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If you are not satisfied with the career you currently have, then there must be a lot of questions running in your mind. You may be wondering what you have been doing wrong to yourself and to your career. If this is what you are experiencing right now, then it’s about time that you do some self assessment.

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Career advancement

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1Cosmic Coaching CentreCorporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2If you are not satisfied with the career you currentlyhave, then there must be a lotof questions running in yourmind. You may be wonderingwhat you have been doingwrong to yourself and to yourcareer. If this is what you areexperiencing right now, thenit’s about time that you do some self assessment.Evaluating yourself will help you determine how youare going to find the best career field that matchesyour skills. You will also know if there are things thatyou should change about yourself to make it easierfor you to perform your job better.In short, self assessment will give you informationabout the most important aspects of careeradvancement and development, namely, workvalues, personality, and culture.WORK VALUESAssessing your own work values is about knowingyour independence, achievements, support andrecognition. It is your work values that will tell youwhat things matter to you the most and what canmotivate to the best. Those values are the importanttriggers that you need as you look for your ideal job.Thus, it is vital that you prioritize them according towhat’s more valuable to you.PERSONALITYAssessing your personality means looking at theessential aspects of personality – extraversion,emotional stability, agreeableness, openness, andconscientiousness. Remember that your behavior isthe indicator of your personality. Thus, if you get tounderstand your own personality, you will be able tomake the necessary adjustments that will help youachieve good results at work. Since you are paidbasically to be who you are, you should definitelychoose a career in which your personality will shine.CULTUREYou should check if your own values are a goodmatch to a certain culture. This way, you candetermine what could be causing you the troubles atwork and the feeling of dissatisfaction. You have tounderstand also that being in a culture where yourvalues can fit is important because you should notlose your own values as you pursue your career.When this happens, you will feel lost and may notknow where you are and where you are heading.Finding a JobAs you try to find a job, you should use the results ofyour self assessment to explore all possibilities. If youwant to take it to a higher level, you may even getsome free career assessments online in order foryou to gauge how well your skills, personality andexperience will affect your success in whichevercareer you choose.As an employee, you only want to get better andbetter at what you do.This is because thefulfillment of yourdreams and your careersuccess basically dependon how you improve asan individual and anemployee. Thus, youhave to constantly search for ways you may furtherand acquire more skills. Through performancereviews, you get to know which areas you still need
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3to improve on. But how are you going to handle adifficult or negative performance review?Performance reviews are dreaded by most of us.Nevertheless, they could also a rewarding experienceif they are conducted on a regular basis. This way,even managers or supervisors will have an easiertime dealing with assessment reports.Tips for Making Performance Reviews a ValuableProcess1. Talk to your manager and ask if he or she couldgive you a list of what your objectives should be,which are directly connected to specific corporategoals. Then take a look at the objectives and connectthem to certain tasks that you will be the one toperform. You should then turn this list into aspreadsheet so that it will be easier for you toprioritize tasks. This is another way of careeradvancement targeting.2. Ideally, you would want to regularly meet withyour manager to have an objectives review. But to dothis, you must keep the spreadsheet up-to-date. Ifpossible, you would also want to schedule a weeklymeeting in which you may talk about all theworkplace issues that need the attention of themanagement.3. After every meeting, be sure to incorporate all thediscussed details into your spreadsheet. Don’t forgetto give you manager a copy of the revisedspreadsheet.4. When it is time for your own performance review,ask your manager how things are going. Give him orher a sign that you don’t mind them being direct tothe point. If not everything you hear is good, keepyour composure and continue to listen. Then calmlyask your manager what steps you should take to fixand improve things.5. Always consider everything an opportunity tolearn. Even as an employee, you should not stoplearning. Your workplace may have skills training orcontinuing education programs that you can activelyjoin. Never take criticisms against your boss. Youneed to know where you perform poorly so that youcould turn things around in no time. This is one basicingredient of career advancement.Before you made up your mind on what collegedegree to take, you must have seriously consideredwhat career youwanted to pursue.This is the right thingto do actually becauseyour education willbasically lay thefoundation of yourown career. But thenagain, finding the right career is such a complicatedand challenging task that you may eventually need toseek help from a career coach. If you end up needingprofessional guidance, you have to know where youcan find one.How to Find a Career Coach1. Look within your workplace.Among the easiest and most accessible places whereyou can find a coach or mentor is in the company youare employed in. Look for that person who hasachieved a lot of success in the particular career youwish to pursue. Reach out to him or her and ask if hecould become your mentor or coach. As you agree tomeet, you should ask very specific questions to figureout how your coach was able to reach his status in hisown career. You should not hesitate to ask aroundbecause so many companies these days are willingand are actually investing in career coachingprograms for their employees.2. Consider hiring a professional career coach.
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4It is becoming common among the labor market atpresent to pay for the services of a certified careermentor or coach. You may hesitate to do this at firstas this would seem like a kind of expense on yourpart. You will need to spend some money on it, butyou should realize that this is an importantinvestment that you can benefit greatly from.3. Actively participate in conferences related toyour own field.There are many career or industry relatedconferences that aim to offer people guidance as theydetermine what career is right for them. By attendingsuch conferences, you will have the chance to meetprominent people in your field, who may then bewilling to share some important insights related toyour choosing of career. This can also serve as achance for you to build your professional network,which you will find really helpful later on.The best thing about working with a mentor or coachis that you can avoid wasting so much time trying tofigure out what you want to do in your career.Instead, you can focus your time and energy intobuilding your skills, which will help you movetowards career advancement.