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Inspire and motivate yourself


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Is it necessary to have some sort of inspiration in the workplace? The answer is a big YES. People perform at their highest level when they are inspired and motivated.

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Inspire and motivate yourself

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & ExecutivesCosmic Coaching Centre Page 1
  2. 2. potential even more. The management should also set a good example of communicating with their people in a respectful and honest manner. If possible, letting the workers listen to an inspirational song every once in a while could also make a difference in their mood.Is it necessary to have some sort of inspiration in the If all these things are realized and taken intoworkplace? The answer is a big YES. People perform consideration by the management, there will at their highest level certainly be a lot of happy and satisfied employees in when they are inspired the company. And when these employees are and motivated. Plus, inspired, most of the common problems in the human employees working in an resource department will disappear. inspiring environment What employers and managers need to understand is are likely to come up with that the success of a company relies on their people new and very creative and how their workers treat one another. Byideas. So as an employer or even a department knowing what your personnel need and giving it tomanager, you would want to invest your time in them, you are effectively motivating them to dogiving your staff some rewards or motivational better. Remember also that money is not the onlywords just to keep them stimulated, challenged, and source of motivation for your workers. Simple thingsfocused on their work. like motivational words or inspirational musicWhat can be noticed in the current workplaces is that would work. What’s important is for them to feelthey are designed in a way that space can be used your sincerity in trying to address their needs as yourefficiently, rather than to make the environment worker.inspiring for the employees. While there are manyadvantages to using cubicles in offices, especially tosave space, this setup does not really foster creativityas employees are likely to feel isolated. As a result, itis not easy to encourage employees to perform morethan how they are expected to perform.One way that a company can provide their workerswith a more inspiring workplace is by fostering apositive social climate in the office. Here, employeesare given feedback on a regular basis, plus, good How we do things is oftenperformance is rewarded and recognized. It is also affected by our moods. That’simportant for employees to be given some level of why it is vital that you be infreedom within their work so that they will be the proper mindset, emotion,encouraged to show initiative. or mood when you doIt would also be a huge help if employees are given important things, like yourtheir exact roles that are challenging yet exciting. job. Imagine that you need toThey should also be provided with the important and work on a design; you would want to get into auseful training and tools to help them develop their melody or a groove of your emotion during that timeCosmic Coaching Centre Page 2
  3. 3. so that you may easily use these emotions to producea design. There is no doubt that music helps peopleexpress things in a much better way. Aside from theinspiring words it contains, music has the ability tomake us reveal how we feel. With all of these said, itis easy to understand why listening to music isconsidered an effective way of motivating people towork efficiently.How to Use Music Effectively For whatever good and great that you are hoping to do, you need to have one1. Choose the right music genre. You have to pick the thing – inspiration. Anmusic that will put you in the right mood. If you need inspiration is some sort ofto come up with a hip-hop design, for instance, you energy that can help youwouldn’t think ballad music will help, would you? achieve your goals and beThe kind of music you listen to should match the successful in yourtheme of the design you are working on. Remember, endeavors. And when youmusic will be reflected in the way you create your lack inspiration, you woulddesign. feel like everything is hard and boring, and as if there was no way you could enjoy what you are doing.2. Let your body move to the music. This doesn’tmean you can just tap your feet and bop your head. Inspiration and Your MindYou need to get into the rhythm of the song you arelistening to. Plus, it is important also that you do What makes inspiration so important is that it helpssomething relevant to your task. In making a design, keep your mind focused and positive. Although wefor instance, you can move your hand and make a try to stay in control of everything that’s going on insketch according to te rhythm of the music you are our minds, the truth is that there are just so manytuned into. You will be surprised to see that you have negative thoughts we can hardly control, and theyactually finished the design already faster that you serve as a huge block to our own self growth. Thisthought you could. goes to show how vulnerable our mind is to doubts and vacillation. However, by having external sources3. Keep your energy high. As you may know, listening of inspiration, you are actually helping your mindto the same music genre repeatedly will only make overcome all the negativity it’s bored. And so, you would want to gather as manysongs as you can and then just shuffle with some slow You inspiration doesn’t always have to be anotherand cool jams. You also do not need to listen to the individual. As a matter of fact, it could be anythingsame sequence of songs during the entire time you under the sun! Even music and motivational songsare listening to the playlist while you are working. can be used to inspire people to do good and bringYou can be creative enough to mix several songs goodness into the world. Your inspiration can becoming from many different genres. anything or anyone who can influence your mind to think straight and to go the right direction.In short, the kind of music you should listen to mustbe compatible with what you are trying to achieve. Keeping Yourself InspiredSongs are very important, not just because of the Since the mind can become bored very easily, it isinspiring words they contain, but because of the important that you replenish or change your sourceenergy they produce, which could give motivation of inspiration. You can do this by being aroundand inspiration to those listening to them. people who have positive attitude and mindset. If youCosmic Coaching Centre Page 3
  4. 4. feel like you’re already losing your inspiration, try to A particular song can be considered motivational if itbe with someone who you know is very inspired. By contains very inspiring and positive messages. Forseeing what he or she does and how they keep instance, there are songs with lyrics that go “You willthemselves inspired, your mind will have the urge get there if you want”. These words would suggestagain to do what’s good. concepts of hard work and belief in oneself. There are some songs with more of an upbeat rhythm whichAnother way of becoming inspired once again is can definitely open up your mind and inspire you toreading. Whenever you read, you are allowing that move. The rhythm and the lyrics of a song are whatcertain information to directly access your mind. As a can make the song inspirational.result, your mind will have some kind of reaction towhat you are reading, and this could either be One thing that you will also like about motivationalpositive or negative. It would help a great deal if you songs and music is that you can find them in allstart reading inspirational stories or stories of those genres and types of music. There are a number ofpeople who have been able to surpass all the artists also that produce such kinds of songs. Butchallenges in their lives. with all these choices, it could help a lot if you just find a few that you will listen to from time to time.You can even do as simple as listen to an inspirational This way, your mind will be accustomed to what suchsong or piece of music. It doesn’t matter what kind of piece of music means to you. However, it is onlymusic it is, just as long as it has that positive effect in natural for us to get so used to something that weyour mind that can urge you to take action for you to may also feel fed up with it. If this is how you will feelachieve your goals in life. eventually, then that will be the time you have to consider choosing another inspirational song. For parents who want to expose their kids to the kind of media that will help them raise their kids properly, getting a couple of motivational songs for kids will be quite useful. There are many songs for kids that contain child-friendly lyrics that teach them some very important lessons in life. Remember that young kids have very sharp memories. So you would wantMotivational songs have so many positive effects to them to have only the positive and good messages in the human brain, spirit their minds. and body. As a matter of Finally, you can listen to songs with inspirational fact, these songs are lyrics while you are working as well. You may choose beneficial to kids as well. the type of music without any lyrics, as these are Listening to songs with proven to be more effective in helping a person inspirational lyrics can concentrate and focus. This is a very inexpensive give you your much motivational tool that promises excellent results asneeded motivations and “pick me up feeling” well.especially during those days that you are not in themood to work. This type of music can bring you toyour feet and do exactly what you have to do. As forkids, an inspirational song can teach them veryimportant and useful life lessons that they can use asthey grow up.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4