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EDEN network web presence
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EDEN network web presence


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EDEN network web presence

EDEN network web presence

Published in: Travel, Technology, Business

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  • 1. EDEN Network Web Presence :a Collaborative Storytelling Approach European Tourism Day (ETD) Albert Hall Complex, Brussels 27-28 Sept 2011 Aivar Ruukel,
  • 2. Website + Blog + Social Media
  • 3. Homebase, Outposts and Passports● Website + Blog = Home Base● Social Media are Outposts and Passports
  • 4. Example of Outpost
  • 5. Example of Outpost
  • 6. Example of Outpost
  • 7. Today We Do Miss ...a Homebase
  • 8. Why to Have a BLOGas Main Part of the HOMEBASE ? ● Classical Website has the basic and static content about EDEN Network ● Blog has regularly updated fresh content: ○ gives the audience a reason to return on a regular basis ○ search engines love fresh content, ○ creating new visitors to the website ● Blog is interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments, start a conversation
  • 9. Network of Thousands of (Potential)Travel Storytellers
  • 10. EDEN Network : The most important network of sustainable tourism destinations in Europe
  • 11. Our Mutual Strategy isContent MarketingContent marketing is a marketing technique ofcreating and distributing r e l e v a n t andv a l u a b l e content to attract, acquire andengage a clearly defined and understood t a r g e t a u d i e n c e - with the objective ofdriving profitable customer action.
  • 12. We Need a Team of Co-editors ● One person from each EDEN member destination: ● ● collecting the Travel Stories ● designing these stories to Blog Posts on agreed style and guidelines ● and publishing according to agreed Editorial Calendar in cooperation of website editor
  • 13. What Makes a Great Travel Story? ● connects Places and People ● connects Past and Present ● great story is emotional and personal
  • 14. Editorial Calendarfor Blog and Social Media OutpostsHelps to organize our collaborative blog, and Social Mediaplatforms, to keep content fresh and relevant ● Daily activities ○ blog posts ○ updates on Facebook, Flickr, Youtube ... ● Plan for one year
  • 15. How Much Time it Takes ?● Each destination will share 4-5 stories on the Blog per year● Recommended to invest 30 minutes per day to upgrade your online skills● Communication with your customers online and updating your outposts is part of your daily work
  • 16. How am I going toimprove those skills ? ● Webinars and other learning materials will be created and shared ● Learning is supported by discussion on Google Group
  • 17. Collaborative Learninghas already started, you are welcome to join!
  • 18. Questions please!
  • 19. Thank You! contact me skype: aivarruukel email: twitter: ruukel