Code Of The Streets
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Code Of The Streets



This presentation sums up a case study of sociological aspescts behind crime in Chicago. One case in particular where Afican-American Hernando Washington raped a caucasian woman.

This presentation sums up a case study of sociological aspescts behind crime in Chicago. One case in particular where Afican-American Hernando Washington raped a caucasian woman.



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    Code Of The Streets Code Of The Streets Presentation Transcript

    • Code of the Streets
      Ryan Huelsmann
    • The Code
      Poverty stricken inner city black community
      Code is based on norms of this subculture and is rather informal
      Focuses on the value of respect
      Revolves around presentation of self
      Major Concept: The Strong Survive
    • Decent vs. Street
      Decent-moral, religious, belief that hard work, respectful, cordial
      This group is a majority of families and residents
      Street-self-destructive behavior, drug addicted or alcoholics, angry, violent
      A minority but still powerful, highly influential
      Making it an oppositional culture
    • Oppositional Culture
      Subculture who consciously reject mainstream values and norms
      Not everyone is totally invested in the Code
      They have other ways of earning respect
      Doing good work
      Getting good grades
      Working hard at your job or career
    • Juice
      Juice equals respect, a highly valued commodity under the code
      Based on everything from clothes you wear to stealing anything that will elevate your status
      Main point don’t show weakness
    • Economics of Juice
      Plus or Increase
      Expensive clothes and other bling
      Stealing such items
      Acquiring any type of trophy
      Successful attempts at pay back and revenge
      Minus or Decrease
      Getting insulted or dissed
      Having expensive items stolen from you
      Losing a trophy
      Running away or retreating from a fight
    • Zero-Sum Quality
      Important aspect of this give-and-take
      The extent to which one person can raise himself depends on his ability to put another person down
      The more you hurt, the more you rise
    • “Going for Bad”
      Cavalier attitude for death
      Believe and accept they can DIE violently at any time
      Results in no fear of police or prison
      Because it can enhance their reputation
    • Vicious Circle
      Many young African-Americans have assumed a Street demeanor while embracing a moderate way of life
      These are decent people trying to raise families in nonviolent lifestyle, but racism and unemployment drives them back to violent ways of the Code
      Depending on situation, they can slip back and forth from Decent to Street
      Unless this cycle is broken, casualties will be claimed everywhere including black and white as well as poor and affluent
    • Discussion Question
      How does the code of the streets compare to other more well known codes?
      Ex. Code of Honor (Like King Arthur’s Knights)
      Code of Ethics for a business
      Pirate’s Code (parlay anyone?)
    • Discussion Questions
      Is Hernando Washington Decent or Street?
      Does he show elements of both?
      In your judgment are young men from more “middle class” cultural settings at all preoccupied with earning respect?
      How do young men in middle-class culture earn the respect of others and prove themselves to be “manly”?