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If you are currently employed, of course you must be thankful that at least, you have a job. But this doesn’t mean that you should be satisfied with it for the rest of your life. Everyone has the right to jump ships and change employers anytime they want to.

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Resume and career services advice

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1Cosmic Coaching CentreCorporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2If you are currentlyemployed, of course youmust be thankful that atleast, you have a job. Butthis doesn’t mean thatyou should be satisfiedwith it for the rest ofyour life. Everyone has the right to jump ships andchange employers anytime they want to. And if youare thinking of advancing your career, it will beinevitable for you to consider changing jobs oremployers. The question is this: is it safe to look foranother job while you are still employed?In most states, employers tend to have very strictrules regarding the conduct of employees. As amatter of fact, employers have the power and theright to fire anyone from their staff for whateverreason they may have, provided that it isn’t related todiscrimination. Looking for a new job while stillunder their payroll is a ground for termination.As a job seeker, you know how important networkingis in your job search. And so, it is recommended evenby experts from resume and career services thatthose who wish to find another place of employmentto start building their network as soon as they can.Here are the things you should not do as you buildyour network even while you’re still employed.Don’t Broadcast Your PlansJob seekers from anywhere in the world find it reallyuseful and helpful to use the social media in their jobsearch efforts. But if you don’t want everyone,especially your boss, to know that you are looking fora different job, it is not a good idea at all to turn tosocial networking sites for your networking.Don’t Meet Potential Employees through Job FairsJob fairs are almost always well attended by both jobseekers and employers. This means that once youparticipate in them, there is a huge possibility thatyou’d see someone familiar with both you and yourcurrent employer. This is a big risk on your part thatyou would want to take.Don’t Share Your Plans with CoworkersIt is not a good idea to let your job or career changeplans known to even your closest coworker. Even ifyou feel you really need some advise, look foranother person to confide on, because if you do thiswith a fellow worker, you will just be putting him orher in a situation where they need to choose betweenyour friendship and their loyalty to the company.It is never an easy taskto look for a job,especially now thatemployers are alreadyvery particular aboutthe individuals that theyemploy. It is for this reason that as a job seeker, youshould not hesitate to spend time in preparing thedocuments you need, such as your resume. There aremany ways you can write your resume, but you maynever know which one is the most appropriate to use.Thus, research is needed for you to have an idea ofwhat an effective resume looks like.
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3Hiring resume and career services is another wayyou can make sure you are submitting a professionallooking resume. While this is an additionalinvestment for you, seeking help from professionalresume writer will boost your chance of landing agreat job. Here is what you should look for in a goodresume.Qualities of an Effective ResumeGood ImpressionAs they say, first impressions always last. As soon asa hiring manager gets hold of a resume, he takes aquick look at it. When he finds something interestingabout a resume, he will surely continue to read it.What this means is that it should be your goal to getthe attention of a prospective employer and makehim want to continue reading your resume.Remember that it takes just 30 seconds for anemployer to decide whether a resume should be keptin his files or be thrown in the trash bin.Concise and SpecificA great resume is one that contains concise andtargeted sentences. For instance, if you want todescribe your duties in the past, you should give thereader a clearer picture of what you used to do. So,instead of stating that you “supervised salespersonnel”, you could state it this way: “supervised15 members of the sales department and closed dealsinstigated by sales people”.Appropriate FormatThe most preferred resume format by employers isthe chronological format. The reason is that such aformat puts more emphasis on the work history ofthe job applicant. This is beneficial on the part of theapplicant also especially if he or she does not haveexcessive employment gap.Preferred SkillsEmployers are always in search for various skills andpersonality traits when choosing the best candidatefor the position. This can be explained by the fact thatevery single position they are looking to fill hasvarying requirements. But in general, and accordingto career coaching experts, companies are in favorof applicants who have excellent communicationskills, great work ethic, outstanding interpersonalskills, adaptability, and organizational skills. Theseare the traits that you need to include in your resumeto be considered for the job you are applying for.If you are using aresume that looksjust like anybodyelse’s resume, then itis definitely not thebest one you couldhave. What manypeople don’t realize is the fact that using thoseresume templates online is one of the biggestmistakes any job seekers could make. You have toavoid this if you are serious about your job hunt. Theobjective of this post is to let you know what words,phrases, and ideas many recruiters really don’t wantto see in their applicants’ resume. These are thethings also that professional resume and careerservices won’t let you have in your resume.a. Salary is negotiable.There is no sense in indicating in your resume thatyour salary is negotiable because employers areaware of this. Putting this in your CV simply showsthat you have nothing else to put in there, which is atotal turn-off for recruiters.b. Reference to be provided upon request.
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4Every hiring manager expects to see a list ofreference in each of the resumes that they receive. Onthe part of the job applicant, having a couple ofcredible references show experience andprofessionalism, which companies find veryimpressive. Thus, you can only imagine howridiculous your resume would seem if it states thatyou could only provide the reference if you are asked.c. Previous job responsibilities.Keep in mind that employers are not interested inwhat you had to do in your previous jobs. What theywant to know is how successful or effective you wereand what your achievements are. So, instead ofenumerating your responsibilities, you may as welljust highlight your achievements in your other jobsand in your career as a whole.d. I am hardworking.Employers expect their workers to all be dedicated totheir work and hardworking. What they want is forthe employees to show their work ethic rather thanbrag about them. You can describe how diligent youare as a worker during your interview. There is nouse in allotting space in your resume for that.e. Objective.One of the most common mistakes in writing aresume is the use of the word Objective as theheadline of the resume. It is clear already that you aretrying to get the job, so it is useless to indicate it oncemore in your resume. Instead, you should put CareerSummary in the beginning of your resume. Thissummary should include a description of youremployment background, achievements, andeverything that you have to offer the company youare applying to. An effective resume shouldrepresent you as a professional and not a mere jobhunter.