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    After-More-Than-A-Year-In-Development,-Bookmarking23 After-More-Than-A-Year-In-Development,-Bookmarking23 Document Transcript

    • After more than a year in development, Bookmarking Demon 4.1 has finally been released. The creator of BookmarkingDemon, Edwin Brian has given the software a complete overhaul and releasedessentially a brand new social bookmarking tool. Bookmarking Demon has a nice newuser interface and some essential features which make bookmarking sites easy and painless.World of Tags
    • For people who havent used the program before, Bookmarking Demon is aWindows only program that makes it easy to create user accounts and savepages to social bookmarking sites Bookmarking Demon supportsbookmarking at over 20 major bookmarking sites, as well as the smaller Pligg,Scuttle, and Scuttle Plus sites What are the benefits of using a socialbookmarking tool like Bookmarking Demon? By submitting pages on yoursites, you get: Highly targeted backlinks - Each keyword you submit to a socialbookmarking site creates its own page So multiply the number of keywords,by the number of sites you submit to and thats how many backlinks youll begetting Faster search engine indexing - This is especially useful for newlycreated sites By utilizing the new Ping feature of Bookmarking Demon 4, youcan notify the web crawlers right away to come to your just submitted site andindex it in their results
    • Increased search engine rankings - Bookmarking Demon 4 supports twentymajor social bookmarking sites, and the majority of them contain do-followlinks This means any link juice these sites carry will be passed on to your siteFor example, Mister-Wong com has a Page Rank of 7, and a do-follow linkfrom them carries a lot of weight The more high quality backlinks you have toyour site, the higher your site will rank in the search engines When you firstopen Bookmarking Demon 4
    • 1, youll right away notice the brand new user interface Everything is morefriendly looking and more functional than the previous version There is alsonow a Beginner mode that hides a lot of the more advanced features in theinterface which makes it better suited for new users More advanced users willwant to switch to expert mode to gain access to all the functionality thatBookmarking Demon has to offer Since youll probably be submitting a pageto multiple social bookmarking sites, Bookmarking Demon 4 1 introduces anew feature to help you avoid getting flagged for duplicate content
    • The new syntax for site descriptions and titles allows you to write somethinglike: "Bookmarking Demon is an important tool for internet marketersBookmarking Demon will detect this new syntax and randomly choose one ofthe two words to use when bookmarking to a specific site One of my favoritefeatures of Bookmarking Demon 4 is its support of RSS feeds If you go to thepreferences, you can add the RSS feeds of your favorite sites like (Techcrunchor Digg) When Bookmarking Demon goes to submit your own pages, it willrandomly take pages from these feeds and bookmark them along with yoursite By doing this, you hide the fact that you are really only promoting yourown sites
    • Another feature that I really like is the pinging function New to BookmarkingDemon 4, after youve bookmarked your site, you can ping each of the socialbookmarking sites and let the search World of Tags engines know that theresnewly updated content to be found Instead of waiting several days for thesearch engines to find your new links, pinging your site tells them to come rightaway This allows your sites to get indexed extremely fast Theres a lot to likeabout this new Bookmarking Demon 4 1 release
    • It is easier to use, and includes a lot more functionality than the previousversion If you have a lot of websites youre trying to promote, youll definitelywant to give Bookmarking Demon a try It will help you get your sites indexedquickly, and give you tons of high quality backlinks Instead of performing thetime consuming process of submitting all your sites by hand, let BookmarkingDemon do it for you Youll save yourself a ton of time
    • World of Tags