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    Okay-So,-I'm-Not-Here-To-Badmouth-Facebook,-And-Al8 Okay-So,-I'm-Not-Here-To-Badmouth-Facebook,-And-Al8 Document Transcript

    • Okay so, Im not here to badmouth Facebook, and although I am not a participant, I think I understand why many in the younger generation are. I can comprehend the psychological challenges of our young peopletoday with their low self-esteem, and their need for self-validation from their peers, even if their peers are only pictures on a screen, or potentially avatars of people who dont evenexist. Still, I will save all those points for a future article. Today, Id like to talk a little bit about Facebooks potential future earnings.acn italia
    • Now then, we hear a lot about sustainability these days, and I dont feelthat the current stock price of Facebook is sustainable using their currentbusiness model based on advertising on their website Perhaps if theyget into the mobile phone market, or rich data mining of privateinformation from their users, they may in fact make more money, orperhaps be sued into oblivion for violating privacy laws after their FTCsettlement to be monitored for the next 20 years
    • Of course, most of the Facebook users are not in the United States, theyhappen to be people all over the world In fact, while Facebook CEO "TheZuck" Mark Zuckerberg was on his honeymoon in Rome a week after thecompanys IPO, he had his marketing department announce that theywere opening a new office in Dubai
    • Facebook is a global company, and although a good many of the largecorporate advertiser are in the United States, their market is much biggerthan that Not long ago an industry analyst noted that a good price forFacebook stock would be $13
    • 80 based on its advertising revenue, provided that they had 10%year-over-year growth Interestingly enough, it seems that MorganStanley, and Facebook had downplayed their future revenue potentialjust prior to the IPO, some people say that caused the stock price to tank,which even pulled Mark Zuckerbeg off the Forbes 40 wealthiestbillionaires list
    • The company noted that although it has more mobile users, fewer adscan be displayed, therefore there are fewer click throughs, and there arefewer people buying things online through their mobile devices, becausethey are out and about in the real world perhaps shopping atbrick-and-mortar retailers That is to say; as more people are enabledwith their portable personal tech mobile devices online advertisers are notso thrilled
    • Why you ask? Mobile users do not buy from online stores while they areout and about, thus, the real winners are brick and mortar businesseswho cater to these mobile users via geo-positioning ads
    • All this must be taken into consideration if we are to properly evaluatethe stock price for Facebook when we make our stock purchasingdecisions, and a social network should not be trading at multiples of 100,more like multiples of 10 perhaps, and in my opinion thats pushing it
    • acn italia Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on
    • acn italia