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Digiday mobile nyc get jar 2010
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Digiday mobile nyc get jar 2010


Published on

GetJar CMO, Patrick Mork's presentation at DigiDay Mobile 2010

GetJar CMO, Patrick Mork's presentation at DigiDay Mobile 2010

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Discovery in the age of Appmania
  • 2. Apps – why you have to be there
    • A $32 billion dollar industry by 2015…Juniper Research
      • Vs. 4.1 billion last year
    • 50 billion downloads / year by 2012…Chetan Sharma Consulting
      • Vs.6 billion last year
    • US market data points (Comscore, April 2010)
      • 69 million consumers used apps in April 2010
      • 38 million / 31 million were smartphone / featurephone users
      • Largest categories: Weather, Social Networking, Search, News, Sports
    • GetJar
      • 1 billion downloads to date / 90 million downloads a month in 200 countries
      • Supports Android, Blackberry, Java, Mobile Web, Symbian, iPhone, Flash
      • 75,000 apps in our catalogue
  • 3. Why effective marketing is becoming key
    • Over 4,000 different handsets
    • At least 8 different platforms to develop on
    • More then 48 different app stores
    • An estimated 425,000 apps alone in the App Store, Android Market and GetJar
    • Multiple marketing tools including Ad Networks, SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, QR codes…
  • 4. Confidential Marketing to consumers will be a challenge Is my phone a smartphone? Blackberry Bold, Curve, Tour, Storm? Will it work on my old Moto RZR? What version of Android do I have? What is Symbian?
  • 5. App marketing made easy Confidential APP IT! allows users to download your app to their phone in a single click It’s provides you with one, single destination to tell consumers where to get your app or access your site regardless of their phone make/model”
  • 6. What it is and how you get it
    • Once your app / site has been uploaded to GetJar your APP IT! Link has automatically been created
    • Your APP IT! Link format will always be:
      • for mobile
      • Or for web
    • You can now promote this link anywhere and drive all your users to one place to get their app / site no matter what platform they are on using:
      • SMS campaigns
      • App it! button on your mobile site
      • App it! button in your email blast
      • App it! button on your website…
  • 7. Facebook: App it! off our mobile site Confidential Step 1: Placed the App it! link on their mobile site Step 2: The consumer clicks the link and is taken to their page on GetJar Step3: GetJar serves them the most appropriate app for their handset
  • 8. App it! increased downloads more then 10x
    • Uploaded their site in March 2009
    • Placed the App it! link on their site in Sep 2009
    • Downloads went from 80,000 / week to 1.5 million /
  • 9. AP: Just APP IT! with email!
    • As part of the World Cup the Associated Press wanted to promote it’s apps to users using email
    • They uploaded their apps and mobile site to GetJar
    • Once uploaded they incorporated the link to their APP IT! in an email campaign to several hundred thousand subscribers
    • The resulting email campaign achieved a 20% click through from consumers
  • 10. Cnectd: App It! through Twitter Confidential
    • Uploaded iPhone, Android and BB apps
    • Placed App it! on their website
    • Tweeted the link
    • 600,000 dl’s in 6 days
  • 11. Why App it! on GetJar?
    • Free to get and use
    • One point of access for consumers regardless of phone / platform
    • Eliminates the cost of having your own download infrastructure
    • Makes it easy to promote all your apps in one place
    • Ensures there’s something for each consumer regardless of phone / OS
  • 12. GetJar Networks Inc. 1510 Fashion Island Blvd, suite 300 San Mateo, California 94404 USA Patrick Mork Chief Marketing Officer Follow us: