Boston Bluemix Meetup 5/15/14

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Slides from BlueMix Meetup in Boston on 5/15/14.

Slides from BlueMix Meetup in Boston on 5/15/14.

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  • 1. Introduction To BlueMix By: Ryan Baxter @ryanjbaxter
  • 2. How Long Would It Take You To...  Install runtime, container, and all libraries  Install needed services (databases, messaging, mobile, etc)  Bind the services to the application, handle IP/port assignments  Setup dynamic routing and load-balancer  Setup four layers of built-in High-Availability  Setup streaming logging aggregation  Setup application performance monitoring  Scale the application up to X instances  Then repeat for dev, test, and production 1
  • 3. What Is BlueMix?  A platform for running virtually any application in the cloud without having to worry about the hardware, software, and networking needed to do so.  This definition is usually what we refer to as a platform-as- a-service or PaaS  BlueMix is similar to other platforms you may have heard of  Heroku, Google Cloud Environment, OpenShift, Pivotal One 2
  • 4. How Everything Fits Together  A PaaS is software that is usually running on top of an IaaS and abstracts the complexities of the IaaS away  BlueMix runs on top of Softlayer  Your app runs on top of BlueMix and has no knowledge of the IaaS layer 3 IaaS (Softlayer) PaaS (BlueMix) Your App
  • 5. Why Not Just Use IaaS?  It might be just as easy to get started at the IaaS layer if you use a prebuild image  Over time though the maintenance of this image increases the cost  OS updates, security updates, new versions of libraries, DNS and networking changes, configuration and maintenance of other services like DBs, etc  At the PaaS layer all of this cost disappears! The platform takes care of it for you! 4
  • 6. Benefits Of Using BlueMix  Save time by just worrying about the code and not the infrastructure  Quickly get your app in the hands of your users – deploying your app is a matter of running a single command  Easily add functionality to your application using IBM and partner provided services  Use the languages, runtimes, and frameworks that you are most familiar with  Softlayer – Global Data Centers 5
  • 7. BlueMix Open Beta  BlueMix is currently in open beta, you need to register to get going  During the beta you get 8GB of memory to use across as many apps as you want and can provision up to 20 services  Register at, you need an IBM ID  After you have registered, you can begin deploying apps using any number of tools 6
  • 8. Cloud Foundry And BlueMix  BlueMix is built upon an open source project called Cloud Foundry  IBM contributes to the project and is a founding member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation  All tools, documentation, and samples for Cloud Foundry are relevant and can be used with BlueMix  Buildpacks, Services, CLI, Scaling, etc are Cloud Foundry concepts 7
  • 9. You Choose The Runtime! 8
  • 10. Buildpack Anatomy 9 Runtime Container Libraries Application Buildpack
  • 11. BlueMix Services  Services allow you to add functionality to your application with minimal cost and effort  Select service and plan, then bind to your application  Once a service is bound to your application information to use the service is available in an environment variable called VCAP_SERVICES 10
  • 12. Scaling  BlueMix allows you to scale your application horizontally and vertically within minutes  If the load on your application increases/decreases you may want to adjust the number of instances to handle the load  If you find the resources available to your app is tight you can increase the memory 11
  • 13. Resources  Documentation:  developerWorks:  Sample Apps & Tutorials:,  Developer Forum:  Blog:  Twitter: #BlueMix 12
  • 14. Virtual Meetup  Please encourage all partners and customers to attend our Virtual Meetup on May 21st  Technical meetup targeting developers looking to get started building apps  13
  • 15. Thank you. Join the beta at: