Soomaa national park as member of PAN Parks
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Soomaa national park as member of PAN Parks



Presentation on ECOLNET workshop, 29th of July 2012 in Tartu, Estonia : Soomaa as Member of PAN Parks

Presentation on ECOLNET workshop, 29th of July 2012 in Tartu, Estonia : Soomaa as Member of PAN Parks



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Soomaa national park as member of PAN Parks Soomaa national park as member of PAN Parks Presentation Transcript

  • SOOMAA NATIONAL PARK a member of PAN Parks network IMPACT ON TOURISMRait PartsIn the name of Murel MeriveePhotos: Soomaa NP archive, LBP of Soomaa
  • Fulufjället NP ©Gabor Salamon
  • Oulanka NP ©Kimmo Salminen
  • Paanajärvi NP ©Viktor Gritsuk
  • Archipelago NP ©ANP Archive
  • Peneda-Gerês NP ©PGNP Archive
  • Borjomi-Kharagauli NP © Vlado Vancura
  • Retezat NP ©Falk Kienas
  • Majella NP ©MNP Archive
  • Soomaa NP ©Arne AderCentral Balkan NP ©Edit Borza
  • Rila NP ©iStock/Ljupco Smokovski
  • Central Balkan NP ©Edit Borza
  • Land of miresThe name “Soomaa” istranslated land of mires. Thename is very accurate,because large part of NP arefreshwater wetlands.Only the bogs cover morethan half from the NP, but inaddition to bogs also theforests and grasslands andsometimes even gardens areturned into swamps becauseof the regular floods.
  • Soomaa NP is one of thebiggest national parks inEstonia, its total area is39 640 ha.The protection aim of theNP is to preserve mires,floodplains, forests in theTransitional forest-richzone of Estonia. 2005 1993 1981 1957 2011
  • PAN PARKS IN SOOMAA2007 – IDEA!?!2008 – verification contract2009 – certification of the park and 7 business partners
  • Wildness of Soomaa• Soomaa NP is large and unfragmented;• Soomaa NP is part of Transitional Estonia and due to that it is surrounded with forests and bogs with minimal human impacts;• The small local community has learned to live with the wilderness.
  • I Natural ValuesSize: 39 640 ha, fromwhich largest mire complex(core area): 11 530 haInternationalrecognition:Ramsar wetland ofinternational importanceImportant Bird AreaNatura 2000 network
  • II ManagementProtection rulesManagement planEnvironmental BoardState Forest ManagementCentre
  • III Visitor management•Protection regime anddirecting visitor flows•Maintenance of trails andother infrastructure•Nature education•Visitor monitoring andvisitor surveys•Visitor impact monitoring
  • IV STDS•In cooperation with localLEADER plan, Soomaa as acore area for LEADERGreen Riverland•STDS outputs developinginto legal territorialthematic plan for thecounties.
  • V Business Partners• Branded with nationallyrecognized sustainabletourism label.•Cooperation contract withEnvironmental Board•Approval from thecooperation panel (LPPG).
  • IMPACT ON TOURISM – indirect benefits from the certification• Better cooperation locally between different stakeholders;• Tourism strategy for the region -> now foundations for the thematic plan of Soomaa region;• EDEN award;• Good publicity for Soomaa through media coverage
  • IMPACT ON TOURISM – indirect benefits from the certificate • More publicity (articles travel magazines etc); • Shared brand and responsibility to keep the quality for the whole network; • One park markets the other; • Possibilities to share experiences about tourism development in different protected areas.
  • IMPACT ON TOURISM –direct benefits from the certificate• PAN Parks tourism model
  • Thank you!, +372 53 022 335