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So you have graduated from a decent school and are now ready to be employed. Then you begin to wonder what it really takes to land your dream job.

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Resume and career services

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & ExecutivesCosmic Coaching Centre Page 1
  2. 2. Meet CCC Team“Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself.Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.” Barack ObamaWho we areFounded in 2002 by Cecile Peterkin, Cosmic Coaching Centre has quickly become one of Canada’s leading careercoaching companies in the GTA area. At Cosmic, we believe that it takes more than strong performance to build agreat company. It also requires an unwavering commitment to our core values and the highest standards of ethicsand integrity. Client by client we have built relationships that have earned the respect of both corporate andindividual clients globally. Our success is based on providing personalized, high quality and results-orientedleadership and career advancement targeting our clients’ unique requirements. Cosmic Coaching Centre is made upof a group of professionals dedicated to successful career planning both corporately and individually.Let’s start the conversation, find out how we can help you achieve all that is possible for your career and life, thisis what we provide.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2
  3. 3. the company’s dress code so that you may show them how well you could assimilate into their culture.So you have graduated from a decent school and are 4. DON’T Be Latenow ready to be employed. Then you begin to You should be there at least 15 minutes earlier than wonder what it really takes the fixed start time. Interviewers will not waste any to land your dream job. time waiting for your arrival. Besides, being late is Well, in this modern and not how you want your first impression to be. digital era, job seekers have a wide variety of tools that 5. Be Flexible could help them stand out during the interview and It isn’t advisable to bring up the topic of salary in eventually get the your first interview. Show them that you appreciateemployer’s attention. Also, there are resume and being given an interview and that you will be acareer services out there willing to help you get valuable member of their team should they hire you.ready to jump into the job market. Below are some 6. Take Note of All the Detailstips you can use to get the job you are dreaming of. The small details during the interview are normally1. Do Enough Research the most important ones. Be sure to turn your phoneAny interviewer is very likely to ask “what is our off during the interview. Also, avoid chewing a gumcompany all about?” While this is a no-brainer, you and always be formal in the way you converse withmay be shocked to find out that there are still so the interviewers. As the interview comes to a close,many people who are not ready to answer this be delightful and grateful for the opportunity andinterview question properly. Take the time to learn don’t forget to ask about what the next steps wouldabout the ins and outs of the company you wish to for. These are just guidelines on how you can do well2. Make a Connection during a job interview. There are many other things you should or shouldn’t do in this important momentAs you do your research about the company online, in your life. To learn more on how you can beyou may as well visit their social media pages where successful in your job search, you can work withyou could leave a comment on their posts. You will resume and career services where you can findnever know who may be watching, so you had better someone who will guide you all the way.take the opportunity to build some sort of connectionwith the company even before you have theinterview.3. Get Yourself ReadyGet as much information as you can about theinterview and the person who will conduct theinterview. And when you ask questions, make surethey are sensible enough not to leave a badimpression to the employer. Remember to check alsoCosmic Coaching Centre Page 3
  4. 4. space, you may be missing out on the right words or format for a good resume. You can start your phrases with strong action words that perfectly describe your work experience and the skills you have developed overtime. Make sure also that you do not over- decorate your resume with adjectives about yourself. Keep the details accurate and interesting at the same time. An effective resume is a very important 3. Put emphasis on ACCOMPLISHMENTS and not aspect of doing a your DUTIES. successful job search. Considering how Many job hunters make this mistake of describing competitive the job every detail of their daily tasks and job duties. This market is right now, isn’t so bad, but knowing your duties will hardly there is no doubt that make employers remember you. What you can do you will need to have instead is to highlight all the special projects youa powerful resume that describes your best skills, have completed as well as all the improvements youexperience and accomplishments in your field. This is have made through all your experiences. Outlininghow you can get your potential employers to pay your accomplishments will make it easier for futureattention to you and eventually give you a chance to employers to identify you.grow in their company. Here are some useful tips you 4. Consider the best FORMAT for your resume.can use when writing a resume: There are so many different types and formats of1. No to the OBJECTIVE part resumes you can find online. In choosing which oneTraditional resume writers would say that a good you are going to use, don’t think that any of them willresume is one that starts with an objective statement do for you. You can go for a resume that will highlightstating what position is being applied for. There is your career goals and your experience oractually nothing wrong with this approach, except background. There are other resume types that focusthat it emphasizes what the applicant wants to have, on the knowledge of the jobseeker instead of hisinstead of stating what he or she can offer the work history. If you choose the right format for theemployers. kind of job seeker you are, you will certainly come up with an effective resume.A powerful way to begin a resume is to include aprofile section where all your aspirations, experience,and skills are explicitly detailed. If you are a freshgraduate or perhaps making a career transition, thisprofile section can clearly show how yourbackground fits the employer’s needs.2. Be SPECIFIC yet CONCISE in describing yourexperience.Typically, a resume must not be more than two pages.The problem here is that as you try to conserveCosmic Coaching Centre Page 4
  5. 5. 3. Look for testimonials on LinkedIn. You can trust that the testimonials you will find in LinkedIn are all true because the site sees to it that anyone who wishes to view profiles can have access to whoever wrote them. For you to see these testimonials, however, you will need to sign up as a member, which is very simple and easy to do. ChooseWe all know how important it is for every jobseeker a resume writer with the most number of positiveto have a powerful and well-written resume. The reviews from previous clients. problem is that not all people are 4. Never rush in doing your search. capable of It is vital that the resume writing services you choose composing a good will understand exactly what you need. This means and attractive that you have to invest some time also not only in resume that could trying to know the writer, but also making it clear to get them hired. If them for whom they will be making the resume. this is the same Remember, only a good and extensive research will problem you are guarantee the best results.facing right now, then using a resume writing serviceis a good option for you. A professional resume 5. Look into the process of writing a resume.developer has the skills to create a resume thatprecisely reflects your qualifications and skills. Now Talk to the writer and ask about the method used inthe question is how you will go about choosing the writing. Longer and deeper processes normally yieldright resume writing service. better results for you. In short, it is about speed vs quality. You would surely agree that a resume thatTips for Choosing a Resume Writer took time to be written is likely the one that attracts employers.1. Ask about the writers’ experience in paid resumewriting. 6. Ask for samples and review them.The experience of the resume writer is a very Take time also to take a closer look at the sampleimportant consideration. You would want a writer resumes you will be provided with. Through this, youwho has at least 5 years of paid resume writing will be able to determine the extent of the writer’sdevelopment experience. Also, ask if they renew their expertise and knowledge. An outstanding resumecredentials every two years, as this can prove developer will produce resumes that contain a clearcommitment to writing excellence as well as up-to- writing strategy and a clear detail of the client’sdate resume writing techniques. background and career goals.2. See if they offer guarantees.Ideally, a resume creator should give a 100%satisfaction guarantee to the clients. Just like in anyother professional services, a guarantee could meanthe service provider’s commitment to offering yougreat service.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 5
  6. 6. client too soon. When this happens, it is likely that the client will feel discouraged to pursue a specific career because of the overwhelming facts told them. Thus, a good coach needs to know when to provide such information in order to keep the client’s highYou are now ready to start a career, but you don’t spirits and motivation. know where and how to As a Referral Agent start. Then a friend Take note that career coaches are not perfectly advises you knowledgeable to know everything. You can expect to use him or her to be good at dealing with a lot of resume and workplace and career issues, but they may not be in career the position to give you sound financial advice. Not all services to career coaches also are capable of giving therapy for get some their clients’ psychological and emotional problems. guidance on What your career coach can do is refer you to anotherhow you could be prepared to face the challenges in expert in case he recognizes a problem in you that isthe labor market. But do you really know what it beyond his expertise.means to work with a career coach? Well, there are As a Tutorso many of them out there who will promise to makeyou perfectly ready to find and succeed in your job. A good career coach should serve as your tutor onceHowever, before you look for a mentor, it is you have decided on your particular goals. Youimportant that you first understand what roles your should count on him to teach you how to reach yourcareer coach will be playing. goals. Also, he should be able to encourage you to come up with your own career strategy plan based onAs an Assessor your preferences and long term goals.Your coach should first be an assessor who will While it still is up to you how you can start andidentify your specific strengths and weaknesses as maintain a successful career, there’s no doubt thatwell. As you prepare yourself to begin your career, the guidance from a career coach will be of great helpyou certainly need to know what your strengths are as you pursue your goals. This is why resume andso to make sure that you will be entering an industry career services are in demand and are consideredyou will fit in. The objective feedback you will receive essential in career building.from your coach will be very helpful, particularly asyou get ready to write your resume and have jobinterviews.As an Information ProviderA career coach is the one that informs their clientsabout their options along with the barriers they willface. But it is vital that the coach does not give clientstoo much information, as this could lead to thelatter’s being over-dependent. Likewise, a coachshould be careful not to present the barriers to theCosmic Coaching Centre Page 6