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Pointers about career transition and career change
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Pointers about career transition and career change


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Problems that come with career transition don’t only apply to graduate students in college or in the university. It is also applicable in people who are thinking of changing careers or leaving their …

Problems that come with career transition don’t only apply to graduate students in college or in the university. It is also applicable in people who are thinking of changing careers or leaving their present jobs/fields.

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  • 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & ExecutivesCosmic Coaching Centre Page 1
  • 2. Always mull over your interests. Think about what attracts you about a career? Perhaps take an online survey about career interests that may help you identify your skills which will gear you towards a particular career. Take note of the activities where you performed at an optimum level. What activity has made you so Problems that come with engrossed with that you forgot to take your meal? career transition don’t only What activity has made you known in your apply to graduate students workplace for an excellent job? Knowing this, will in college or in the actually help you during your career transition. university. It is also applicable in people who are Be practical.Don’t run around like a chicken with its thinking of changing careers head cut off searching for a particular career withoutor leaving their present jobs/fields. In order to considering your experience, abilities, skills andinhibit future troubles to come with your career interests because you will probably be wasting yourtransition you must first know why you’re time and effort. Nobody wants to go back to theconsidering changing your career and how come you starting line again in the near future, right?are searching for that specific position you deem bestfit you. Noticeably, it’s going to be a new book about Be marketable.Think about the skills that you earnedyour career. You have to be clear in stating your and developed while working in the field you arereason in whatever company you’re applying to leaving. It will be better if these skills are applicableabout your intention to be employed in their to the next target because they surely don’t want to come as Identify your strengths. If you still don’t know aboutyour- choice number two or another “as of the your strong points, you’d better start identifyingmoment” job. them before considering a career change. IdentifyingWhen you come right down to it, career transition is your weaknesses could be of help, too.the progression from one career to another or one Deciding for a career change is not as easy asfield to another. Most commonly there is no definite changing your clothes when you get home from work.length of time for such career transition to last. It This change need not to be abrupt. It takes a lot ofcould be in a snap or for quite some time. But considerations. Advice from career experts can alsocommonly, the transition begins unknowingly until be thought of in order to prevent future problems asyou knowingly decide for any step to change. you go through a career transition by the time youFor some people, the transition in their career is eventually decide to change your field.rather a trouble-free process. However, for others, itcould be very troublesome. Some would say that it islike pushing a boulder up on a hill. So, if you areconsidering changing your career, then you have todeal with the transition that comes with it.The following tips may help you as you go throughcareer transition.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2
  • 3. breaks, where they have lunch, and how they prepare to call it a day. 2. Being arrogant. Some companies make a mistake of making their newly hired employees feel that they are the company’s saviors. What happens is that these new hires just come in and try to do things their way. There is nothing wrong with feeling good aboutWhen you finally land a new job, you will feel as if the yourself, but you should still listen and also learnhardest part is over, right? But well, not exactly. The from what others are saying or doing. Open up your first couple of weeks in mind to understanding the company, its people, and your new job will be very how things work. crucial as you try to get used to your new 3. Not admitting mistakes. workplace. It is during this period that new We all make mistakes, and we all know it. But it is employees normally always difficult to admit that you have made a determine whether their mistake. A good sign of maturity and professionalismstay in the company will be pleasant or not. This is is your ability to own a mistake, correct it, learn fromnot only in terms of the technical aspects of your job, it and just move on. Any life coach would tell youbut more importantly, in your behavior. that you need not be so pure and without any mistake to excel in your workplace.As a new member of the company, you would, ofcourse, want to impress everyone. But there arethings also that you should try to avoid doing just soyou can establish good relationships with the peoplearound you. To make sure that your job and careertransition will be smooth and easy, avoid thesecommon mistakes:1. Taking for Granted the Corporate Culture Any form of transition may not be someone’s piece ofIn general, the most challenging part of starting a cake. Transitions could be an issue to many of us,new job is to adjust to the existing corporate culture. many of which are lifeSo how much socialization do you have to do? Do transitions.your officemates or coworkers prefer to receive Career transition is oneemails, phone calls, or do they want personal of the many transitionsinteractions? In terms of your attire, are you one could go through insupposed to wear sneakers or shoes? There are many his entire life. 10 tips forfacets of the company’s culture that you may easily switching to a newoverlook. What you should do is observe. It is a good career field. Especiallyidea to come to work around 30 minutes early just so graduate students who have to deal with job searchyou can have enough time to look around and as they leave the portal of their current field to a newobserve what everyone’s doing. Pay attention to even one.the smallest details, like when they take coffeeCosmic Coaching Centre Page 3
  • 4. There are some factors in the emotional aspects as entrance into the university or the career path to takeone moves from the academic world into a more during transition from university life to getting a job.complex career world. Knowing what’s in store foryou out there by recognizing your expertise and skillswhich you can offer, are good tricks for moving on acareer transition.You probably have heard that opportunity onlyknocks once. When you take a while before you openthe door for that opportunity you might sleep eachnight with regret. So when that kind of situation hitsyou, don’t lose hope because other opportunities maycome unexpectedly. Another famous saying goes that There will always be a time when you will seriouslywhen a door closes, another one will open. It’s the consider changing careers. A lot of factors cansame with your career path as you go through career contribute to thistransition. actually. You may feel like you need some change inNo one though, can assure you that you will land a your life, or you just wantperfect job that suits your academic qualifications or to explore other andskills and talents. A graduate student often have lived better opportunities forin a small world of a college or a university. Like your career. No matterbutterflies who once lived in a small cocoon, when what the reason may be,the right time comes, you’ll be able to see and grab a career change is nevervarious opportunities in the outside world like that of an easy task to accomplish. Oftentimes, you wouldthe butterflies sipping nectars of the flowers of ask yourself if changing careers is the right decisionopportunity around them. for you.Before you leave the academic world, make sure that Decide what you really want. The very first thing youyou already know which career path you are going should do is figure out exactly what it is that youtake- which most importantly, should be practical. want. Once you do this, you will be more focused,Hence, you must seek advice from career-related resourceful and driven. As you determine what youexperts. want to get out of your career, it will become easier for you to review various fields and jobs and thenYour career path, in fact, could start as early as decide whether or not they fit in your standards.before leaving secondary education with the help ofexperts in career pathway program- something to Gain more relevant experience. Employers are alwaysguide you in choosing the best career that fits you, looking for candidates with the relevant experience,your skills, your talents, your experiences, your many of them are also willing to offer it. So if you arelifestyle and even your interests! If you have taken a first timer in the field, you had better equip yourselfthis sort of guidance, you can easily identify the with at least some knowledge about the field. You cancourses to take in college or university which could do this by enrolling in a local college perhaps orbe related to the career that suits you. Remember doing some volunteer jobs. This way, you can includethat it isn’t anybody’s right to force you to be in a in your resume the familiarity that you have in thecareer that doesn’t fit you. Also, it isn’t anybody’s position you are applying for.right to say no, if you, yourself are sure about it-whether in choosing your career path preceding Research before earning qualifications. Committing to a course to earn more qualifications is a smart thingCosmic Coaching Centre Page 4
  • 5. to do, but this should be done carefully. Be sure thatyou have done enough research to know what mostemployers in this industry are searching for. Browsejob boards or talk to anyone from that industry toknow what skills you need to build.Have a concrete plan. An effective career plan issomething that contains specific but highlyachievable goals. Your career action plan should alsoinclude clear tasks that you need to fulfill for you toachieve your goal. Consider also putting a timeframewhen you can complete these tasks. Otherwise, youwill run the risk of losing your sight on your careergoal.Ask yourself if you are ready for this huge change.Even career coaches would usually advice peoplewho want to change careers to carefully weigh theiroptions to decide whether they really want a careerchange or just a job change. If there are some thingsin your current job that you really dislike, askyourself if there is any way these can be addressed byfinding a new workplace. If not, then you shouldwork your way to jumping to a different career.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 5