Planning ones career path


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Here’s a fact: so many of us have jobs that are far from being what they deserve and what they really want. So what’s causing this? Well, there are a couple of factors that can affect a person’s decision in terms of getting a job.

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Planning ones career path

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & ExecutivesCosmic Coaching Centre Page 1
  2. 2. 3. Keep your focus. The thing with dreams is that they could be fuzzy at times. Yes you can spend a lot of time day-dreaming, but you should know that this will not help you get actual results. You should also expect to come across various challenges and hurdles that will try to make you give up on your dreams. Be strong and use these difficulties as your motivation in reaching your goals.Here’s a fact: so many of us have jobs that are far 4. Work with a mentor. This could be the best thing from being what they you can do to give yourself the chance to get your deserve and what they dream job. Getting a mentor is like having someone really want. So what’s to sail your boat towards the right direction. He or causing this? Well, there she will know what you are capable of doing and are a couple of factors that what else you should do to improve your skills. can affect a person’s Career mentors have the knowledge, and more decision in terms of importantly, the experience to share, especially when getting a job. Some are not it comes to choosing career paths and how to achieve them. Career Paths so confident in their ability, while some justbelieve that there is no such thing as a dream job orthe perfect job. This is a sad reality, but it doesn’thave to happen to you. By planning out your careerpaths and taking action according to that plan, thereis no reason why you shouldn’t get the job you havealways wanted. Below are some tips you can use asyou search for the right job for you.Tips on Finding Your Dream Job Does your work drive you nuts than the way your boss does? Do you feel that your professional growth1. Start looking for upgrades. These are the roles or has been stagnant andpositions that can serve as your stepping stones work is getting soleading to your dream role or job. These upgrades boring? If you feel thatcan help you move forward. Although these jobs may way, don’t wait until younot be exactly the same as your ideal job, you can get fed up with it andinclude them in your resume. resign abruptly- you2. Never lose your enthusiasm. You have to be ready might not get a better joball the time because the right opportunity can come or a promising one. Youto you at any given time. This means that you should definitely need to change your career and you shouldkeep updating your resume and polishing your Career Change not feel hesitant aboutabilities and skills. It will also help if you keep taking that big step because you are not alone. Therelearning about the job or the field you will engage in. are many people out there who venture on changingRead books, talk to people in that field, and take their careers- so never feel guilty even of the idea ofadvantage of everything that can help you learn changing your career. Do not feel bad because this ismore. not a bad thing.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2
  3. 3. Career change may not sound as easy as changingyour course in college. Since you have to consider alot of things like being broke after resigning or evensimple eyebrow raising of your friends and relativesbut believe it or not, when a job seems to be boringthat you are less interested in it- that calls for acareer change.Not all who consider changing a career is still on thatjob. Some reasons like forced choice (when you chose If you are a highly qualified employee who has somea career that you don’t like only because other people really good skills, vast work experience, and ainfluenced you or forced you into it), getting fired pleasing personality, does this all make youfrom a job and/or commonly, having low salary. marketable in the job market? Without a doubt,However, changing your career should not be dealt the answer is YES. Ifwith on your own because you might be just troubled there are a number ofor messed up and with that, you might regret that companies giving you astep in the future. Remember that a career is a no- job offer, does it meannonsense thing that should be considered seriously. you can be choosy inGetting a career change advice will gear you terms of where you aretowards the best decision you are to make in terms of Career Change going to work? Well, itchanging your career. Should you or should you not? seems natural to be in this case.If you are considering a career change because you Being in a position where you are very desirable inwanted to become professionally mature- then, the eyes of employers is something that everythumbs up for you. This obviously shows that you employee wants to be. So, it is not surprising thatwanted to take that big leap to improve your life. But surveys and other data show that job hunters withif you are considering a career change just because outstanding skills tend to be more picky in terms ofyou want to earn more than what you are earning where and who to work for. As a matter of fact, thenow, especially if that job promises tenure, and that majority of employers that employed applicant saidin the first place, you have fallen in love with that job- that there are candidates who actually refused theiryou’re simply tripping yourself voluntarily to falling job offers. So how can you be this in demand if youinto a trap along the way.You have to bear in mind are looking for a career change?though, that if you do not go with what you reallylove doing, you will certainly end up at the starting 1. Aim for growing companies.line again. So, always choose the right ones and notthe best ones although that you may also need to Considering the tough economy we are all facingconsider the latter in making decisions- not because now, you cannot expect all companies out there tothey are feasible but because it is for your own forecast growth and more hiring. If you are lookingadvancement and for a better future. for more employment stability, salary and benefits, you would want to be hired any of those hopeful and ambitious companies as they are the ones who tend to hire more quickly and offer great perks.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3
  4. 4. 2. Never stop looking. secret is to try to conceal their lack of experience in the field by emphasizing the accomplishments andA good 35 percent of CEOs say that they are willing to skills that are relevant to the position. This is wherehire fresh graduates and be the one to train them as the structure and type of resume used are greatlylong as the candidate has an excellent foundation and valued. To create the most effective type of CV, herebasic knowledge of the position. This is a great are some tips that professionals from resume andopportunity for those who have the training and career services share with those planning to changeknowledge, but not the experience in their fields. careers.3. Consider taking a temp job. Look at Your Career the Way an Employer WouldJob applicants are always advised to adorn their An effective resume for someone changing careersresumes with relevant experience and skills. You can should reflect how consistent your career path isdo this by taking a temp job. These jobs require very until the present. It should also show the naturalbasic skills and experience, but what you will get out evolution of your personal interests and talents.of such jobs is significant for your career – These are the important factors that will prove thattransferable skills. you have the experience and the essential skills for4. Prove that you are continuously improving. your next career.Employers are very eager to find people who have Highlight Your Strengthsthe willingness to learn more and grow Your resume should also show that you are veryprofessionally. That’s why you need to keep up with confident about your skills and abilities. This isall the changes and trends within your field. You important considering that you may not have theshould grab every opportunity to learn that comes edge over those applicants who have more relevantyour way, and don’t forget to indicate all these in and extensive experience than you. Do not forget toyour resume. By planning ahead and sticking to your include your achievements, voluntary, community orplan, you wouldn’t need to join any mentoring temporary work as all these qualifications do count.programs to give your career a direction. However, you should select only those that will support your new career goals. Mind Your CV’s Layout The layout of your resume is just as important as its content. Give priority to important details like your qualifications, outstanding references and experience. You can put all these around the beginning of your resume. One of the most difficult There is actually no one perfect format for a CV. You challenges that a career- should focus also on your job description because it changer could face is will determine what’s prominent in your resume. You how to demonstrate may try using your abilities as the broad headings how relevant their with some supporting details below every skill. You career background is to can then place your work history in reverse the job or position they chronological order. are applying for. The Resume and Career servicesCosmic Coaching Centre Page 4
  5. 5. Be Conscious of Your LanguageConsidering that you are changing careers, you maynot know so much about the terms and expressionscommonly used in the industry you are trying topenetrate. In this case, you should be a bit morecareful in using jargon that is specific to one industryas this may not be well understood by those comingfrom another sector.Final ThoughtIf you are not certain you can pull out a creative andattractive resume, it is recommended that you useresume and career services where a professionalresume developer can produce the perfect CV for you.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 5