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From a 2013 presentation at a local conference. This includes frameworks and tactics to help transform your business into a social business model.

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  • Traditional Social BusinessSocial business, as the term had once been commonly used, was first defined by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and is described in his books Creating a world without poverty—Social Business and the future of capitalism and Building Social Business—The new kind of capitalism that serves humanity's most pressing needs. - Wikipedia
  • Expanded use of the termAnother variant is the social business model, a term applied to businesses that have adopted social networking tools and practices for internal and external functions across their organizations. - wikipediaKeeping tabs on the social media landscapeLearning tips, tricks and best practicesGood twitter handles to follow:Look at the public lists they publish, and their web sites for deeper insights:@smexaminer@socialmedia2day@mashsocialmedia@socialbakers@btobsocialmedia
  • Big Data and Social MediaImage of one frame from the 2013 NBA finals. Twitters ability to look at all the tweets at that exact moment across thousands of accounts. Source Twitter90% of the worlds data has been generated in the last two years. Technology and social media both major contributors.Is this for better or for worse?
  • The Social Business Model – source PureMatterThe intersection of people, processes, and technology. The Social business integrates this seamlessly with work.How you empower, enable and inspire people is the most important of the 3.Processes and technology are commodities.Popular Blogs to follow for more
  • Social business investment should be transformativeEntrepreneurial and innovative companies are asking questions like these to guide their decisions to commit to a social business.Salesforce, IBM, SAP, Oracle are all building business and products in order to take advantage of social business wave. Software, consulting and services they provide.
  • CommitDaily - Listening –Posting –Engaging - AdaptingPlan - Define vision,Goals & objectives,Tracking & measurement ,Team governance, internal education,Social management tools,Content plan,Calendar and workflowsFoundation = Property architecture, social property plans, Look and feel and set-up of properties, integration with marketing, promotion plans and ideasContent = Everything you do and experience can become unique content. How you perceive things and package them for consumption is what matters.Accelerate = Set-up applications, build target lists, follow/follow back, paid mediaLeadership = Identify influencers, share their content, engage, build relationships, become rewarded
  • Get RealKnow who you are as a brand.Whether it be a company brand or your own personal brand within a company brand. Understand what you can commit to, and what it is worth to you.
  • Plans need to include goals, objectives and measurement.Develop 8-12 performance indicators.Build a tracking history and eventually you can setllte on 3-4 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)that drive larger business results. Free and useful social media measurement tools.Klout.comKred.comSumall.comtwtrland
  • People powerEmpower first, govern second Governance models have a place in all social business, but they need to be simple, easy to understand and balanced between the best interests of the company and the employees. Companies that fail to transform are those that fail to let go of old policies and constraints.Managers need to look for employees passion points.Two distinctly different models that both deliver excellent social media customer service:Adobe all employees are encouraged to monitor and jump-in to answer support questions (from personal accounts)JetBlue – a large force of customer service professional are closely integrated with technology to provide support at a moments notice and resolve anything quickly
  • Social media property architectureWhich social media properties you need to useWhat role each has for your brandHow you will be using each oneIt varies greatly by industry, geography, and available resources.Include the Private and public groups within some of these networks.
  • Hub and spoke modelYour website and blog are at the hub of a massive distribution workflow.Free and very useful social media management tools:HootsuiteBufferBitlyGoogleTweetdeck“Affordable” paid social listening applicationsSocial reportSprout social
  • ContentContent is KingContent arms raceEverything you do and experience can become unique content. How you perceive things and package them for consumption is what matters.
  • Growing your audienceTwo schools of thought exist when it comes to managing people that follow your social media accounts: Return on Relationships needs to be without question. 75%-80% of the people on social media are still “inactive lurkers” – It doesn't’t mean they don’t consume and value your content. You should follow back everyone.Activity comes from actives users and clean up matters. Follow/follow back other active users that reciprocate, and monitor and clean out users that are very inactive.Free but very useful acceleration toolsG+ – www.tweepi.comTwitter Instagram - then there is facebook…Paid media can be powerful, boosting posts is a great way to focus the effort beyond just Likes.
  • Social CRMThe concept that your fans in social media are just as important as business leads in a database and can be treated as such with today social management tools.Building private lists in Twitter is the first major step if you haven't started already. Organized circles in G+. Friend lists in Facebook. Etc. Your social properties are mini CRM tools34% of marketers have generated leads through twitter. Source: LocalVoxFree
  • Influencer paid softwareSocialbro.comInternet media labsGroupwise
  • Social media business model

    1. 1. What is a social business model? Traditional def ~ capitalism that serves humanity's most pressing needs. Muhammad Yunus
    2. 2. 350,000 new Tweets 500,000 new FB comments Every minute. social business ~adopting social networking tools and practices
    3. 3. 1 second frame of NBA finals twitter
    4. 4. The Social Business Model is about people
    5. 5. Why invest in a social business model?
    6. 6. Can every employee be your smartest employee? Can commenters become your biggest contributors? Can your next big idea be crowdsourced? Q Q Q
    7. 7. Building your social business model
    8. 8. Commit Planr Foundation Content Accelerate Leadership
    9. 9. Listening Engaging Voice + Tone Commit. Know who you are.
    10. 10. Plan - Set benchmarks Monthly progress 6 mo. % to complete
    11. 11. Who Plan - Empower your teams How So you can respond in a timely and relevant wayWhen
    12. 12. Foundation create a social property architecture
    13. 13. Foundation map the tools
    14. 14. 52% of consumers stop following a business’ page because the contentis boring & repetitive.
    15. 15. Accelerate grow your audience
    16. 16. Accelerate social CRM & lists
    17. 17. Leadership thought leadership and influence
    18. 18. /Bizplantoday @Bizplantoday /+RyanCampbell1 Thank you Ryan Campbell