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Bluemix slides from MWLUG.

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MWLUG Bluemix

  1. 1. Achieving Developer Nirvana With IBM Bluemix By: Ryan Baxter @ryanjbaxter MWLUG 2014
  2. 2. The app revolution Fundamentally changing the way we interact with technology. Apps are everywhere The quantity and usefulness of web and mobile apps has led to an “app revolution” among consumers and businesses alike. Experience matters Customers and employees now expect a delightful and seamless experience across all interactions with a business. Cloud makes it possible Apps today can be stitched together quickly with pre-built assets. Cloud makes the API economy possible.
  3. 3. App development is about speed and choice Failing Fast Seconds to Deploy Friction Free Any Language Continuou s Integration Mobile Ready Useful APIs Focus on Code Choice of Tools 3
  4. 4. Timing is critical… Today’s apps must keep up with the speed of the app revolution. Core IT 4 Benefits Fully customizable. Few limitations. Necessary for some solutions. Existing Investments. Time Commitment Weeks to setup and deploy. Maintenance/upgrades of hardware and software. ~ Weeks ~ Days Customer Managed Code Data Runtime Middleware OS Virtualization Servers Storage Networking ~ Minutes Time to initial deployment
  5. 5. Today’s apps must keep up with the speed of the app revolution. 5 Infrastructure Customer Managed as a Service Service Provider Managed Benefits Most control in the cloud. Necessary for some solutions. Infrastructure managed by SP. ~ Days Time Commitment Minutes to provision VM. Time to configure software and apps varies. Maintenance/upgrades of OS, middleware, runtime. IBM SoftLayer Timing is critical… ~ Minutes Code Data Runtime Middleware OS Virtualization Servers Storage Networking Core IT ~ Weeks Time to initial deployment
  6. 6. Today’s apps must keep up with the speed of the app revolution. 6 Platform Customer Managed as a Service Service Provider Managed ~ Minutes IaaS Benefits Setup environments and deploy apps very quickly. Infrastructure and platform managed by SP. Time Commitment Minutes to setup and deploy. Focus on your apps and their data. Timing is critical… ~ Weeks IBM Bluemix ~ Days Time to initial deployment Code Data Runtime Middleware OS Virtualization Servers Storage Networking Core IT
  7. 7. …so are all of your other investments Leverage the power of Bluemix without abandoning what you already use. 7 IaaS PaaS Core IT IBM Bluemix
  8. 8. What is Bluemix? 8 Bluemix is a cloud-based platform for building, managing, and running applications of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices, and so on). Go Live in Seconds The developer can choose any language runtime or bring their own. Zero to production in one command. DevOps Development, monitoring, deployment, and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application. APIs and Services A catalog of IBM, third party, and open source API services allow the developer to stitch an application together in minutes. On-Prem Integration Build hybrid environments. Connect to on-premise assets plus other public and private clouds. Flexible Pricing Sign up in minutes. Pay as you go and subscription models offer choice and flexibility. Layered Security IBM secures the platform and infrastructure and provides you with the tools to secure your apps.
  9. 9. How does Bluemix work? Bluemix embraces Cloud Foundry as an open source Platform as a Service and extends it with IBM, third party, and community built services.
  10. 10. Why are developers using Bluemix? Go from zero to running code in a matter of minutes. Automate the development and delivery of many applications. To rapidly bring products and services to market at lower cost To continuously deliver new functionality to their applications To extend existing investments in IT infrastructure Extend existing investments by connecting securely to on-premise infrastructure.
  11. 11. All the instant services, runtimes, and infrastructure you need to push your ideas into the present.
  12. 12. What About Domino? No….you can’t deploy an NSF to Bluemix
  13. 13. What about Domino? But your can still access your data within your NSFs!!!
  14. 14. Domino Access Services REST allows you to perform basic CRUD operations on your data in Domino using HTTP, best of all it is built into your Domino server….you don’t need to write any code!!!
  15. 15. How Does It Work? Firewall Browser Bluemix “The Cloud” REST REST On Prem
  16. 16. Cloud Integration The Cloud Integration + Cast Iron Live services allow you to expose any HTTP service running behind your firewall
  17. 17. Pricing Sign up in minutes. Pay for what you use. 1 7 Friction free adoption • 30 day trial - designed to allow testing of an entire application on the platform • Free tier for every service - encourages experimentation of new services for applications already running on Bluemix Multiple Commitment Models • Pay as you go - optimized for flexibility, no term commitment • Subscription - term based optimized for cost, discounted from pay as you go rates Self Service • Zero to coding in less than 5 minutes • Credit card over the web in many countries – or through your IBM rep
  18. 18. Resources • Bluemix Developers – • Cast Iron Live Redbook - • Domino Access Services - http://www- M+Domino+Access+Services+9.0.1#action=openDocument&con tent=catcontent&ct=api • Creating Your Own Rest Service - http://www- ST_service_using_DAS • Videos On Using Cloud Integration Service - cloud-with-bluemix/
  19. 19. Thank you. Get Started: @IBMBluemix mix