Drug discovery


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DRUG DISCOVERY deste mês mostra simpósio sobre fusão e separação de companhias farmacêuticas.

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Drug discovery

  1. 1. goSearch Advanced searchThe drug industry is facing major scientific and strategic challenges. Translating the hope of thegenomics revolution into new therapeutics has proven much more difficult than anticipated.Meanwhile, generic competition is dramatically eroding revenues from established products, andpayers are placing increasing demands on drug-makers to demonstrate the economic benefits ofnew drugs.The impact on the industry is important not just for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, but forthe other stakeholders in drug research and development — from patients to governments. Withthis in mind, this Nature Reprint Collection, presented on behalf of Eli Lilly and Company,integrates in-depth analyses and expert perspectives to provide a comprehensive overview of thefactors underlying the challenges in drug innovation and the evolution of possible scientific andstrategic solutions.Digital edition available at http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/81ab8b7cSponsors forewordJan M. Lundberg, Ph.D.Executive Vice President, Science and TechnologyPresident, Lilly Research LaboratoriesDownload full foreword as PDF (186 KB)Sponsor FeatureEli Lilly and Company sponsor featureEli Lilly and Company sponsor featureCollection ArticlesHow to improve R&D productivity: the pharmaceutical industry’s grand challenge.Steven M. Paul et al.doi:10.1038/nrd3078Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 9, 203-214 (March 2010)Abstract Full Text PDF (817 KB)Network pharmacology: the next paradigm in drug discoveryAndrew L Hopkinsdoi:10.1038/nchembio.118Nature Chemical Biology 4, 682 - 690 (2008)Abstract Full Text PDF (855 KB)How were new medicines discovered?David C. Swinney & Jason Anthonydoi:10.1038/nrd3480Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 10, 507-519 (July 2011)Abstract Full Text
  2. 2. PDF (799 KB)Development trends for human monoclonal antibody therapeuticsAaron L. Nelson, Eugen Dhimolea & Janice M. Reichertdoi:10.1038/nrd3229Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 9, 767-774 (October 2010)Abstract Full Text PDF (799 KB)Bridging the efficacy-effectiveness gap: a regulators perspective on addressingvariability of drug responseHans-Georg Eichler et al.doi:10.1038/nrd3501Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 10, 495-506 (July 2011)Abstract Full Text PDF (711 KB)Innovative drug R&D in ChinaJingzong Qi, Qingli Wang, Zhenhang Yu, Xin Chen1 & Fengshan Wangdoi:10.1038/nrd3435>Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 10, 333-334 (May 2011)Abstract Full Text PDF (711 KB)The impact of mergers on pharmaceutical R&DJohn L. LaMattinadoi:10.1038/nrd3514Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 10, 559-560 (August 2011)Abstract Full Text PDF (799 KB)Crowd sourcing in drug discoveryMonika Lessl, Justin S. Bryans, Duncan Richards & Khusru Asadullahdoi:10.1038/nrd3412Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 10, 241-242 (April 2011)Abstract Full Text PDF (799 KB)The future of drug development: advancing clinical trial designJohn Orloff et al.doi:10.1038/nrd3025Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 8, 949-957 (December 2009)Abstract Full Text PDF (799 KB)The case for entrepreneurship in R&D in the pharmaceutical industryFrank L. Douglas, V. K. Narayanan, Lesa Mitchell & Robert E. Litandoi:10.1038/nrd3230
  3. 3. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 9, 683-689 (September 2010)Abstract Full Text PDF (799 KB)topof pageLibrary ArticlesTrends in the exploitation of novel drug targetsMathias Rask-Andersen, Markus Sällman Almén & Helgi B. Schiöthdoi:10.1038/nrd3478Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 10, 579-590 (August 2011)Abstract Full Text PDF (949 KB)The productivity crisis in pharmaceutical R&DFabio Pammolli, Laura Magazzini & Massimo Riccabonidoi:10.1038/nrd3405Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 10, 428-438 (June 2011)Abstract Full Text PDF (949 KB)From the analysts couch: US academic drug discoveryStephen Frye, Marina Crosby, Teresa Edwards & Rudolph Julianodoi:10.1038/nrd3462Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 8, 865-878 (November 2009)Full Text PDF (950 KB)Getting pharmaceutical R&D back on targetMark E Bunnagedoi:10.1038/nchembio.581Nature Chemical Biology 7, 335–339 (2011)Abstract Full Text PDF (950 KB)Managing the health of early-stage discoveryMichael Edwards, Tony Tramontin, Daniel Simon, Ajay Dhankhar & Mubasher Sheikhdoi:10.1038/nrd3388Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 10, 171-172 (March 2011)Abstract Full Text PDF (1006 KB)Traditional drug-discovery model ripe for reformMichael Edwards, Tony Tramontin, Daniel Simon, Ajay Dhankhar & Mubasher Sheikhdoi:10.1038/471017aNature 471, 17-18 (2011)Abstract
  4. 4. Full Text PDF (883 KB)The problems with todays pharmaceutical business—an outsiders viewMark Kesseldoi:10.1038/nbt.1748Nature Biotechnology 29, 27–33 (2011)Abstract Full Text PDF (950 KB)Accessing new chemical space for undruggable targetsSivaraman Dandapani1 & Lisa A Marcaurelledoi:10.1038/nchembio.479Nature Chemical Biology 6, 861–863 (2010)Abstract Full Text PDF (950 KB)Location of pharmaceutical innovation: 2000–2009Yali Friedmandoi:10.1038/nrd3298Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 9, 835-836 (November 2010)Abstract Full Text PDF (950 KB)Lessons from 60 years of pharmaceutical innovationBernard Munosdoi:10.1038/nrd2961Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 8, 959-968 (December 2009)Abstract Full Text PDF (950 KB)Can literature analysis identify innovation drivers in drug discovery?Pankaj Agarwal & David B. Searlsdoi:10.1038/nrd2973Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 8, 865-878 (November 2009)Abstract Full Text PDF (950 KB)topof pageExtra navigationSponsor Produced with support from Eli Lilly and Company
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