you are not aware about the many advantages in career planning, you’ll end up planning the many changes you are about to do in your career. It is like not knowing where you are headed or living a life without a purpose. Planning will help organize your life and let you live the life you have always wanted for yourself so remind yourself everyday that you need to do this. Don’t stop until you achieve your goals. Choosing the Best Job for You Going back to work after being unemployed for decades can be quite scary for most people. There are several reasons why some people leave their jobs and these reasons are unavoidable such as building a family, getting married, undergoing medical treatment, or perhaps due to due to personal reasons. Now for various reasons, such as a divorce, kids have lived on their own, boredom or the need for personal fulfillment; they have decided to go back to work. However this time you need to make sure that you are wellprepared and ready to take on another responsibility aside from the ones you have right now. One of the best ways to reenter the workforce is to choose the best job for you. You might think that your value in the labor market has decreased due to being out of work for a while but you need not worry because you can build yourself up and if you think Page 3
  4. 4. that you still have the same skills and capabilities you had before, then you are definitely just fine. Whether you were a boss or a middle manager, it won’t hurt to start from the bottom but if you ever get an opportunity to get the same position as before then go for it. You just need to be prepared enough for your comeback. You can still take a refresher course and undergo some training to be better than before. Aside from that you can take time to learn the modern technology such as using the computer and the internet to give your soon to be boss the impression that you are qualified for the role they are trying to fill in. Reentering the workforce may seem hard but worth it because if you need self fulfillment as a person then it’s best to do what you have to do. Strive to be happy and help people as much as you can regardless of your status and where you are right now. It doesn’t matter what job you do as long as you are happy and stress-free, then you are in the right place. Here are some of the few jobs that bosses and middle managers can apply for when reentering the workforce. 1. Business Owner – since your skills consist of managing people and seeing that a job is done properly, it would be a good idea to start up your own business. It could be something that sparks your interest and you love to do because you can’t afford to get stressed anymore. You can be the owner and the manager and hire a small number of people to keep your business active and get better in time. 2. Manager – you can work as a manager of a small company or small business in your area, not too far from your house so you can still enjoy quality time with your family. 3. Instructor – Since you are an expert in managing people, it is best to share your knowledge and expertise with people, teaching them the basics about a particular product or job. As a former boss, you will know what to do and how to make them listen. 4. Consultant/Coach – this job will require you to answer questions and impart your skills and knowledge to those who need it. You will help people reach and support their goals. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4